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  1. Well, i updated the drivers. But no change... I'll see if i can get my hands on a good quality Cat6 cable to test it out before i go putting a whole lot of money towards redoing my cables and router, but thanks. That helped a lot!
  2. Sorry, mean AC68U this one https://www.asus.com/br/Networking/RTAC68U/ Also, ok, i understand the router. But when i plugged the Cable directly from the Modem to the PC i was also getting just 100mb. The cable is Cat5e and it's of good quality, and my Pc board is Gigabit. So, could the problem there just be drivers or something else?
  3. Yup Wifi is even worst actually, im getting even lower speeds at that. So, if i replace my current Asus router for an AC1900 for instance, that should fix the problem ?
  4. So even though it's rated for 300mb speed and i'm suppose to be getting 200mb, since it's not Gigabit i can't get to it? So in that case, i should replace my Router with an adequate one to fix the problem? Just want to be sure before i go out replacing a good router for another one.
  5. I also tried with the Cable directly from the Modem to the PC to be sure and the result was the same. For reference Router is an ASUS RT-N300 B1 Modem is Fiberhome An 5506 Also, here is an Screenshot of my status
  6. I have an Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet controller from an MSI Z87 G45 Mobo on my PC and recently got an Internet speed upgrade from 20mb to 200mb However, im only getting access to 100mb. My ethernet cable is a good quality Cat 5e cable and my Router supports the 200mb speed i should be getting. The Controller is set to Auto Negotiate as it should, but the cap remains. Using windows auto-driver update it says i have the latest ones, though im weary of downloading anything else on my own before i get at least some opinions on what could the problem be. Any assistance would be greaty appreciated!
  7. Just an update in case anybody had the same problem. Eventually i disconnected the 12Pin from the Mobo, gave it a few minutes with the PSU also disconnected. And it worked. Seems fine ever since.
  8. Apologies If this ia short on information. Um having to use my phone.Recently my Pc was randomly rebooting. Its been a while since i gave It a cleaning, so i dusted It and the problem was gone.Reseated the ram, and the gpu no problems since.Today se had a Power outage, and now the Pc wont fully boot.ALL fans spins. All case lights turn. No beeps. Also no vídeo and the keyboard and mouse wont power.I haver a pretty good psu a seasonic that IS even more than my Pc requires. Its clean, and Its been working fine. I Sidney skimp on that when i put the Pc together.I took the psu out, cleaned It Just to bem site, plug everything back in. No change.Also i have surge protection on this Pc on the outlet especially to Prevent these surges. Other eletronics seem Fine.Pc is a bit old, 6 years now. Bit the componentes are solid and well kept.I Heard tbat sometimes after Power surges the eletrocity on the outlet may not be fully stable for a while which makes the Pc not Power UP properly Until It does... in which case Just waiting sometimes fixes the issue. Could this be It?Both my psu and gpu are the types where the fan only turns when under load. And even after letting the whole thing powered for Just about half an hour there ia no excessive heat noise or beeps.Im at a loss here. Any help would be great.
  9. Just a quick Update in case this might be useful for someone else. I stumbled onto a GTX 1070 from a good seller for about the same price the 1060 was going for, the only difference is that it's the Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1070 MINI ITX 8G and it was his last one (new on box) . But at that price, i don't think i will get a better deal any time soon. And considering my mobo has a LGA1150 Socket, the recommended i7 is not that huge of an upgrade over my current i5, so... yeah... had to bite the bullet on a new GPU now, but i'll probably be able to sell this GTX 780 at a decent price and cover some of the cost, and with a GTX 1070 at hand i might have been able to renew my PC for a couple more years.
  10. I really appreciate the feedback, at least i know where to go if things really turn sour with my GPU
  11. Here is the long and short of it. My pc has a GTX 780 that has been serving me quite fine for a few years. My whole pc is well protected, but recently a power surge gave me a big scare when the PC wouldn't turn on, until i removed, cleaned and re-sitted the GPU. It's not the first time my GPU has shown signs of small problems. Similar stuff to this has happen before, but it is very rare, but also, has happen mored than once... graphical glitches, power troubles... stuff like that. Also, recently i was doing a Live stream with some friends, using OBS, and i was recording my Stream via OBS at the same time. OBS was showing me a CPU load of 60% while streaming, playing a PC game and Recording the stream at the same time, so i thought everything was fine, until severa Video Artifacting started ocurring in the stream. Thing is, the feed was fine, my webcam was fine and the game was displaying fine on my screen. But for the people watching the stream, the feed of the game was a garbled mess of pixels. Evne when i stopped recording and just streamed it wouldn't get any better. So, im thinking my GPU is starting to "sunset". Due to the high prices of GPU's i was planning on buying a whole new pc around 2020 so i would just get something more modern and at perhaps a better overall price. Im running a i5 with 32GB of DDR3 Ram, the entire PC is from the 2013/2014 era. So, if my GPU goes bye bye, i will have to replace it and i see little value in seeking out something "just like it" instead of doing a minor upgrade. Im currently looking at the ASUS Dual 1060 GTX 6GB model. That is the top of my Budget for this. What i would like to know is if this is a sensible buy for my scenario or if im tossing away money and instead should holdon a bit longer and do a full system upgrade a few months down the line instead of replacing parts on a PC that i was already planning of replacing fully... Thanks for any input you guys might give me, i was really not planning on speding this money right now, so i would like to make the right choice...
  12. Ok so quick update. I unplugged one of the monitors. Then i unplugged both 12v pin connectors from my psu to my mobo. I then reinserted the 12v plugs and turned the pc back on. It worked. There was an error message saying something to the effect that the bios had reverted back to its default settings and the overclocking had failed (my machine is not overclocked.) I checkes the bios. All seemsto be there. Got into windows. Pc is back to normal. Dunno if it was going back to 1 monitor that did it or unplugging the12v pins and putting them back on that did the trick... Now i'll try to reconnect the second monitor and just reboot the pc a couple of times... just to be sure. I woild still very much like to know if i should be concerned with my pc's health after this though....
  13. Memory is brand ndw. 32gb hyperx memory. Usinf 1 stick at a time made no difference. Power supply is a seasonic gold plus 800w psu. Also seem to be fully in order but i dont have another psu . One thing im afraid is that i might be having a "bad power" situation where the eletricity coming from the wall is just not great and that is causing the weird issues... i would rather be that than my mobo friying on me right now
  14. Sorry if there is a shortage of info right now . Im on my cellphone right now. Long story short... my PC wont boot up . While i was doing something else i noticed my PC had frozen. I turned it off and back on but got no vídeo. All fans run . No beeps. O tried changing monitors (all hdmi) . No change. Tried using different hdmi cables. No change. Then i removed the video card. Gave it a quick cleaning. No change.. Then i removed the video card and tried the mobo's hdmi. No change. I then powered the pc on and just left it running for 10 minutes to see if any beeps would come up or something else. After 5 minutes the pc powered down and then tried to power back up for a second. Failed. Started again. And has now been running for just about 15 minutes. Still no video. 5 minutes later same thing... Power down.tries to power up. Fails. Power up for real . No beeps. No blinking lights. No video. My pc has a gtx 780 and a msi z85 mobo. Im Stucked and scared. Dont know what to do but i really cant let my work pc die on me right now. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
  15. is it worth it to use the Auto-OC option the MOBO bios offers me? i would imagine that this is a noob-friendly option that is not optimal but it's safe.