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  1. So could CD Baby view somene else's private video to drop the claim? WTF
  2. Yes they are trying to make money! That doesn't make it DRM. What exactly is locked out or restricted to qualify it as DRM? I can launch anything without even looking at the storefront.
  3. If it was about the software center and not the drivers then why do they allow users to go on Steam and buy software through them?
  4. If they didn't allow the various 3rd party porn apps to run they would be out of business by now. If you don't like being accused than maybe you should stop spreading FUD about something you obviously don't understand fully.
  5. fade

    More Intel leaks.. this one is not good though

    John Titor was real.
  6. fade

    Sex Robots Can Hold Conversations and Learn

    Did somebody say sex robot?
  7. What's the mental disorder called for people who read Breitbart?
  8. fade

    Macs are 3x cheaper than Windows based PCs says IBM

    This is what they meant when they said freedom has a price.
  9. Look at the source and it will make sense.
  10. If the next Titan comes out in April I will buy everyone in here one.
  11. fade

    Ubisoft has a message for PC Gamers

    The never ending cycle of groveling and begging for forgiveness before raping their customers with a shitty product then going back to groveling and begging when it's time to shovel out the next piece of shit.
  12. fade

    Noctua Introduces 24V IndustrialPPC Fans

    Most enthusiast hardware is overkill for consumers. If you don't think the majority of these fans will be in enthusiast PCs you are kidding yourself.
  13. While the first Dark souls was a horrible PC port the devs took it to heart and really made the sequel a great port. In fact it is the definitive version of the game.
  14. I for one want them to take their sweet time on the game and make sure its as flawless and perfect as can be for release...but the reason people are mad is because they gave a time frame on its release. The fault is on them for doing that not on the people complaining.