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  1. Cheesebaron

    Sony MDR-V6

    If you are quick grab the last pair of Skullcandy Aviators. The Phillips CityScape Uptown are also in your price range and have a very good. price/performance ratio. AKG 240 is also a very nice headphone. The Brainwavz HM5 or Lindy Premium, which are the same headphone are also very good, however they have a good portion of clamping force on your head, but they sound very nicely.
  2. I think AutoHotkey is your best bet or some other tool that can map keys to actions.
  3. Cheesebaron

    2 in 1

    Do you mean the Ultrasone Pro 900? If so, I was not too keen on the sound of the headphones. They seemed overly bright and had an unnatural bass. Quite a V-curve type of sound. However it was a short listen at a head-fi enthusiasts meeting, so it was not the best conditions either.
  4. Race Injection along with RaceRoom Experience is pretty good as well. They aren't the prettiest looking games, but they are doing a very good job at simulating cars.
  5. Cheesebaron

    Sony MDR-V6

    Why not spend the 20 pounds towards a better headphone?
  6. I haven't tried any of the listed monitors, but my setup is sporting a 30" Dell WPF3008, which is getting pretty old; however it still performs very nicely in games and movies. I don't notice any blur due to the low refresh rate, even in fast paced games. The ones you are looking at ought to have better panels than what Dell managed to produced back when WPF3008 was on the menu, so I would not worry too much. However there are some things you need to consider. Due to the high resolution on these monitors, you will need a graphics card with a lot of memory, around 3GB is the minimum I would recommend after having tried cards with 1GB and 2GB, the Sapphire HD7950 with 3GB I have now is the best card I have tried so far. Also since the screen is so big and you might be sitting at the same distance as you would with a smaller monitor, you will need to run your games at a higher FOV, or you might have problems with seasickness or annoyances with seeing too little on your screen. Some games, such as the Call of Duty series come with a very low FOV to begin with and there is no in-game possibility to adjust it to a higher value. With my screen I usually run games at a minimum of 90 FOV if they allow for that and even better at 100 FOV. The increased FOV also means that the graphics card has to render more at each cycle, meaning you will need a graphics card with a lot more processing power to accommodate for this. TL;DR: I think any of the linked models will be good. You will however need a good graphics card with a lot of memory. You will need to increase FOV in games.
  7. Yes but to make it even more clear it would be awesome with a reference to the material you have gained that knowledge from. I.e. an official statement from Intel or a manufacturer of motherboards stating that the hole positions have not changed. See that would be crystal clear and more credible. That of course goes for all the other people saying "this guy said", "I think so" etc.
  8. I mainly write my code in C# as the tooling I use for developing requires it. I started out with Java at Uni and it worked well for me. When I discovered C# and tried it out rainbows and tears of happiness exploded in my face. I have grown to like C# a lot. I can't live without LINQ, ReSharper and the development environment as it is made out of pure awesomeness. I might not be the best person to ask, because I am super biased about this, but C# is way better and more clean than Java, delegates and events are more clean than with Java. Properties are super awesome and I don't have to write stupid get/set methods for everything. C# is super cross-platform it runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, WP, WinRT, Playstation, Xbox, PSP etc. It might even beat Java in how many platforms it runs on. Ever since Oracle took over Sun I feel that the Java community has been neglected and Java is slowly being washed out in the drain. I seet it as Android is artificially keeping Java alive. I don't know much about C++, but as any languages it has its pros and cons and is used a lot in the gaming industry. I guess that is because it's zero overhead philosophy, otherwise C would have probably used a lot as well as games require performance. However it is regarded as a "Horrible Language" by people like Richard Stallman and Linus Thorvalds. If you want to write games using Unity, I would personally use C# as I feel the tools are better, but either way you will learn the basics and you will be able to use the principles you learn with one of the languages with the other language and then be able to find out for yourself which one you prefer.
  9. Local ISP's backbone has been upgraded, so now my upload speed is a bit better: Maybe I should find a Gbit SFP module and try. I know someone else at the dorm runs at about 10x this, both ways, on a Gbit SFP module :D
  10. Cheesebaron

    Server help

    The get started on Networking I recommend either take a course in it at a nearby university or find some CCNA or books going through the OSI model. That is a pretty good start. The cisco CCNA books will explain professional switches pretty thoroughly and guide you through how to set them up for different scenarios. Also most of the information found in the CCNA books is applicable for other switch and router makes. Cisco also provides some emulators for the operating system (IOS) that runs on their switches, which is good for tinkering. About servers, they are just hardware just like any other computer, however they use parts that have fail-overs and is made for 24/7 use. The more interesting part is how the servers are set-up software wise, as there are almost endless possibilities of how to configure them and for what purpose. As for getting a second hand router or switch, I'd go for either Cisco or HP ProCurve units or maybe an Allied Telesis. You wont get a router for cheap, but a Layer 3 switch such as a HP ProCurve 2610 or 2850 could get you very far (don't know the Cisco or AT equivalents, as I mainly use HP switches).
  11. How many people needs to repeat the same thing to make OP sure?
  12. What are you on to here? He is speaking of an external HDD. He is asking whether it matters which way he puts it. And to answer that, no not really, just don't shake it while in operation.
  13. It is still better than many on-board solutions and has a lot of nice features. For $30 you won't get anything better. So only if you are willing to spend more you could go for something newer.
  14. Pretty old school card. It is from 2004. I would guess it would be somewhere at the same level as newer low-end/mid-end sound cards. It has the same SNR as the cheap Xonar cards and pretty much the same features apart from the Creative has that external box thingie.
  15. It is soooo boring. The ADHD Dracula castrato from Romania was a lot better:
  16. You WILL want a headphone amp/dac with any of their headphones. I have the HE-300 and have heard the HE-400 and HE-400 and they all NEED a headphone amplifier to sound good.
  17. The song you've linked to is badly compressed too. It sounds really bad. Along with that very low volume synth in the passage you mention it can on some headphones appear as clicks. On mine I can clearly pick out that it is a synth. I tried with a better source of the song and it was even more clear that it was a synth, so nothing wrong with your ears.
  18. Another great pair of headphones sub $100 are the Creative Aurvana Live. If you want to go the In-Ear monitor route you could take a look at something like the Shure SE 215.
  19. Take a look at Audioengline W3: http://audioengineusa.com/Audioengine-W3 it does exactly what you need.
  20. Don't go wireless. They are not going to sound very good unless you are getting something like the Sennheiser RS220. Apart from that I do not know these two headsets personally, however I would recommend listening to them both before committing to either of them. When I buy new headphones, I usually listen to them to see if they fit my taste. I have a couple of songs that I know quite well that I listen to and listen to specific points in the song to find out if the headphones are any good.
  21. They do look a bit like the Ergo AMT:
  22. Some believe in break-in, some don't. Some say it is just the brain getting used to the sound of the equipment. Bottom line is that if a thing such as break-in exists the overall sound signature of the equipment does not change, however small subtle changes might be audible. 40 hours of break-in is not much, some equipment first show changes after 150+ hours, some change after even more break-in time.
  23. An alternative could be to use something like a Blue Icicle or as you said a mixer.
  24. Cheesebaron

    Any audio guys?

    This also sounds like a very nice combo for the Q701: http://noblehifi.blogspot.dk/2013/03/schiit-modi-magni-review.html Edit: Ooops sorry didn't read it thoroughly, that combo is not so great for the Q701 :D