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  1. Thanks for this, seems to have fixed the issue.. although the in-game menu is definitely playing up, it offers me 2 refresh rates in game: 49 or 59 and even if i select 59 and apply when I re-open the menu it has changed back to 49. also with in-game vsync turned off I still have some tearing happening at 55-60fps. (this is whilst having global vsync on in the control panel) however if I then also apply the in-game vsync the fps now stays at 60 and is tear free. Whatever works lol
  2. Thanks for the advice, i've checked the monitor settings and it is set to 60hz. i'll try setting vsync in the control panel as i didn't realise you could do that.
  3. I’m somewhat confused as to what’s happening to my Frame rate in game when I apply vsync.. when enabled, the games graphics menu states that with vsync on, the FPS will be capped to my monitors refresh rate. (Which is 59hz) However no matter what graphical setting I select the game caps out at 49 FPS with vsync enabled. It is smooth though.. With it disabled it runs at around 60-70 frames but the tearing is pretty bad.. there is is an option in the in-game graphics menu to cap the frame rate to a custom number, so I’ve set that to 60 but it still isn’t very smooth.. just wondereding what is happening and why vsync seems to cap my frame rate lower than that of my monitor.. I guess 49 FPS is so bad but it’d be nice to figure out why it does this?
  4. hyper x clouds FTW!! had mine a couple years and they're awesome, good mic, decent sound quality, well made....
  5. well i feel stupid, good point ill try it when I get home.
  6. As the title implies.. i'm looking at adding a second m.2 to my system to edit video from, as i'm currently saving all of my footage to an external usb 3 drive and am dropping frames like crazy trying to edit and scrub through my 4k timeline, especially as the timeline becomes more complex.. I'm assuming that the bottleneck is the speed of the drive and possibly my 8gb of ram? I was hoping someone could offer some input on the reliability/practicality of editing from an m.2? The plan will be to archive all of my footage on the external drive and then have my current project saved on the new m.2 until it is edited and finished. Hopefully this will improve performance when editing 4K? Unfortunately i don't have usb c or thunderbolt.. just 3.0.. System specs at the moment: Windows 10 i7-4710 hq 970m gpu 8gb ram - to be upgraded to 16bg along with the new m.2.. 250gb m.2 system drive 1tb HD Drives i've been looking at are the Crucial MX300 525GB vs the samsung 850.. I have seen some reviews of people having issues with windows 10 and the crucial drive so I would love to hear peoples thoughts if they have one as it is considerably cheaper that the samsung! I'm also open to other drives for sure! Thanks for reading!
  7. yeah it's the star citizen game, it hasn't installed an application as such, I just open the 'launcher' and then it runs the game, i think ive found the files within file explorer but can't find an uninstaller and didnt want to just delete them
  8. As the title says really, trying to uninstall the game as I've got it on my ssd at the moment, but cannot figure out how to do so.. I can only find the launcher/installer in the control panel, anyone here had this issue or figured out how to uninstall the game? cheers!
  9. thank you for this, thoroughly enjoyed looking through all of the old hardware/software, very nostalgic!
  10. Hi everyone, I've been playing on arma 3 for a while now and want to start playing some mods with friends.. they're using the A3 Launcher. I've never used any type of mods before so i'm just wondering how safe etc it is to download them. I know that there is inherently some risk with anything downloaded.. just wondering if anyone has any experience with the a3 launcher or any advice? Thanks!
  11. It's all about the little things...
  12. hey zen.. don't know if its just me or something up with my browser but all of those links just link back to this build log
  13. As I've said throughout this log, this is incredible. Such attention to detail and awesome mods! Thanks for sharing, this really got me interested in starting a mod project! best of luck at the world series!! Thanks again for sharing!
  14. as usual the attention to detail is incredible!! I love what youve done with the gpu! looking forward to seeing some liquid in there to!