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  1. These options are over my budget. They might higher quality but they would be overkill for my primary use case?
  2. @it_dont_work and @ShadySocks any specific ones that you can recommend? I have seen a few variations on lavalier mic as well, some come with condensers. Do they make any difference?
  3. Hello, Since the current situation is making most of us rely on conference calls, I have been wanting to improve atleast on the Audio part of the communication. I would like to hear about recommendations that would help me make significant improvement to Audio but on a budget. Devices: Macbook air Current Audio sources: Macbook's inbuilt microphone Sennheiser HD 4.40 mic over bluetooth A good reference for me was a similar recommendation video that Linus with Podcasters/Gamers/Youtubers in mind Questions: - Are the recommendations made in the video valid for conference calls? Considering the compression, internet bandwidth factor etc. - Is the Beheringer UM2 mentioned in the video also a decent entry level DAC? And something that would make noticeable difference when listening (of course in wired mode of the headphones)
  4. True, none of my past upgrades as well have fallen in the current Gen CPU sockets, RAM and chipset. So all three anyways get upgraded every time I plan for one
  5. Thank you, for putting together a list. As for selling the existing components, I was thinking of putting that money into Monitor. But again thanks for that rough estimate.
  6. @Raina21, thank you for explaining your views in detail. If I go for the Intel route and b365 series motherboards is what I should be looking at? Like an equivalent of b450 of the AMD side?
  7. @Raina21, for the PSU, it might surely go for 500-600w in the near future. But was just looking if it might need immediate upgrade. And for the monitor, I also found an LG IPS with 75Hz around the same price range.
  8. @boggy77, Like you mentioned earlier, we might have to wait on the new CPUs to be in stock. I didn't even find any listed on indian websites as well. Will that be around same price and 2600? And I assume all b450 board support the new CPUs with BIOS update
  9. Thanks @boggy77 for pcpartlist and @Raina21 for alternatives. Any comments on Monitor upgrade and PSU situations?
  10. Budget (including currency): INR 50,000 Country: India Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming: CS GO, CoD, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Some upcoming AAA titles in 1080p resolution Other details: I am currently have a PC, that I use for occasional gaming like CS GO and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (720p, Low settings). Current config: i3-3220 Gigabyte B75M motherboard 2 x 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz MSI Gtx 750 ti Corsair VS450 PSU Crucial 240GB SSD WD 500GB HDD Cooler master 310 case Benq basic 1080 monitor I am planning to upgrade in parts in the coming few months. Upgrade 1 GTX 1660 around INR 18,000 Need help here in selecting an appropriate GPU for my budget and other components compatibility. This is my understanding and also the Indian prices are in the same order: 1650 Super < 1660 < 1660 Super Upgrade 2 Ryzen 5 2600 - INR 12,750 Gigabyte B450 Auros elite - INR 10,000 Vengenace LPX DDR4 8GB 3000 x2 - INR 7,500 Need suggestions for other CPU Motherboard combinations. Also the cheapest B450 board with wifi and bluetooth would be helpful Upgrade 3 Acer VG240YP IPS 144Hz - INR 15,000 Need help if the 144Hz would really make sense for my config. If not, I would go for Dell P series IPS. Assuming my existing PSU will still support this upgrade. Doing the upgrade in 3 steps for budget constraints. Any alternate configs, plans or approach welcomed. Thanks.
  11. which is almost impossible to do in my case
  12. Let me begin with explaining my setup before the problem had begun: I have a very basic Netgear N150 router at home. A PC wired to the router, a macbook, 3 android phones and 1 android tv are all the devices I have that need wifi. My house being small this setup was sufficient for my needs. Later I decided to move my computer to another room. So I added a TPLink wifi card to my computer, since I cannot move my router along because it has to be near the internet modem which I cannot move because of the wiring issues. But now I am not getting a good stable wifi connection only to the pc. If I keep my laptop at the exact place where my PC is right now, it is still able to get a very good connection. So I am not particularly sure if my wifi card is the problem. Help me find the problem in my setup, also suggest what should be my probable upgrade at the minimum cost to get this fixed. P.S. - My wifi network has to be on channel on 9, as my android TV does not recognise networks on any other channel.
  13. I was anyways going to get a basic 128/250 ssd, since he already has an old HDD and also an external drive for most data.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. G3258 is almost double the price in India. Also overclocking if not an option, because the place where the system will be kept is very congested, and I am sure he won't be opening the case even to clean the system Any other case suggestions you have? There are other cheaper options available here from brands like Intex and Circle.
  15. I am currently helping a friend build a PC for his home/office use. It will mainly be used for heavy web browsing and office and productivity apps. The only game he would be playing are FIFA and CS. The part list that I was suggesting for roughly matches the one mentioned here and also within the budget he was looking for. But I have following questions - Is the case mentioned in the list any good? what alternatives would you suggest in same price range. - Would the RX 460 be necessary or will that be an overkill for this gaming needs? any other suggestions? Thanks
  16. This what I have done to it as of now - Opened up the keyboard as far as I could to get the dust out - Spray painted the frame black - Cleaned the keycaps with hydrogen-peroxide solution + sunlight, but could not get most the yellow off Also the masking tape din't help much on the logo Happy with this though!
  17. Got it fixed thanks everyone in this thread. Was a thermal throttling issue - Removed and cleaned CPU heatsink and fan. Applied new thermal paste. - The rear fan on the case was pulling air in. Turned it around the other way. - The cpu fan was originally connected to the sys fan header. Changed it to cpu fan header. Not sure though if it did any difference. The idle temps are now around 35 deg C and in game peak temps are around 56 with CPU usage maxing out to 80% in previous cases where it was 100 and the game used to lag. Again thanks everyone here for helping me out!
  18. How do confirm I that it is thermal throttling? Will try it and post an update here. Any optimal temp range that I should look for?
  19. Stock cooler. Afterburner shows ~104
  20. I am getting occasional stutter while FIFA 15 on my PC with Gtx 750ti, i3 3220 and 8gb of ram. On inspecting it further it seems, these stutters occur when the cpu usage crosses 95%. Also the CPU temps are always above 100 degrees C whenever I start the game. Is any there anyway to lower this CPU usage?? or while I have to live with it and CPU upgrade being the only option. I have even tested with lowering the resolution to 720p and turn off MSAA completely but nothing seems to have helped. I have seen this question being asked on lot of forums , but no satisfying answer. Please guide. Thanks
  21. With what cleaning solution could I get those stains off in the most effective way?
  22. Thats a good idea. Thanks. Would be a little tough to find one, but surely worth trying lol
  23. I have a TVS Gold Mechanical that I had bought with my first ever computer in 2004. The quality of the keyboard is so good that its been working for over a decade now. That computer has undergone many upgrade cycles, many membrane keyboards have come and gone, but this keyboard still remains unbeaten. The only problem is that since with was a light coloured keyboard, it has caught a lot of stains over the years. Hence I want to take some efforts to make this keyboard look better again. I have never-ever done any such project before, and want tips/suggestions/guides from the LTT community. - Can I paint this keyboard using something like a spray paint without damaging the keys and key switches? - Replacing keycaps... Here in India, I do not see keycaps being available easily. There are a few Rosewll keycaps sold on amazon, but are priced far higher than what this keyboard costs now (Yes, these keyboards are still being sold). Can I clean these up to look as new, or is buying new keycaps the only option, any cheaper deals I could get? I hope to make this project fun for myself but, I am not sure to what extent can this be stretched. Thanks.
  24. Will the graphics card go along with my processor and power supply? Any bottleneck issues?