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  1. You will need to center the element that wraps the navigation items. Usually you just use the following css to center a div: margin: 0 auto;
  2. How have you installed it?
  3. Remember to hide some easter eggs around the website. But as for charging the church. It is only fair that you get paid for your work, even if it is easy mode with modern stuff like bootstrap etc. You could probably even host it for free with github pages. Just remember, your brain is your money machine, it is not free to maintain it.
  4. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27764388/bash-merging-4-lines-in-4-files-into-one-single-file
  5. You only need two loops to generate all permutations.
  6. That is something you need to ask him as he is the admin of that device... phpMyAdmin is just another web page and needs to be configured in whatever web server you are running, whether it being apache or something else. If phpMyAdmin is running on another port, you must not forget to port forward that in the firewall/NAT. With the small amount of information you have provided no one can really help you.
  7. VB is crazy verbose and pita to write. I'd say skip VB and dive directly into C# if you must choose a .NET language.
  8. Whatever OOP language. Whether it is Java, C# or something else does not matter. What matters is that you learn proper OOP principles as they will be key to creating maintainable and well separated code.
  9. I would consider a Radxa Rock as well. Much more power compared to the RPi. At around 59 USD that is one hell of a dev board!
  10. What a naive attitude towards the subject of producing maintainable and well architected code. I am in no doubt that you can write code, however as already established by someone else in this thread. Just because you can write code, does not mean you can write good code. Anyways, in order to do what OP wants to do in the source engine, he will have to learn C++ as that is the language used with the SDK. There are a load of resources about the usage of said SDK in their official Wiki: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Category:Programming So the steps would be: 1. Get acquainted with C++ and the development environment 2. Install the Source SDK and try out the getting started parts of the link I provided to their Wiki 3. Write down somewhere what it is you want to achieve 4. Split out in smaller tasks and focus on them one at a time 5. Implement said tasks 6. Iterate 3-5 until you are satisfied Now this will probably take a little while, but if you keep trying and be persistent about it. Eventually you will get good enough to implement such a game. Alternatively, I would suggest you take a look at an easier environment such as Unity3D to develop some games first. There are loads and loads of resource to get started with your first games in Unity3D.
  11. Are you mentally ill? If you look at the link I posted it says: "Internet for the dorms! K-Net is a nonprofit organization offering internet access to the dormitories on the DTU campus and in the Kgs. Lyngby area." Clearly you don't know what a dormitory is... As the other numbnut who quoted my post asked. I live in a dormitory located at DTU campus, where we have this nice organization driven by residents living at those said dorms. We have a couple of racks in a basement and fibres to all the dorms, where it gets converted into copper. We pay around 15 DKK for the Internet and some of the dorms have 1Gbit connections. We are around 2000 residents sharing an incoming fiber. As can be read on that webpage we use Zen Systems as transit provider.
  12. Can't remember why this does not work in PHP, but I know how to work your way around it. Classes have something called a constructor, which is called when you instantiate a new instance of that Class. In there you can call that function get_option and get the date format. So code like this would work: class JSON_API_Query { protected $defaults = array( 'date_format' => 'F j, Y', 'read_more' => 'Read more' ); function __construct() { $format = get_option('date_format'); $this->defaults['date_format'] = $format; }} You can test it here: http://goo.gl/CNW9v8
  13. If you want something like MSN, you won't be using TCP sockets directly from one client to another. However, you would rather have a centralized server somewhere, which mediates the communication between the clients. So the client would be communicating to the server, through some kind of connection. This could be a TCP socket, WebSocket or whatever. Pick your poison. If you are going to make a P2P type of chatting app you need somewhere to announce clients ready for chat. Then the application on your computer would be acting as both the client and the server. This would be true for each computer it is installed on. There is no "best" language here. You should be able to achieve this with practically all languages. I could for instance make this application in about 10 minutes in JavaScript using Node.js + Socket.io. If you are going to use C#, you can take a look at how SignalR works and the chat client JabbR, which is built on top of that. There is also a simple Desktop client here: https://github.com/JabbR/JabbR.Desktop but it should be quite straight forward to use SignalR.
  14. Another approach to this could be to learn JavaScript and node.js. Node.js applications can be wrapped up and be run as normal desktop applications.
