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  1. Just heard about the badges on WAN show, here are my stats for the Bronze Folding badge: Whenever y'all can get around to it, thanks! Edited to include LTT team stats.
  2. Oh how I loathe this kind of stuff. Seems even more nefarious targeting that particular age group. Illegal? Maybe, maybe not. Ethical? *coughs* What teenager isn't looking for extra money? They know their target audience is likely to give them their attention with that. They also happen to be the age group with the most surface-level understanding of enough stuff so that they could do whatever work this is but not realize they are getting messed over until it's too late and these guys have your money and/or, worse yet, your time. The worst thing about this predatory stuff is when the teenagers grow up, they get a warped view of work, maybe even get disillusioned with life in general. It's just toxic stuff here. People, young people especially, need to understand these ads for "make EXTRA MoNayy" and "Financial SECRETS only the RICH know" have been around forever and will continue to be around not because they're true but because screwing people is profitable.
  3. It would help if you could provide the basic logic for what you need this procedure to do, but from what I gather it aims to check for courses in the Session table that exist and whether this course is in a future month, along with a few other checks for day of the week, etc. Why is this procedure needed? What good is using a cursor here? Seems like this is a simple enough operation performed on a simple dataset, using a cursor is probably overthinking it. Cursors are good for many niche calculations and operations, but once you begin to use them you disregard the set-based logic of a database. If you take the logic of what you need this procedure to do, you can most likely build a more reasonable set-based solution for this.
  4. If you haven't watched Supernatural I recommend it. Whole series is on Netflix. I put off watching it for a while, thinking I wouldn't be a fan. First 5 seasons are 110% awesome, so far the next few seasons are good but more like a 80-90% range of awesome. Just started Season 8 myself.
  5. Nothing is forever, but IT as a whole will always need people. Programming; System or Database Administration, Architecture, Design; IT Operations; Networking; Big Data and Data Science; Cloud Computing, etc. - these disciplines will always need people somewhere doing something, even when so much is being automated. Find what you like to do and go from there. Your job will be outmoded if you find yourself complacent and you're no longer learning anything new - at that point you're an expense that can be trimmed. There is, and should be, a concern for automation in one's career, but the reaction of "oh all that's gonna be automated soon, you should do something else entirely" isn't the best option, because it can put you in a quagmire of always trying to find things that are never going to be automated - and these things are non-existent. Make the effort to continuously learn new, useful things, and you will be OK. Personally, I found I really enjoy Database Administration and Data Science. It took years to find that was my niche. A lot of this will be automated in the future sure, but there's always going to be a need for people who understand what their fully-automated database is doing, or why certain statistics are being fed from this SaaS cloud-based web application. Not everyone understands IT or wants to be an IT expert, so making yourself an expert in most anything will be useful. Good luck!
  6. You should just be able to do these in the same statement. USE AdventureWorks2017 Select CASE WHEN PersonType = 'SC' then 'Store Contact' WHEN PersonType = 'IN' then 'Individual (retail) Customer' WHEN PersonType = 'SP' then 'Sales Person' WHEN PersonType = 'EM' then 'Employee (non-sales)' WHEN PersonType = 'VC' then 'Vendor Contact' WHEN PersonType = 'GC' then 'General Contact' ELSE '' END AS PersonTypeEvaluated, CONCAT(FirstName, ' ', MiddleName, ' ', LastName) as FullName FROM person p The FullName column doesn't need a case statement, unless you want to account for weird things like "if there is no middle name then print this value instead" etc. Using the UNION is fine for AdventureWorks, but increase the size of the Person table to a million people and you will definitely see significant performance slowdown from scanning the entire Person table twice over.
  7. If it turns out you need standard thousand separators as well, you can use CAST to money datatype within a CONVERT like so: SELECT convert(varchar,cast(((P.ListPrice - P.StandardCost)/P.StandardCost) as money), 1) as 'ProfitMargin' However, once converted to varchar, you lose the ability to perform calculations. So this is more for presentation purposes - don't convert out of an INT datatype until you're done performing calculations.
