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  1. As the title says, what do you reckon? RMX is 20€ more, worth it?
  2. Sabrent is 15€ cheaper than Samsung so a good call, thanks. Will think about all 3, although I have been on Samsung SSDs exclusively since 2012 with no problems so heart is at Samsung. Edit: Nevermind, that price was for Sabrent Rocket Q with QLC flash.
  3. Jup, basically same price. ADATA is 6€ cheaper.
  4. Hi, what do we think about Samsung 970 Evo, do we have any competitive SSDs I should look at at the same price or is this what I should go for? It's about 130€ in Germany.
  5. I would go for Nokia 5.3 probably, mom has Nokia 5 and that old phone still getting updates is amazing. On Amazon.de I found Nokia 5.3 for 155 € https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0868XBWNG?tag=gsmarena0ca-21&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1 Seems like a good deal if you want stock Android. If you look at something else I would just make sure to have 4GB of RAM.
  6. Yeah, the current one is like that But thanks yeah, I like the design because all my room is pretty minimalistic. Nothing too extreme is planned anyway, R5 3600 successor and RTX3060/3070. 500DX is available in theory but not in stock so I will see when I will be buying, doesn't look that bad indeed. Thanks. No, I did some research before hand and ended with those 4. Corsair 275R also look nice but no type-C.
  7. So I'm more or less set on the fact I want type-C support also so I narrowed it down to following cases(local prices for reference): Nzxt H510 (93€) FRACTAL DESIGN Meshify S2(160€) PHANTEKS Eclipse P500A(115 €) Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic(138€) First choice was H510 but I hear people are not the biggest fans of it because of lack of airflow. Fractal design Meshify should be awesome for airflow and I love the looks but that price... P500A kinda looks a bit cheap but apparently good airflow and it has Type-C so it is here. Lian Li looks cool but it doesn't look like airflow would be the best. Any opinions?
  8. Hallo. Ich bin nicht aus Deutschland sondern aus Slowenien deswegen entschuldigen sie bitte für mein Deutsch. Aber Ich glaube nur sie können mir helfen Ich habe eine Frage uber einkauf bei seite Notebooksbilliger. Die haben zur zeit "Black Week". Ich wollte 3 sachen von 3 verschiedene Marken bestellen aber Ich kann nur eine guttschein kode benutzen. Weiss jemand ob einen weg besteht auf alle 3 sachen rabbat zu bekkomen bei eine Bestellung?
  9. Perfect thank you. Gaming Plus it is then.
  10. Thanks for recommendation but would really like an ATX since I'm planning a build with a window and ATX just looks nicer. Difference between Aorus Pro and Gaming Plus is about 20-30€ which is the sum I surely wouldn't mind saving but it doesn't mean me that much. I'm not really on any tight budget. One more question, I want to get a case with type-C port on the front, do I have to look for some specific header on mobo to be able to use it?
  11. Great. Gaming Plus it is then, A-Pro looks worse at the same price, TUF is a bit more expensive and I don't like it as much. I'm putting a list together so I can just checkout when processors land.
  12. So plan is to get Ryzen 4000 series processor as soon as they are released so now I'm thinking about which B550 mobo to get. Planning to go with successor of 3600 or 3700x so nothing too high end. So far I have 4 contenders. 1. MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus 2. ASRock B550 Pro4 3. ASUS TUF Gaming B550-Plus 4. Gigabyte B550 Gaming X Looks wise they are written in order from preferred. First are all basically the same price, Gigabyte is 20€ or so cheaper but not the biggest fan because it doesn't have M.2 cover. So any suggestions?
  13. Well 3070 seems like something I should go for but with all the interest I'm afraid we will have shortage of them. If 3070 really is faster than 2080ti and it's not just some marketing BS numbers that they got god knows how this meme seems fitting But only time( reviews) will tell.
  14. Curious especially about 3070, more precisely the price. Hope is 500€ or lower but I have doubts considering current pricing. That is something I might be able to swallow but that's about it. If not 3060 is go to for me.
  15. That is a difference between glossy and matte screen. All(?) capacitive screen devices have glossy screen because they are made of "glass". Monitors can be either glossy or matte. With glossy you get more vibrant colours with matte you get better readability in sunlight.
  16. Perfect, 2060S successor should be out right around the time new Forza game, I assume. When this lands it will be time to say bye to my RX480.
  17. Some Nokia maybe? Mom has original Nokia 5 and build quality is amazing for a cheap phone. Maybe look into 5.3?
  18. I would go with some sort of RX580/590 card probably form my experience, prices are pretty good over here for new, used must be dirt cheap now. Thing is I doubt you would get your moneys worth from RX5700 and similar with this CPU. Not an expert though, just speaking from experience. Probably a lot depends from the game too.
  19. I have i5 4430 paired with RX480 which is slower than yours and I get heavily bottlenecked in Horizon 4. I get 100% CPU usage and about 50-60% GPU usage. I don't mind it since I still get my 60fps but still, you might want to look into those to save some money for a year and upgrade whole platform next year or something like that when Zen 3 prices drop and Nvidia has 3000 series mid range cards out.
  20. 7 year old PC with i5 4430 but I added RX480 and new PSU 3 years ago. It's time to switch platform though.
  21. Another option I found is Seasonic GX 550W, same price as pure power.
  22. TXM is about 10-15€ more expensive so this would be doable but RMX is 30-40€ more than Pure Power. We are talking discounted price of Pure Power for which it currently goes in Germany, if it is full price it is a different story.
  23. So as name suggests, I have 3 year old Seasonic S12II 520W in my PC (8 year old) which I put in when I bought RX480. I'm planing do upgrade it this year with new platform and there is a good deal on Pure Power 11 600W unit. Is it worth the change or not? Price for Pure Power 11 would be about 85€.
  24. Amazon says 320€ ? 3800X is 355€ as far as I can see.