  15. That extension is not supported anymore: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2868167 What it basically does is to add wmode="gpu" to flash elements in the browser. Then it fixes some styles which break when this is enabled. I think it is safe to install, but be aware that for some people it causes instabilities.
  16. Why even bother with installing microphones in the house? Why not just use a personal device such as your smartphone? You already have it on you at all times? Then you could have a computer connected to sensors, locks, speakers etc. in your house, which your personal device connects to when it is in range of your home WiFi. Check out myEcho for inspiration: http://myechoapp.com/ you could probably do something similar with Siri if you have an iOS device. Otherwise Google has some text-to-speech libraries, which you could probably use on Android. However, I am not sure how precise they are. That is up to you to find out
  17. More info about this case mod back from 2009 here: http://englishrussia.com/2009/04/08/russian-wall-e-case-mod it origins from casemod.ru, but can't find the article on that site anymore.
  18. Did you try geekhack? They usually have some very nice people wanting to help out.
  19. With Unity it is very easy to get something working pretty quick. Unity also now comes with WebGL support (I think this is in a preview), but that means you can run games natively in your browser without flash, java etc. Unity has a big community behind so I think it is a really great place to start. You might also want to consider MonoGame (XNA) as well, which uses the same IDE as Unity does. However, you will find yourself to write a lot more code to get some results. Yet again very big community behind the project. Then there is also the Ureal Development Kit, I haven't tried this, but it seems quite popular, might be worth to try out.
  20. Played around with the code here's what I got: import java.util.*;public class HelloWorld { private static String[] words = { "motherboard", "case", "powersupply", "harddrive", "mouse", "keyboard", "peripheral", "graphicscard", "processor", "latency", "ping", "gaming", "resolution", "watercooling", "cache", "memory", "chipset", "intel", "notebook", "desktop", "aliasing" }; public static void main(String[] args) { Random rand = new Random(); String userChoice = readLine("Welcome to a game of hangman!\nDo you want to play? (Y/N): "); int gameCount = 0; int lostGames = 0; while (!userChoice.equalsIgnoreCase("n")) { switch(userChoice.toLowerCase()) { case "y": String word = words[rand.nextInt(words.length)]; if (!playGame(word, 6)) lostGames++; gameCount++; break; default: System.out.println("Sorry, didn't understand that."); break; } userChoice = readLine("You have played " + gameCount + " games. Do you want to play again?"); } System.out.println("Thanks for playing"); } private static Boolean playGame(String word, int guessesLeft) { String hiddenWord = initHiddenWord(word); while(guessesLeft > 0) { String inChar = readLine("Your guess: "); while(true) { if (inChar.length() > 1) inChar = readLine("You can only guess one letter at a time"); if (inChar.length() == 1) break; } char ch = Character.toLowerCase(inChar.charAt(0)); if (!letterOk(word, ch)) guessesLeft--; else hiddenWord = replaceLetters(word, hiddenWord, ch); if (hiddenWord.equals(word)) { System.out.println("You guessed the word: " + word); System.out.println("You win"); return true; } System.out.println("The word now looks like this: " + hiddenWord); System.out.println("You have " + guessesLeft + " guesses left."); } return false; } private static String initHiddenWord(String word) { String result = ""; for(int i = 0; i < word.length(); i++) result = result + "-"; return result; } private static Boolean letterOk(String word, char guess) { if (word.indexOf(guess) == -1) { System.out.println("There are no " + guess + "'s in the word."); return false; } else { System.out.println("Found " + guess + "'s in the word."); return true; } } private static String replaceLetters(String word, String hiddenWord, char guess) { for(int i = 0; i < word.length(); i++) { if (guess == word.charAt(i)) { if (i > 0) hiddenWord = hiddenWord.substring(0, i) + guess + hiddenWord.substring(i + 1); if (i == 0) hiddenWord = guess + hiddenWord.substring(1); } } return hiddenWord; } static Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in); private static String readLine(String consoleOutput) { System.out.println(consoleOutput); return scan.next(); }}
  21. Does the fan controller say anything about how many amps or watt it can handle? The Amazon page does not seem to provide any information about that, nor does the Coolerguys web page.
  22. Keep in mind that Corsair fans have a slightly funny shape, so they will not cover the rad entirely leaking air. Not that it is going to impact performance too much. Noiseblockers and Noctuas are good Yeah, they are great. Same Noctua fans, gray color. Get the square frame ones!