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    Z87 plus
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    4gb Kingston hyper x
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    Asus gtx 760 direct cu ii
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    Haf xm
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    1tb wd blue, 120gb 840 evo

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  1. Hi all At the start of this year, I started my engineering undergrad, and as part of that I purchased a new 'gaming laptop' (I know lots of people advise against this, but even at first year we use software such as maple/matlab, fusion 360 etc - so most of us have decent speced laptops) with a 1060 in it. This purchase means I am halfway between my current rig with a 760/4670 and around 2 tb of assorted documents and 'linux distros', and the laptop with only 1tb of HDD (SSD was broken, so it was clearanced out at a 'student friendly' price ). My father's computer is beginning to show its age (vista) and is having issues running some programs, and due to a change in jobs he will be needing something with a bit more power to work from home on. The current plan that I have, is to get a small tower, and set it up as a headless server, to run as a NAS/ extra storage for my laptop, run a small 'print server' for the house, run a game server (or two) and in general let me experiment with linux/virtual machines and running a proper 'server'. Due to certain background circumstances, I would be leaning towards having it built for me instead of building myself (the place I'm looking at is pretty cheap). This is what I'm looking at purchasing, with the storage upgraded to 2 or 3 TB and just using the basic celeron processor, the budget for this is 'as cheap as possible' although it would preferably be less than 5 or 600 AUD. It would need to be physically up and running fairly quickly, and so ordering parts from the U.S is out, and we would like to be able to pick everything up in one trip, so the main retailers we would be looking at are MSY (preferably) and Austsin's. 1) Is this speced out appropriately for the task? would I need to upgrade the CPU or RAM to run this setup? 2) what is the best options for setting up something like this, I was leaning towards OpenVZ after a brief spot of googling, but I don't really have much experience with this, also what software options do I have for running the NAS VM, does FreeNAS run well in a virtual environment? 3) Is there anything else I should be aware of going in? This project is supposed to be partially functional and partially a learning exercise for me, so I am budgeting roughly 1 week towards getting it set up and running.
  2. Cooleb09

    Did you ever had a PC part die on you?

    Title says it all...
  3. Arduino (epic fan controller+led controller+everything)
  4. yes, lets proliferate this opinion/factoid to every one...
  5. Cooleb09

    What's your favorite quote?

    The writer is the engineer of the human soul (hate all you want... )
  6. What kind of config options are availble for the LEDs on the xtreme?
  7. Sew them together into bundles...
  8. Cooleb09

    Ultimate fan roundup

    Could you test all the fans when they are set to an rpm that targets them all at around 20db? Ie, fan a reaches that at 1200rpm, and is tested at that, fan b hits it at 2000rpm, test it at that?
  9. Cooleb09

    [US] Amazon Core i3 4360: $122.00

    What if you wanted an el-cheapo hackintosh?
  10. Cooleb09

    Time Warner Approves Comcast Merger

    Buy Ifibre: only compatible with iOS/osx, costs ten times as much, has a custom modem that automaticaly detects and fudges ping requests/caches google, therefore ultra fast,done?
  11. Cooleb09

    Time Warner Approves Comcast Merger

    The issue is that it is still helstras network, they are the ones who fix it, and if it breaks and you are not with them/doesn't affect their customers it takes ages to fix. Also, in regards to net neutrality, asio has done that for years, the only thing is is that it was passed in the asio act so it is actualy perfectly legal down here and therefore there is little reason for it to be a big thing.
  12. Cooleb09

    Time Warner Approves Comcast Merger

    Except helstra still own the entire network anyway, and it's then get luck and have nbn ftth, or be a sucker, I'm a sucker
  13. Cooleb09

    Rate your ISP!

    It's helstra and adsl, in Australia telstra used to be the ips and it was goverment run/regulated aka, sort of ok. It has sinned been privatized (damn liberals) and now rents lines to the other ISPs. Telstras network affects maximum speed, the amount of bandwidth loaned by the other ISPs and their throttling affects what others have available.Through here (bogan ville, WA) the line/hardware is so shitty and old adsl isn't supported so...
  14. Cooleb09

    Most Overpriced Tech?

    ROG (nice stuff, just expensive) Apple Any proprietary cable Razer Cases (good ones). Watercooling fittings Internet