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  1. I accidentally switch slots on my Xiaomi mi a1 and now google services are crashing/unresponsive/stopped. I switched back the slots but it is still happening. This is on Lineage 15.1
  2. tp95112

    Twrp Switched Slot Apps Crashing

    Reinstall gapps fixed it, this happened before and I tried reflashing gapps too and it didnt work. Guess I got lucky this time
  3. tp95112

    Twrp Switched Slot Apps Crashing

    Not the sim card slots. My phone has two partitions. Slot A and Slot B. I switched the partitions and now apps are crashing.
  4. I've switched to Google docs just cause of how shitty autocorrect was on Office or atleast on the open365 version. Don't ever wanna switch back
  5. tp95112

    Dp to Dvi

    Does this work for my benq xl2411z? Pin layout is the same as dual link dvi. https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812423122
  6. tp95112

    Dp to Dvi

    Do you know of an adapter that is $40-$60 cad that supports 144hz?
  7. tp95112

    Dp to Dvi

  8. tp95112

    Dp to Dvi

    What's a good starting price to look for?
  9. tp95112

    Dp to Dvi

    Do you know of an alternative to buying an active adapter?
  10. tp95112

    Dp to Dvi

    Damn it, they are so expensive. Wish the monitor didnt have only dvi and hdmi, which version of HDMI do I need for 144hz 1080p?
  11. tp95112

    THQ nordic goes to 8chan to conduct an AMA

    Why didnt they just use Reddit like everybody else? If they had even the smallest knowledge of the internet, they should have avoided it
  12. tp95112

    Modmic not sounding very good?

    What are you using to listen to this? I know discord just compressed the shit out of them.
  13. tp95112

    what do you think?

    The pcie slots are 1x which they arent
  14. tp95112


    Is it even possible to ddos attack Google and actually take them down? They have such a strong infrastructure but how much can it really handle?
  15. tp95112

    Game Stuttering after afternarket fan install

    Reinstall the cooler
  16. tp95112

    rtx 2070 fans

    You can but those fans will die alot faster
  17. What version of windows is this?
  18. If you're not on Gsync you will be locked at 60hz
  19. I want to make an image view play a sound when I am also already touching it with another finger. For example, the image is held down and I want to tap it with my other finger. I've tried googling but I can't seem to find a solution to my problem
  20. tp95112

    CounterStrike:Source help

    Just download SourceMod and find something to host a server with what you need
  21. tp95112

    x58 upgrade or new ryzen build

    Go with the ryzen build, improved IPC for 1080p gaming and overall a major upgrade. Remember you need atleast 3000mhz ram. Also alot of rumours about 3000 series stuff is coming up, try holding on for a bit
  22. tp95112

    Ryzen 3000 Leaks

    12 cores is what we're probably all thinking cause it just the same price at 2700