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  1. I'd pick up a pair of Superlux HD681 Evo, they are like having subwoofers on your head, however not that lame boomy and unruly bass. They produce very nice and tight bass and it goes very deep. Best bang for the buck imo. In the long run I would pick up a pair of AKG K2xx velour pads and slap those on instead of the pleather ones they come with.
  2. A start could be to get something like the FiiO E10, but that will take up most of your budget. You would need a better set of speakers or good headphones to serve it justice. I've had a pair of X-210, they are not very detailed or anything, but for the price I guess they are OK. But if you really want to hear a difference the speakers would need an upgrade, but that is not anywhere near your budget.
  3. Find a store which have them. Listen to them, then decide which one to get.
  4. I'd go for a Dali Lektor system with one of Denon's AVR-X3xxx/X4xxx receivers. Listened to such a combo in a local HiFiKlubben shop and it is pretty good. The speakers are similarly priced as the B&W speakers you were looking at. Danish speakers are best speakers!
  5. Cheesebaron

    ~$300 iem

    IE80's are good, in an ideal world where you could find a store, where you could listen to them before buying them, I'd recommend you doing that before committing to a $300 purchase. At least personally I would read more about the top ones in the chart I linked to to see what different reviewers say and to match that up to your own preferences.
  6. Don't underestimate the Porta Pro's, they are actually quite good
  7. Cheesebaron

    ~$300 iem

    Some nice reviews of IEMs: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-303-iems-compared-noble-4s-added-11-28-13-p-813 And there is a nice comparison chart here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-303-iems-compared-noble-4s-added-11-28-13-p-813#post_6492059
  8. Which is almost the same. You are manipulating the frequencies of the audio the game outputs, which goes to the transducer, where in the chain you equalize can matter, but in this case it probably does not. If you don't like how the game sounds to begin with, an equalizer is a good place to tweak it to suit your taste more. If that is what OP wants then let him do it. I am in favor of as neutral and accurate reproduction as possible, so that dip in the 8 kHz seems a bit excessive to me, but I don't really know how BF4 sounds like, so I can't say more about that.
  9. I had the HD650 a while back and also got a pair of HiFiMan HE-300. I found the HE-300 to be very comparable to the HD650 but with tighter bass and none of the HD650 veil. I can personally recommend the HE-300.
  10. Save some money buy some HiFiMan HE-500 and spend some money on a really nice amplifier.
  11. You did not even read what I wrote or you misinterpreted it. What I was trying to say is that the differences between 32, 80 and 250 are subtle (they are more noticable between 32/80 and 250 Ohm, than between 32 and 80 Ohm). The 600 Ohm are entirely different. This does not change anything that I have been saying.
  12. I own the DT770 600Ohm and I have heard the other models, it is an entirely different headphone. Between the 32, 80 and 250 Ohm models the differences are subtle, not like night and day differences, but they are noticable. Especially with the 250 Ohm in the lower region.
  13. DT770 are pretty good. You won't notice much difference between the 32Ohm and 80Ohm if any at all. However if you pair the 32 Ohm or 80 Ohm with a sound card with a high output impedance you could it could introduce a frequency respones irregularity, but that would be less likely with the 80 Ohm. The 250Ohm are more balanced in terms of sound. The bass is less boomy and it also has a bit better soundstage, especially paired with a good amplifier. The 600Ohm are a whole other beast and a lot different than the other two and require a good amplifier to serve them justice. If you don't need a closed back headphone, I would really recommend you looking at the DT990 as I find them to sound less hollow and less recessed in the mid-frequencies than the DT770.
  14. Cheesebaron

    OOP Book

    Object-Oriented Software Engineering - Using UML, Patterns and Java, BRUEGGE, DUTOIT is pretty decent. It tries to learn you a lot of patterns using UML. It has some Java code snippets, but most of it is UML and text.
  15. I've got this one. Works fine: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-QI-Wireless-Charger-Charging-Pad-Receiver-Kit-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S3-I9300-/121144715352?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Chargers&var=&hash=item1c34c9a858 I've used it with my Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. How quick it charges depends on how you position the phone on the pad. Device needs to be centered.
  16. A full depth server rack is expensive. So I suggest you go to IKEA and buy some LACK tables and mod them into a rack. Like: http://www.instructables.com/id/20-units-instrument-rack-from-Ikeas-Lack-tables/ http://www.howtogeek.com/99732/hack-an-ikea-lack-table-into-a-component-rack/ http://lifehacker.com/5459719/build-a-network-rack-with-an-ikea-table
  17. Right now I am running a 256GB Corsair Force 3 as boot drive. I once ran a RAID setup sporting 3x1TB Samsung F1 drives, but now two of them are dead and the last one is now running all alone, which is where I dump large files and occasional games and such.
  18. If it is a .NET DLL I recommend Reflector or DotPeek.
  19. You mean humble bundle, which explicitly says the games codes are only for your personal use?
  20. Is it allowed to use external libraries? Also, how do you count lines? For instance you can just cramp up all your code on one line if the language uses delimiters such as ;{}()[]
  21. I've had the Pro80 shortly. Takstars are pretty nice for the price. However as @OddballMV says they are a little smile, for me too small pushing up my ears when wearing, but I have larger than average head.
  22. There is not a real need for dust filters at the top of the case as they will just restrict how much air can get out. It is a trade off, of either having some dust getting into your case or getting a very slight decrease in temperatures. The dust getting into your case will mainly be when the computer is off as the fans do not push away the dust. I don't have dust filters at the top of my case, and it is a minimal amount of dust that enters the case from the top. So I wouldn't care much about dust filters on exhaust fans. Intake fans however suck in air and dust and here it would be more sensible to place them.