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  1. @Crunchy Dragon Thanks! @CableMod Thank you...I will do that!
  2. I recently acquired an eVGA 1000 GQ power supply, sadly with no cables other than the 24-pin that was connected to it. While searching online, I'm finding a lot of SuperNOVA cables for sale. Does anyone know if these cables will work with my power supply? I know sometimes within manufacturers, you cannot use cables from different models. Thanks!!
  3. The image that this thing can throw up from such a short distance is insane! This is going to be the next upgrade to my home theater!
  4. I was finally able to get into safe mode. Touchscreen is still enabled there as well.
  5. I've been quite busy and finally able to sit down and give some time to this laptop again. I tried plugging in a monitor and switching to second screen only, no luck. The screen on the laptop is off, but the touchscreen is still enabled
  6. Is anyone playing this game? I've been sitting in matchmaking for five minutes and still no game going, lol.
  7. Sometimes I just gotta talk to someone else to come up with new ideas on how to fix stuff. I love tech! LOL
  8. I'm going to give this a try and will let you know. About the only thing I haven't tried yet, next to reinstalling Windows, but I don't think that would even work because of the touchscreen on the laptop.
  9. No...even hitting the Windows key will bring up the start menu for about half a second then it clicks away.
  10. Oh wait....what if I plug a monitor into it? It's got HDMI out. Would that turn off the screen and touchscreen options? I will have to try that next. Just thought of this!
  11. Same thing...it keeps defaulting to the touchscreen because it thinks I'm continuously clicking on the screen
  12. I think this would work, but I can't get to anything because the computer thinks the "mouse" is in one spot on the computer where the crack is. I'm thinking I would have to reinstall Windows or something else? I'm brainstorming trying to figure out a way.
  13. Is there a way to install Windows 10 on a touchscreen laptop and disable touchscreen in the process? Is that something that can be disabled in the bios? The reason I ask is because I've acquired a laptop with a cracked screen. When booting up into Windows the computer thinks the screen is being touch, thus I'm not able to do anything on the computer. Any ideas on how to disable? The laptop model is an Asus Q200E. Thank you.
  14. Finally got through tonight and got the message that I've reached my limit. LOL
  15. I'm not able to get to the website either...timeout every time