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  1. Definitely to make some game play footage of me playing with some of my closest friends, as memories.
  2. Thank you so much everyone for your replies! Apologies for the late response, I have been several work assignments away from home. Hello, thank you for your replies! I too was considering the deluxe, mainly for aesthetics because it is definitly (imo) a prettier board than the rampage V. I like red, but I might repaint it myself to blue. Having said that, the new sabretooth for x99 is looking pretty cool too. I've had bad experiences with AMD cards, especially their drivers, so I am trying to avoid that choice. But you never know, when it comes out and is reviewed properly, I might change my mind. And yes, we do have EVGA products over here. I will look into the power supply you recommended. Thanks again! Hello! Thank you for your reply. That is exactly the thing bothering me. Here I am spending thousands on a computer that wont be able to max out the settings that I want, and atleast be able to sustain max settings for AAA games that are up and coming in the next 2-3 years. It's sad. I guess I will wait another year until Nvidia rolls out their Pascal core which is quite promising.. *sigh* Greetings! Thank you so much for your well thought out advice and answers. I highly appreciate it. As I've mentioned above I understand 4k is very demanding for current AAA games. It will be quite sad that after spending so much on a computer, it wont be able to max out games. And you're completly correct about interface scaling in windows, which brings me to the other point you made about gettings a 1440p monitor. I have a friend who uses a 1440p monitor and I've used it. You're right the text is tiny on his screen, so on 4k, it will be tiny-er. I've heard alot about proper scaling of interface in windows 10, since thats the only windows I will be getting. I never switched to 8 from 7 because of that god forsaken metro "modern" UI. Coming back to the quality of the images, I have also seen and used a 4k display which one of my colleagues uses for content creation. Honestly, the wow factor of veiwing games/movies on the 4k screen was significantly higher than on the 1440p screen. I would LOVE those widescreen 21:9 1440 monitors, (thanks for the review vid) but sadly, they arent' available here yet.. Coming to your last points, this computer is not only going to be for gaming. I have planned to start a YouTube channel where I will be uploading gamplay footage of me playing, by myself or with my friends. Not only that, I will try to make lets play videos and various other tech related stuff such as mini reviews for products I've been using. Therefore I went with a beefy processor and the x99 platform. I am sorry, I should have made that clear in my original post. Thanks everyone once again for your replies!
  3. Username: m33r Favorite Videos: Hardline Water Cooled PC Build Log: https://www.vessel.c...ideos/JYZEYDYx0 5K Nvidia GeForce Titan X SLI Performance Benchmarks: https://www.vessel.c...ideos/JemZ8O7Hy Thanks you so much Linus for this giveaway! Wish you the best of luck for this future platform.
  4. Greetings members! (Apologies in advance, english is not my first language.) After saving up for almost 3.5 years, I am finally on the way to buying my new shrine/dream machine. I will present my questions at the end of the list of parts that I will be getting. PC Part Picker Link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/QTCXpg Summary: Case: Corsair 750D Motherboard: Asus Rampage 5 Extreme x99 Processor: Intel 5930k 3.5Ghz CPU Cooler: Swiftech H220 RAM: DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x4 16gb 3000Mhz Graphics Card: 2 x Gigabyte G1 GTX 980 4gb SLi SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 512Gb HDD: I have quite a few with alot of space on them in my current system, will probably just shove them in the new build. PSU: Corsair AX 860i 80+ platinum fully modular Display: Dell 24 inch 4k UP2414Q I have a few questions: Question: Is the hardware sufficient for gaming at 4k? If not what can I change to make sure that games atleast 2 years from now can be run at max settings? Question: I've heard Linus talk about how you dont need AA or AF at such a high resolution, especially on a high pixel density screen (4k @ 24 inches). So when I say max settings, I would not be using AA/AF. However, my question is that, will it visually make a stunning difference if I do? I have seen benchmarks of games like Crysis 3 hitting 60fps on 4k, but it drops to around 25-30 when cranked to the absolute max with AA/AF. Question: Any news on the GTX 980ti? I am buying a PC after 7 years, and I really want 4k. I can wait a few more months if the 980ti will be coming out, hopefully with more VRAM? I really appreciate anyone who can offer me help/advice. Thanks in advance! P.S: I live in Saudi Arabia, so prices here are quite hiked up from the standard US/UK rates. I chose to still buy it locally because they're providing full services of replacing any parts that would malfunction within a year. I am on a tight budget but comfortable paying more for that guarantee, would hate to see a part fail on me after being so patient with buying this PC. Not every part that is available on the international market is available here.
  5. m33r

