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  1. Yeah the romer-g's are hit or miss for most people, its hard to describe what they feel like which is why I suggest trying to find a store that has a display model so you can see for yourself but they feel like heavier and slightly mushier MX Browns with a less noticeable bumb.
  2. If performance matters to you then try to find something that has a 3360 or better and then find a shape that suits you.
  3. No one owns a Ducky One TKL that can chime in and tell me how it is?
  4. I think I'll go with the ducky because I've always kinda wanted a more premium keyboard and the legend on both the keyboard's keycaps is a step up from the corsair LUX keycaps.... the huge font never grew on me
  5. Would it be worth spending the extra $30 for the ducky because of the keycaps? The coolermaster is $139 while the ducky is $169 and Im on the fence on whether the dualshot pbt keycaps are worth the highrr cost. Ive never had an issue with wearing out abs keycaps but the pbt ones look really nice.
  6. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a TKL keyboard because my K70 takes up too much desk space and I play with 38cm 360 distance in FPS games so I regularly hit the side of my keyboard because half the numpad sits on my mousepad otherwise my arms are too far apart which is very uncomfortable. I've narrowed my search down to the CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro S and the Ducky One RGB TKL (both in cherry brown) Between the two which would you recommend and why? And if neither then what other TKL boards would you recommend? - has to be backlit, either white or RGB. - has to have Cherry MX Brown switches. - I'm from Australia so some rarer brands might have poor availability.
  7. Secretlab omega 2018 owner here. I've had the chair since Febuary and I'm very pleased with it so far compared to the DXracer D series I had before and some ergonomic office chair before that (not sure what it was called) For reference I'm 5'8 tall and weigh 67kg with a slim build. The chair is very comfortable for long sessions at my desk (4+ hours of sitting at a time), the head pillow and lumbar pillow are soft with a velvet finish, the armrests are large with a soft smooth rubberised finish and its ine of the things I really like about it, my dxracer had firm armrests thst were uncomfortable after an hour. It has a great range of adjustment compared to a lot of chairs I've used which is important for being comfortable imo, nothing worse than armrests not being level with your desk or the chair being too short etc. And its very aesthetically pleasing compared to other "gaming" type office chairs. With chairs I'd recommend trying before you buy, if there is a showroom/LAN centre near you or a friend that has one because everyones body is different, but the omega is exceptionally good for a "gaming" office chair and I'd say go for it. If I didnt cover anything that you want to know then just ask^
  8. Don't topre use their own switch? I've never had any experience with it.
  9. Out of curiosity, what is the consensus on Logitechs Romer-G switch? I really like the way the keys light up with no spill.
  10. Hey guys, It's been a while since I visited the forums. But ive been needing some help with choosing a new keyboard to replace my G710+ which has been my daily driver (or typer :P) for around 2 and half years, I like to replace my peripherals quite often to try new things out and I feel its time to replace the ol' G710+ One thing I've been on the fence about are other manufactures own key switches like Logitech's romer-g or Razer's cherry mx clone, so I would greatly appreciate opinions on those. Budget isn't an issue, I'm not too fussed about ergonomics so the keyboard doesn't need to have a wristrest, I don't need macro keys either, I am however interested in something that has RGB lighting so I can match colours with the rest of my setup.
  11. well my mother board is a gigabyte z77 d3h
  12. Im wondering if by putting my Asus HD 7850 2gb card in the 4x pci slot if ill be limiting any performance? first post yay:D