  8. Oracle SQL has a bit different syntax from T-SQL, which is what I use on a daily basis, so bear that in mind with this solution.. To bring up the PublisherID and the number of books under that Publisher, my mind goes to a Window function - these are standard in SQL 2012 and beyond I believe. They work on sections of output, split between "windows" that you define in an OVER clause (here the window is per publisher): SELECT PublisherID, COUNT(BookID) OVER (Partition by PublisherID) as BookCount FROM Books B1 This will give you all Publishers and their individual counts of books. You can add WHERE publisherid = /*some publisherid here*/ for just one publisher. Change the = to IN (/* Comma separated list of id's here */) to use a list of publishers you have in mind. TL;DR use a window function, they're useful as hell and aren't taught in classes like they should be. The previous answer from W3Schools will give you the same count for all publishers if you remove the WHERE clause, so it works for one publisher, but I avoid these kind of solutions since they can fall apart when changing certain things.
  9. YouTube Premiere has no place on most LTT content. However, I can see its usefulness for long-format or non-standard release cycle videos. I've seen creators who release weekly utilize this feature with success, but daily content doesn't really need a "premiere".
  10. I had to solder some 4 gauge wire for a connection between the terminals in my subwoofer's box and the sub itself. I bought a cheap soldering iron and some helping hands from Harbor Freight, and while they aren't the best quality they certainly did the job. I applied solder to the copper, which was twisted together and held in place by the helping hands. I soldered both top and bottom as best I could, and gave them a good pull - the connection was solid. I have had no problems with this connection over the past seven months. That being said, ideally I should have used heat-shrink tubing instead of electrical tape like I did. Here's the resulting connection:
  11. I agree with much of what Johnny5c and RorzNZ have already said. Some points to take away: - Use the High-Level inputs for whatever amplifier you buy (make sure it has them to begin with). Usually you can connect to these inputs with just 12-16 gauge speaker wire. - When taking your signal from the radio to the amplifier, make sure your signal is full-range, or at least split between one pair that's mid's and highs, and another for low-end - I would recommend running the power wires on the opposite side of the vehicle as the audio cables. Some small lengths of power and audio wires next to each other shouldn't cause problems but generally avoid as much as you can. - Swing for an amplifier with higher power output. Running a bridged section for the subs and stereo for the front is perfectly fine, but it will demand a lot from the amplifier at times if you crank the volume. - If possible, use a two or four channel amp and a mono amplifier for the sub. Or, if you can find a good deal on one, get a five channel amp. These give you a dedicated mono channel for the sub, and some even come with a port for a level controller that can control the sub. - You can typically find some pretty good deals on used amplifiers on Ebay. Failing that, try a local car audio store. Depending on the market where you are, you could get some really good deals if the stuff just isn't selling. I once got a 1000W mono amp for 200 less than Crutchfield brand new just because the shop didn't have a discontinued model I asked for. Be forewarned that while Crutchfield is a fantastic store and resource, their prices are usually marked up about 20-30%. - I would recommend that you run a remote turn on lead for your amp. Some amps will turn on when they sense an input signal, but it usually makes you wait a second while the amp starts. So you play a song, and the song cues in like 2 seconds later. A bit of a nitpick, so you may not find it too annoying. A remote lead usually isn't too much trouble, but yes it is an extra step. TLDR: I've gone through the process of redoing my car's audio system recently and find myself to be a bit of a nerd about it. There's a lot of particulars involved, but as long as you install the amplifier safely and properly, there's no reason to pay a shop to do the work. It takes time and labor, but doing it yourself saves a lot of money. Plan out your install steps beforehand and don't take shortcuts with the power wiring and you will be fine.
  12. If the problem doesn't persist with the laptop unplugged from the wall and operating off of battery, then it sounds like a ground loop problem. That noise would be a constant low-end hum around 60Hz. This would be caused by the plug you're using having an improper path to ground. Try using another wall socket, possibly in another building if you can, and see if the noise persists.
  13. RIP Allan Holdsworth. This concert was pretty much the soundtrack of my summer.
  14. I take my espresso with half-and-half, and hardly any sugar. Not legit cappuccino but still very good.