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  1. djsoggy1234

    The Rc Thread

    this thread is for the radio control hobby, anything you like-feel free to discuss it here, beit planes, scalers, bashers, touring cars, scts, boats, drones and buggies ect. or you can also show off what rc's you own (yes i know there's dedicated forums for this)
  2. finally a thread for this! i ride mx and i really prefer moto but i do quite like mtb, will post up a pic of my bike later but for now enjoy some orange goodness here is my bike
  3. djsoggy1234

    Anyone here ride dirt bikes?

    does anyone here ride motocross, trials, enduro, supermoto? i would love to know. me personally, i ride/sometimes race motocross on my '08 ktm 125 sx and dabble in hare scrambles
  4. djsoggy1234

    Anyone here into RC racing?

    take all this to the rc thread, we would love to see your rides! (link in my sig)
  5. djsoggy1234

    What would you do if the purge was real?

    ride my dirt bike where i'm usually not supposed to
  6. djsoggy1234

    The Rc Thread

    that could work if you set your gearing correctly so you don't overheat the motor, in that case i would recommend some proline mashers or badlands at 3.8 like revo sort of size
  7. djsoggy1234

    The Rc Thread

    what about the slash 4x4 platinum ?
  8. djsoggy1234

    Beat car to impress girls?

    one of these bad boys...
  9. djsoggy1234

    The Rc Thread

    haha, i had something similar happen to my 1/5th scale, the rx pack ran out of juice, i was doing a speed run and it hits the curb then launches about a good 6-7ft and on its way up it hits my Dad's truck front bumper, lands back down on the front. i only broke the front left a-arm and bent the shock tower. this was a good 3-4 years ago
  10. djsoggy1234

    computer tech affecting education?

    at our school it's really fucking locked down, the goodish computers are in the it rooms. but imho they really need to focus on the design and technology rooms their computers there are literally so beat to shit. some one wiped pva glue all over some of the key caps and you literally have to smash down on the keycaps to do anything plus they're right next to a wood lathe so they're probably clogged to shit with saw dust. theres like two 20 something laptop carts with old ass HPs and compaqs (you spend half the lesson trying to log on some times) )
  11. djsoggy1234

    Anyone else get super bored in the summer?

    i live in the UK, summer doesn't exist over here sometimes because of the shite weather we call summer
  12. djsoggy1234

    How old are you?

    13, turning 14 in six weeks time
  13. djsoggy1234

    One Good & One Bad thing about Your PC

    Good: it runs some games bad: i have a CX500
  14. djsoggy1234

    MIT research shows the hole in the Ozone Layer might be healing

    *looks staringly at my 125sx*"no need to worry baby, you're all fine and good"*smiles as the sweet smell of 2 stroke premix fills the air*
  15. djsoggy1234

    Hillary Clinton Unveils Tech Platform

    Fuck... how are my emails gonna be safe now?
  16. djsoggy1234

    Nvidia Titan P at Gamescom

    They really had to call it the fucking Ttan P didn't they...
  17. djsoggy1234

    The Rc Thread

    why not just get a decent charger all together for $20 more like this one and get yourself a TRX (traxxas connector) charge lead whilst your at it, plus if you ever decide to go to the lipo side of things (highly recommended imho) this does charge both nimh and lipo. but if you don't want to do all that i'd just go with the traxxas ac-dc converter
  18. djsoggy1234

    The Rc Thread

    so i got my scx10 a couple weeks ago, so far really liking it. really impressed with the capability of this thing. some pics below for y'all to enjoy.
  19. djsoggy1234

    What happened to ark.intel.com?

  20. So yeah title says it all , how many 2s lipos will I need for an upcoming trail run and what capacity will they need to be for the best run times.
  21. djsoggy1234

    How many lipos will I need for a 4-6 hour trail run?

    I'll be running a 5000mah 45c 2s pack. As I'll be just simple crawling/trailing I won't be drawing all that much, not too sure on exact figures though.
  22. djsoggy1234

    Your fave tech reviewers besides the mighty Linus?

    Hardware Canucks, Paul's Hardware and Awesomesauce Network
  23. djsoggy1234

    The Rc Thread

    So here's my RCS, first up is my vaterra Kalahari that's in bits(nicked the receiver out of it for my dx2l) and I plan to overhaul it at some point. Second up is my MST ms01(its actually for sale rn) I bought this as to get me into drifting, but it ended up getting too repetitive for my liking, it was cool and all but wasn't for me really. Lastly is my hpi Baja 5b (don't have a pic of it but every rc hobbyist knows what a Baja 5 looks like) it was actually my first rc but some how its in a steel box in our garage. I do plan to resurrect it at somepoint, but not right now. Currently I've been looking at the scaler side of things, and may treat my self to one soon. So yeah that's my 'fleet'.
  24. djsoggy1234

    Brand New Car

    the newest vehicle i have owned (and still do) is my 08' ktm 125sx, past bikes have been 80s hondas (xr80)
  25. djsoggy1234

    Anyone got annoying neighbours?

    where i used to live (redcar, shitehole) to the right of us we had a neighbour with a loud ass subaru impreza nobody on that street liked it except me, to left of us we had a neighbor with these to fucking yorkshire terriers that would not shut the fuck up, 5am YAP YAP YAP. but now i right out in the sticks, pretty nice as i get to pretty much whatever i like (within reason/legality), ride my ktm and all that jazz. infact when we first moved here there was a history of drug within the house, and one time the house got searched, then there's little 6 year old pete on nfs under cover in a police chase, not giving a care in the world while there's an officer about 3 or so feet behind me talking to my parents