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  1. I don't want this just for Chrome, I want it system wide for every window. I'm well aware of Googling, and I have extensively hence why I'm posting here.
  2. Yes I understand the concept is the same as fullscreen, but for example fullscreening Chrome will hide the open tabs, url and bookmarks bar - I want all these to still be displayed. I'll definitely take a look into that janky solution aha thanks man!
  3. It is possible to hide the taskbar when a window is maximised, but to show the taskbar when on the desktop? To clarify, I don't mean using F11 or turning on auto-hide to do this, rather the window automatically be over the taskbar when it is maximised. I am more than happy with registry edits, or installing modifications etc. to achieve this if its not possible with a simple settings change (tho I don't think it is as I've looked extensively). Thanks
  4. Ah perfect! So just create bootable media as normal and I'm off?
  5. So I updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8 on my laptop a while back during the free update period. Recently however my laptop has been running sluggishy and just has generally a lot of crap on it after a few years of use so I'd like to reinstall Windows. However I'm worried that in doing so I'll potentially return to Windows 8 as that will be the stored key in the BIOS. So my question is will I be okay to reinstall windows and safely return to Windows 10. If so would creating a bootable USB or doing it via settings be a better option? Thanks
  6. I think I'll just go with a fresh install if I decide go to ahead with this then, it has the added benefit of getting rid of all the bloatware and other crap that I haven't gotten round to uninstalling aha
  7. Yeah I had seen those when I was looking at the sort of money I'd be spending for this upgrade, and found a bundle with a 120GB Kingston SSD with an 'upgrade bundle kit and adapter' for only £10 more. By the sounds of it that would be the much simpler route to go then.
  8. Updated to Windows 8.1, but yes. So if I were to go ahead with the upgrade to an SSD, I just need to create a bootable USB drive and perform a clean install onto it once it was swapped out with the HDD? I've only done a clean install onto the same HDD once before so I'm a little new to all this aha
  9. I'd be comfortable with doing a clean install, the only problem with doing so is the laptop didn't come with the Windows product key or the the disc.
  10. I bought a notebook (ASUS S400C) a little over a year ago to go alongside my main PC to use for simple web browsing and word processing for university while I wasn't at home. I've decided I want to upgrade the HDD to an SSD, but I don't have the cash (or the need, having only used a little over 53GB of space in the whole time I've had it) to get a 500GB SSD to match the 500GB HDD I have currently. I was thinking of just going with a 120GB SSD since this'll be plenty for me. Is this going from 500GB to 120GB going to be relatively easily achievable? Thanks
  11. Fantastic! AdwCleaner detected a couple of bad registry entries and deleted them and that seems to have fixed it perfectly. Thanks for your help everyone
  12. Nope, but I'll try it now. If that doesnt work then I'll just delete the registry entry and hope for the best I guess aha
  13. I pirated it as a demo, yes, then I bought a legit copy about 20 minutes after testing how well it ran on my system. I pirated it last Sunday and have been playing the legit copy for the whole week, but the problem only occurred yesterday (6 days after the pirated version was uninstalled). I only mentioned Farcry because that post did. Obviously its a likely candidate for the root of my problem, just seems weird that it look almost a week to show itself. Anyway, is just deleting that registry entry a good or bad idea?
  14. I'm running a Spybot scan as I'm typing this, so hopefully that will return something. I've taken a look at my startup folder and nothing is in there besides Dropbox so there cab't be a problem there, especially since the command prompt opens before chrome does which makes me think that the problem is a lot deeper than just a rogue programme. Also, after some more searching I found another LTT thread from yesterday ( with someone having the same problem, and the last post says that FarCry 4 is causing the problem, and that ' You just need to remove it from startup and from the registry located here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run' to fix it. I've never messed with the registry before, though I have found a registry with the value data of 'cmd.exe /c start && exit' so this looks like the root of my problem so shall I just delete it as recommended in the other thread? Edit: Spybot just finished and found a couple of things, but nothing relating to this problem specifically so.
  15. Just finished running them both, TDSSKiller found nothing and HitmanPro found 4 problems, though after a restart the problem still there. I've also tried running CCCleaner to see if it was a lingering registry entry or something but again, that didnt solve it either.