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  1. Hey, I have both http and socks5 proxies but after I set them up and authenticate, they don't work. With the http proxy I do have internet access but nothing changes - still my old IP, not the one of the proxy. With SOCKS5 proxies, I don't have any internet connection. I double checked with the provider and the proxies are fine. I tried to contact Apple Support but apparently this is outside of their scope. Any ideas what can be causing the issue? I even tried disabling the firewall on the router but no succcess.
  2. okey thanks. That could work too.. haven't thought of this. I tried using my Private Internet Access Proxy directly in the software proxy settings (FollowLiker) but that didn't work.. so I might see if I can use the proxy on the VPS.
  3. Hey, this is not hardware networks related per se, but I hope it falls into the category. I need to use a Proxy with a software that is running on my Amazon EC2 virtual machine (I need the software to have the same location / IP as me). Is it okey to use a free proxy (from let's say Proxynova) ? Or is there any risk involved in this. How would I 'check' if the proxy is working? Thanks!
  4. hm, this didn't really help me decide haha.. But I guess I'll switch to Dashlane or Lastpass for now and see how I like the workflow.
  5. Finally I was going to start using a password manager like Dashlane or Lastpass... but realised all my passwords are already saved and auto-filled in Google Chrome. Is there any benefit of using a dedicated password manager over storing everything within Chrome ?
  6. I am living in a flat with a lot of neighbors - and a lot of different hotspots. I am guessing this is the reason for poor wlan quality (speed). Very poor. I'm literally 1-2 meters away from the router (TL-WR941ND) and the speeds are much lower when compared to cable. I've worked as a network administrator but never saw a connection being this bad. Is there any way to improve this, apart from trying to optimize the channel? Unfortunately, it's only a 2,4GHz, and 11bgn mixed mode, so I don't have too many options.
  7. nope stock was 3.0 But it's OC'ed from the very start and it was running great just until 1-2 weeks ago.
  8. Recently I've noticed, with my headphones on, I can hear the system working.. always when I perform some heavier action (opening software, importing images in Lightroom etc) I hear a short scratching sound. no idea how this is possible.. is it the SSD, RAM, CPU or GPU ? Any engineers here that can clarify this ?
  9. Recently I've been experiencing serious lag overall.. especially in windows explorer, opening windows and navigating. With software as well (Adobe Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects). From a system like this, I'd expect everything to run silky smooth: AMD Ryzen 7 at 3,8 Ghz 16GB RAM GTX 1060 6GB Intel NVMe 960 Evo M.2 SSD Is there any way to find out where the problem is ? In task manager, everything seems to fine.
  10. ye, that will solve the 2nd issue. Just measured again... 40 seconds to get to the boot up screen (send signal to the monitor) from the moment I press the power-on button.. and another 6 seconds to get to the windows login screen.
  11. I've built a new PC recently.. already when starting up, it takes more than 5 sec for it to even display the first screen (send signal) to the display. After that it runs without issues. It's got the Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD so Windows boots up almost instantly. Second issue is, when it goes to sleep, I can't wake it up. The hardware starts running, but I don't get any signal to the monitor. Any idea why this is happening and how I can solve it ?
  12. Here's the list.. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wFhRd6 Few things I'm not sure about and would need some advice on.. 1. I've heard there's no real difference between the 1700 and 1700x as long as I overclock it - which I would. And the 1700 comes with a stock cooler, which should be fine with a 3.7Ghz overclock. Should I go with the 1700 then ? I'd save money on the CPU itself and the 3rd party cooler. 2. There's not much difference in 16GB and 32GB RAM in terms of Adobe Premiere performance. So I'll most likely go with 16GB for now.. 3. The 600W PSU might also be an overkill.. 500W should be more than enough right ? 4. I'd go with the LG monitor instead of Dell.
  13. Any updates on this ? Got some sensitive data which I need to protect..