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  1. As a person interested in web development, I don't find this program interesting. What would have been more interesting, if you had implemented a simple editor instead. Something similar to what this forum runs, where you could create simple HTML pages. So while you are using the tool, you see what the output would be in the editor then pressing save you would receive a HTML page with either inline CSS to format the code or CSS in the head somewhere. But I do think this is a good learning experience, but after having implemented a few HTML tags you must have noticed that most of them are very similar. They simply wrap stuff. So this quickly becomes a matter of writing monkey code. Now I know this is a school project, so keep doing what you are doing right now. But if you are to write a report or some paper about this application, you could mention the possibilities of expanding the application to something like the editor I mentioned, as it is a lot more interesting than just generating snippets of code. Another note is that you decided to use Windows Forms for some reason. I am not sure why you chose to do that, but to follow modern patterns it would have been a great learning experience for you to use something such ash WPF along with the MVVM pattern, which would make your code a lot simpler and a lot more testable. Not only that but ready for reuse in other frameworks.
  2. You know you have buyer protection when using eBay? You can get your money back. You have double protection when buying through eBay with PayPal. Create a dispute and get your money back.
  3. They do live up to their name though. eXtreme Bass. It can get very extreme, and that is the only thing they do...
  4. I've got the Lite Retail, HD7950 OC with Boost Vapor-X. It contains some molex to PCI-e power adapters and a crossfire bridge, along with a driver disk and manual. That's it. No games nothing else.
  5. I am quite into headphones and have owned a lot of them. Here is a list: Current Superlux HD681 modded with parts from AKG K140/K240 (I call them Frankenlux) AKG K140 closed back Audio Technica ESW9 (Germania mod) HiFiMAN HE-300 Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Previously owned Beyerdynamic DT1350 Denon AH-C551 Sony XB1000 Fischer Audio FA-003 Beyerdynamic DT880 (2005 ed.) Sennheiser HD555 Sennheiser HD650 Sennheiser HD201 Denon AH-D1001 The HiFiMan HE-300 are my daily drivers. At work I use the ATH-ESW9, however I just bought the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, which might replace them. As for the HE-300 I replaced the Sennheiser HD650 with those, as I find them to sound slightly better, it was more a sidegrade than an upgrade, but the HE-300 are a less recessed in the sound compared to the HD650. The DT880 were my first pair of real headphones, which I bought with a Meier Corda Swing headphone amplifier. Great combo, however I sold them to try something else. The worst headphone on the list must be the Sony XB1000, they are recessed as hell and have a flabby bass. One thing they do well, is to massage your ear drums as they can make a crazy suction which moves the eardrums if played loudly enough. As for DACs and AMPs here is a list what I currently own and have previously owned: Current Audio-gd 10.2 MUSE DAC 4xTDA1553 w/ upgraded caps NuForce uDAC2 Aune T1 Previously ownedObjective 2 Meier Corda Swing Aune X1 Fiio E10 Fiio E11 Indeed G2 The Audio-gd 10.2 is my daily driver, and is a beast of a DAC/AMP. I drive my HE-300 from the balanced output, which is super nice. Extremely black background and gives the headphones more room too breathe. It can handle most headphones with ease, with its ability to pump out lots of wattage at even high impedance levels. At work I currently use the NuForce uDAC2, however it is being replaced by the Aune T1 soon I think. It sounds a lot better than the uDAC2.
  6. SACD's if you've got a player for them. https://www.hdtracks.com/ does also have a lot high-quality music. http://www.linnrecords.com/ does also offer some nice stuff.
  7. Deffered Procedure Call (DPC) latency, can occur if a driver is implemented incorrectly or is making excessive calls to the kernel. For instance some Realtek devices can cause this because they are rubbish. However if you are not experiencing cut-outs or anything different with the music there is need to worry. But anything much above 1000 micro-seconds is a bit high and could cause problems.
  8. Well he seemed kind of reluctant to get the FiiO :D
  9. The UniXonar drivers are a good start.
  10. At that price range a NuForece UDAC2 could be a good choice. However at that price point you will not be side grading or upgrading. You will be downgrading in terms of performance.
  11. Aune X1 or Audinst HUD MX-1/MX-2 would be a great choice here, they both have a pretty decent DAC and both have pre-out for speakers and what not.
  12. Sorry I didn't understand that. Does 1155/1156 coolers fit on 1150?
  13. Lots of suggestions on which pair to get, but in the end it comes to what kind of sound signature you like. If HD800 does not float your boat, you have spent a whole lot of money on a headphone you don't like. So my suggestion is to go to some store and listen to some headphones and find out what kind of sound you like. In that price range there are a lot of good possibilities: Sennheiser HD800 Beyerdynamic T1 Audezee LCD-2 or LCD-3 HiFiMan HE-500 Fostex TH900 or TH600 JVC/Kenwood/Victor DX1000 All these headphones require a good source and amplification to sound their best. They also sound very different to each other. So once you have found a headphone that sounds good to you. You want to find an amplifier that harmonizes with that sound. An internal sound card will not be sufficient for this, as a source yes, however as an amplifier, I'd say no. In the end you will be better of getting a good DAC and a good headphone amplifier.
  14. Eclipse is a huge platform, which tries to do a lot of different stuff, such as being an IDE for PHP, Java, Python, etc. However IntelliJ is aimed at doing Java applications. So while Eclipse does not know itself very good and does not do one single thing very good, IntelliJ is kind of opposite and is an awesome IDE for developing Java applications. Since Android's native language is based on Java, I personally think it was a good move, to move over to IntelliJ as the official IDE for Android.
  15. Cheesebaron

