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    Asus Strix Z390F-Gaming
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    Corsair Vengeance 32GB
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    RTX 2070
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    EVO 9700 M.2
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    GeminII M5 LED

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  1. Phse0

    Office Tour

    Hi everyone, is there some information about the office tours at ltx 2020? Is there a specific meeting point? Do I have to be early? Is there some transportation info somewhere? Thanks for any info Regards
  2. Ok thank you that clears this up a bit !
  3. Hi everyone, i just don't get it, what is the exact difference between the Note 9 and the Note 9 Duos? I just saw the Duos is a biz cheaper? Can anyone explain? Regards, philipp
  4. It seems like the EU forces tech companies to provide spare parts. And even Firmware updates for Servers. It’s about to get a lot easier to repair old appliances in the EU
  5. Hello, i just tried to order elemental shirts, but everytime i go to checkout and shipment method i get the message that the cart was updated and no shipment method is available. No matter if i order 1 or 4. is no shipping possible to austria? regards, philipp
  6. what about some software tools for developers? since luke and the floatplane people sure have some for their work it could be nice to maybe include them inside the clips? and what about linus new daily driver? he mentioned he is not keeping it? maybe some soldering tips from jake?
  7. Ok i do not find any option in the xtu for disabling hyper threading... maybe any other idea?
  8. Ok thank you for the clarification Still i want to try/tinker a bit with it, will try with xtu, checking if there is an option for it.
  9. I will try that Thank you! I want to disable it, because i heard it has quite a lot of bugs and security issues. And i want to see if it really gives me that much of a performance boost or i just don't need it.
  10. Hi everyone, has anybody an idea how i can disable the hyperthreading on the Toshiba X20W? I searched the BIOS for an option but did not find any. There was only an option to disable all cores but one.. Attached are the options of the BIOS i found. Help would be much appreciated! Regards, Philipp
  11. I think this got a little out of hand. I mean at the moment it is legal to track stuff like this. But after what happened with c.a. and manipulating people we will see what happens. (and yes according to studies, everybody can be manipulated, even if we don‘t want to admit it)
  12. I don't really get it, are you saying everyone on the internet leaves some data behind? Or that we all don't care that we leave data behind?