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  1. Good to hear it isn't as bad as I have heard it to be. Now if someone with experience can tell me some good wireless devices to look at.
  2. I am moving my computer (two actually) which are hooked up to my router boxed via Ethernet cable. After moving, Ethernet cable will not be possible and will have to go wireless . I have other computers, tablet, phones that go wireless and work (ok, not great). So I am hoping for someone to recommend a good wireless card or USB device that will give little latency and good speeds. But still within my budget. (30 or so bucks per wireless device). My speed is 6 mb/s down and 0.5 mb/s up with around 20-30 ping on ethernet. How much worse will it get on wireless. P.S. The wireless computers wont be obstructed and won't be more than 20 feet from the router. Thanks.
  3. Looks like it was just a driver issue. Re installed and it is working.
  4. I have a 430W corsair psu in the system, could that be the problem? Not enough power.
  5. CMOS reset did not work. Power cables are fine, have unplug/plugged ion many times.
  6. I looked, and right now the motherboard is looking for the PEG/IGD. Anything else I might need to change.
  7. So I recently bought an i5 3570k. Before installing the cpu, my GPU (GTX 650) was working perfectly. After I installed the new CPU the GPU is not recognized on my computer. The graphics card is fine, I popped it into another system and it worked fine. The CPU is working, and is showing up correctly. I feel like the iGPU is on, and is not switching to the dedicated GPU. I have tried to turn it off and no luck. Any suggestions?
  8. rseerers

    <$100 Headset?

    Thanks all for your time. I think I chose, just because Kaas was right about sound not that important. Just looking for features, and ones I like with good sound.
  9. rseerers

    <$100 Headset?

    @Kaasgeelheid I see your point, not sure what I was expecting from this thread. I was just thiunking someone here had a solid opinion about what a good pair of headphones for under 100 bucks would be. I made this thread because I can never find one or two solid answers, just a bunch of people with so many different opinions. Which makes me think it really is up to personal preference? I also want to note that I do not like the mod mic or the equivalent, not because they aren't good but I would like the headset to be a all in one option for simplicity. Good sounding headphones are important, I don't want to spedn $100 for no quality in the sound. I just stated that I am not an audiophile, so the sound doesn't need to be precise.
  10. rseerers

    <$100 Headset?

    I searched through the forums looking for a topic that I could make my choice on for a headset, but could not. Too many topics, with too many opinions. So I thought I would make this much less vague,m in hopes of getting a more select-able recommendation. My budget is $100 or less. I am not an audiophile, my current headphones are sennheiser HD 202's, cheap pair of headphones and they sound fine to me. Needs to have a mic. (not the modmic) I have been looking at the Sibera V2's, but am open to others. Any suggestions?
  11. I go with a 128gb SSD as OS and app drive, and have 2 500gb samsung hard drives. One for storage, the other for backup.