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  1. I still have voodoo 2's in SLI and a Voodoo 5 5500. My Voodoo 2's are in SLI in a small form factor computer. They was a small scene of custom drivers for these video cards which would add advanced capabilities from 3dfxzone. Should Linus use those to benchmark?
  2. Hey, welcome to the forums! I think buying a new computer is a good choice. Typically what will fail in one of these refurbished computers is either the PSU or the motherboard. Since you have an extra one I think it should work out. One thing to note is that some manufacturers in the past had custom motherboard connections for power so your PSU may not work without some rewiring. The answer is it depends. If you are a heavy gamer and video editor, 120GB will be too small. If you only have World of Tanks installed and browse the web, then I think 120GB will be okay. Yes, this is possible. You can look up something called a KVM switch. KVM is short for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. These devices allow you to hook up multiple computers to one set of KVM and switching between them with a button. EDIT: As themctipers mentioned, if your monitor has multiple inputs like 2 HDMI ports then u can plug 1 monitor into 2 sources.
  3. The US from my understanding had a class action lawsuit for owners of GTX 970s. However, the same lawsuit does not apply in the UK or Canada yet. I think we will have to wait for the lawsuits to come here.
  4. I am using a R9 285 right now... Hoping to get a Freesync monitor soon. I can't wait for HDR displays to come to PCs!!! I already have a 10-bit display and sometimes I giggle at how beautiful it is.
  5. A swift kick in the butt to never hurt anyone. Hopefully, this will put some RED fire underneath NVIDIA's butt.
  6. In my opinion... 27" 1440p monitors are pretty great. 27" 4k monitors are amazing but I wouldn't say that it is worth the money to upgrade at the moment.
  7. The PF1000U looks amazing. I love the idea of having a ultra short throw projector. No longer does anyone have to worry about blocking the projection by standing up and walking to go to the washroom. This would be amazing to have, only if someone has a wall to use.
  8. That is so bizarre that a video card would work in your sister's computer but not yours?
  9. So like this one? I googled stereo RCA connector
  10. If you are as OCD as I am, you will be able to tell the colour differences between all three monitors and that may bother you more than the resolution. I suggest either going 3 IPS monitors or 3 TN monitors because any mix will highlight the color differences in the monitors.
  11. No problem @ArkTheYO. Feel free to ask more questions. I love building computers.
  12. Before sending anything back, you should try checking all your components separately. Such as putting that Nvidia card into your sister's computer and seeing if that is causing problems.
  13. Hey, I am not sure how many hard drives or fans will be in your computer. You can use this power supply calculator to estimate how much you need. http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/
  14. If the SSD is within the warranty period, you can send it to them if you find that it is causing the problem. However, this RMA process will probably take several weeks. BSOD screens are tricky because they are so vague and can be caused by any number of hardware or software related problems. Also, the motherboard could be causing the problems as well, but this is harder to diagnose without access to another computer with similar specifications.
  15. Sometimes a BSOD can also be caused by a failing power supply or RAM or SSD (I doubt it). Try running memtest. Once I purchased a thinkpad and replaced the ram with a 16Gb kit I bought from NCIX. The 16Gb kit of ram caused random problems and BSOD to a point where the technical support from Lenovo thought I had a virus because their utility would corrupt when downloading. Eventually I unplugged one of the sticks of memory and sure enough it fixed it. EDIT: Also Windows 10 doesn't support older nvidia video cards that well. My friend had a 7800GT or something from 2007. When I had installed Windows 10 it wouldn't detect the drivers for the geforce properly and I couldn't get it to install nvidia drivers. This could be another possibility.