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    Computers, Programming, Gaming, Video Editing, Computer Graphics, TV Shows (Psych -- the best show ever!, Suits, Scrubs, Archer, SVU reruns, and NCIS)

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About Me

My name is winny3141 and I have a passion for computers. Not only that, but I am also a casual gamer, as well as  a programmer. As of late, I have not really been working so much on my programming, however, I plan to get into it again come this summer 2013. I also plan to build a new system this summer as well, and will probably be posting my potential specs for you guys to give me your input, very soon. I love the LinusTechTips Forums because it finally gives me a chance to collaborate with people who share my interest and passion. Linus really inspired me to build my own computer, and he really got me started on my computer career, and for that I thank him.


If you guys are interested in the programming languages I know, they consist of: C++ as well as some Web Development languages such as, HTML (of course), CSS, and JavaScript. I also am familiar with the Unreal Engine 3 and I fooled around with that as well as the Skyrim Creation kit during Summer 2012.


If you are wondering about my PC specs, they are in my signature.


If you got this far, thanks so much for reading, and I will see you on the forums!


- winny3141 :D