    Sony MDR-V6

    WTF are you on about?
  16. I had a course at university where we implemented the LC-3 on an FPGA. It was pretty basic, but in the end we could compile some small C programs into binary code that it could understand. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LC-3
  17. I have a backup SteelSeries 6Gv2 which has media keys and they work through PS/2. It might be that some keyboards don't support it because they have a rubbish implementation.
  18. Maybe one of HiFiMan's DAP's: http://head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=90 http://head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=98 Or you could wait for the Astell&Kern AK100. iBasso's and Colorfly's DAP's are already out of your budget range so don't bother with them. If you just want a portable DAC/AMP there are loads of choices: ALO NuForce V-MODA FiiO Cypher Labs Fostex It is really hard to recommend ONE as many of them are exceptionally good.
  19. Cheesebaron

    Sony MDR-V6

    In general Skullcandies were horrible, but lately they have become a lot better, especially with the Aviators. Please read some reviews or even better, listen to them before making a judgement.
  20. Get one that runs DD-WRT, usually the stock firmware on consumer routers sucks donkey balls.
  21. I have a pair of the old ones and I can only recommend them at the price point you are asking for. I also modded mine a bit which gave them a overall better look and made them a bit more controlled. If you get a pair, I can recommend slapping on a pair of AKG K240 velour pads on them, makes them a lot more comfortable and tames the bass a bit. Not sure what kind of pads the EVO's come with, however if they are anything like the old pads you should consider it.
  22. Cheesebaron

    2 in 1

    I suggest you find somewhere to actually listen to them or some of the siblings, as they are "fun-sounding" as well. To your ears it might be sounding different, it might be a style of sound that suits you. It is always a good idea to audit sound equipment before buying it, so you know what you are committing to. They are after all a quite expensive pair of headphones.
  23. I haven't tried either of the headphones, but the main differences I see between the two are: PC350 SE come with pleather headband and earpads, which can make them a bit hot to wear after some hours of use, while the PC363D comes with velour headband and earpads. Also I think the PC363D comes with a surround adapter, so if you are into that kind of stuff they might be interesting. Overall the difference are just the extra bundle and choice of materials for the pads. Both headphones otherwise seem to be very identical and either would be a nice choice for a headset.