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  1. Usually on itx and $200+ boards. Id rather just buy one from aliexpress for 5 bucks
  2. Only game I know that still uses them is for Melee but even then they usually prefer a specific brand and model cause they all have horendous consistency for input lag
  3. Not sure? But I know that auto gain usual does touch windows settings and not just the program itself
  4. Have you checked discord and teamspeak for thir automatic voice gain settings?
  5. Depends on what you play. If its csgo definity, 144hz is amazing for competive shooters. If you dont then maybe a 1440p monitor upgrade.
  6. I love the g502. Not sure what makes you think Logitech is reputable though. Sensor if I recall correctly is used on almost all there other mices
  7. Im use to using https://download.lineageos.org/ but I stumbled on this one(https://lineageosroms.com/) when I was finding a os for a older phone. Lg g3 Beat isnt on the .org site but is on this one.
  8. Auto overclock is usually crap, voltage is turn all the way up so the temps are way high. I'd suggest you learn to do it yourself.
  9. Id suggest getting a EON Adapter for the gamecube if you want the best quality and input latency from your gameucbe
  10. The only Sega game I've ever played was Sonic All Star Racing Transformed and I liked it. I've never played a actual Sonic game even though its their only well known game
  11. Actual mining cards do not have video output or just one. What your talking about is a normal graphics cards that was used for mining or your post is missing information. The one you listed is just a normal card.
  12. Can never go wrong with a pair of hyperx clouds and just ignore the 7.1
  13. To me 120hz is better even at 60fps. Playing Melee feels night and day in terms of input delay
  14. Yup, just throw a dart and hope for the best
  15. If its the 7970 with the the reference cooler, its going to be hot asf. Check the temps with a hwmonitor or something
  16. Dont use calculators, google power consumption benchmarks for cpu and gpus instead
  17. Check cpu and are you on wifi or physical connection
  18. Do you have this in your speaker properties?
  19. They are both priced about the same except the Neoteck one is 10 bucks cheaper on Aliexpress. but i've never heard of Neoteck Fiios: Amazon Neoteck Amp: Amazon Aliexpress
  20. You already answered yourself. You need to update the bios. You can go to any local computer shop and should be able to do it for you. Or if you bought the motherboard from a computer store, they will update it for you. If all else fails, amd has a program that sends you a temporary cpu to update it. You just need proof of purchase and proof that the manufactuer is not able to do it for you