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    ~surprised pikachu~

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    Not Telling
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    aerospace engineer turned automotive mechanic / overclocking on my days off


  • CPU
    5ghz i7 7700k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z270 gaming m3
  • RAM
    32gb hyper x fury 2666mhz
  • GPU
    Nvidia Titan Xp collectors edition @2038mhz core + 980ti for all that physx
  • Case
    Cooler master Cosmos SE
  • Storage
    samsung 850 evo 500gb , raid array : 2 , 2tb wd reds , 120gb ssd for cache , and a 3tb backup drive
  • PSU
    EVGA 850w Supernova B2
  • Display(s)
    3 LG 24M37D-B 24" monitors in surround :D
  • Cooling
    Corsair h100i gtx 240mm aio
  • Keyboard
    coolermaster quickfire tk , cherry browns
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Master
  • Sound
    hifiman he 4xx , fiio olympus 2 amp/dac
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. shit happens. i had a mobo fail and as a result killed one drive. boom all data gone.
  2. 1.33Cad/L or 4.95Cad/Gal for reg (87octane) here in B.C. Canada
  3. base proc is 800usd , 32gb of ecc ddr4 is 360 for some cheap crap that apple deffs wouldn't use , pro duo 580x retailed for 6k usd , hmmm starting to not look like 2k of hardware anymore now is it. but keep in mind this isnt aimed at the normie user , these are for company's like pixar and other graphic designers that can splurge on hardware and get guaranteed support for the hardware. not to mention all certified hardware thats guaranteed to work with their software.
  4. i just want the case as bad as that sounds. ive always liked apples desktop and laptop designs until the infamous trash bin.
  5. that face when your titan Xp will compute at 2100mhz / 6106 all day long , but wont game past 2025/5702 

    1. imreloadin


      My 1080 Ti does that too with folding and gaming. I can fold at faster frequencies and remain stable but if I try to game on that same OC it'll crash.

  6. just phone the support and explain what happened. did that and they reactivated my windows for me no problem
  7. sli and crossfire support is basically nonexistent these days.
  8. yes you can copy the games to another HDD , just make sure you sign into an account that has those games on it. or else it will ask your to buy them. but if you want to just sign into your own account you can. or make another account and steam share games with that account
  9. Banned for lack of a reason for banning someone.
  10. back to my delided 7700k , delid life is nice but i dont have any liquid metal on it still. havent been able to source any for cheap enough at least up here in canada 


  11. just play elite dangerous if you want a well rounded space game right now. star citizen IMO is an over priced tech demo pyramid scheme. theres too much sketchy shit going on in the background for me to confidently tell anyone to snag a copy of it. don't get me wrong visually its stunning. but there's hardly anything to do in it at the moment and it will probably be like that for many more years.
  12. i use an nvidia titan xp right now , but ive always leaned towards amd , the perf to $ is really where its at. used to have amd 290x's and they worked good for me till the fire incident lmao
  13. the only reason they say its more secure is because most viruses etc target / are made for windows. otherwise its no less secure
  14. jokes on amd and nvidia , both are underwhelming and trash companys. IMO