    Sony Xperia Z2

    I think the screen is beautiful. The dBrand skin looks very professional. I've seen other skins, and most of them end up looking too tacky. This is something I would want to own.
  6. My favorite part of the phone will have to be the buttons on the back. This is a refreshing change, and I hope I get to see this on more smart phones.
  7. Hello Linus! All I have to say is that do what you think is best for yourself and your viewers. I myself have been a longtime fan and subscriber, from the beginning of the NCIX YouTube days, and it always brings a big smile to my face to see you where you are today. I know for a fact, that you have worked incredibly hard for it all. Keep up the good work! I have met countless people in random computer stores discussing your videos and your recommendations, and I quickly pounce on the opportunity to join in and flag up various points in the videos of the product people are discussing (And I live in SAUDIA ARABIA of all places, the friggin desert!). We LOVE you, not just the information you present us with, but your personality as well. I understand how with time, you have to change aswell, how this isn’t just a hobby of yours anymore, it’s a business, and I appreciate everything you’re doing to keep everyone happy. IT IS NOT EASY! J Having said that, ofcourse there will always be people who complain, and fuss about how you handle your channel now as compared to the past, but this shows how much we love you, and for you to reply back to all of this feedback? Shows that you love us too.. (No homo). Just saying, sometimes I miss those ole’ unscripted videos of Linus fumbling with boxes, but that’s just natural I guess, and with time, I have learned to adapt to different stuff you do, and appreciate it. Remember, this goes to show how much we love you! Heck, there is even a video compilation of you hitting yourself with internal PC fans! Look at this forum and community! There would be no Linustechtips.com without Linus! J We love and appreciate everything you’ve done, thank you. Best of luck for everything in the future, you will always have my subscription and like J
  8. m33r

    Concerned about Linus

    The cold is never cooler than Linus in socks and sandals!
  9. I was just watching one of Linus's latest videos about Banggood.com, and something caught my attention. It is a matter of great concern and I really do hope Linus is doing fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oHzKRq7qkU Watch after 8 minutes. No socks and sandals guys.. Somethings wrong with him.. You can tell us whats wrong Linus, we really love you!
  10. Breaking! Windows 8 Benchmark Records No Longer Accepted At HWBOT - Benchmark Result Veracity Compromised http://hwbot.org/news/9824_breaking_windows_8_benchmark_results_no_longer_accepted_at_hwbot
  11. Hello Wooden Marker! Thanks for your feedback! This build, beside gaming and the casual video editing / graphics designing, is also more for its aesthetics. That is the reason why im going for the LGA2011 board because I love the symettry of having RAM slots on both sides of the processor. Watercooling for most part is for the looks, but obviously I will be overclocking heavily. About the SSD's and HDD's, hmm, you're right, might as well go with the cheaper option since there wont be that much of a performance gain. Thanks for that! I'm planning to keep this system with me for a good 5 years atleast. Which means I will most probably get a 4k monitor once the price drops (which from the looks of things, could be in the next 2 years). I think I'll be needing that 3way SLi for 4k gaming, dont you think? Thanks again!
  12. Greetings WoodenMarker! Thank you for your feedback. This build would mostly be for gaming, and im trying to future proof it as much as possible. I do have plans for video processing and a bit of graphics designing but nothing too serious. :)