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    2x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 CL9
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    120GB OCZ Agility 3, 256GB Crucial MX100, 3TB Toshiba DT01ACA300
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    Noctua NH-U12S
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  1. Decision between i5 or i7

    Generally i5s last just as long as i7s.
  2. Decision between i5 or i7

    Save some money by getting the 8600K, use it to help fund a GPU upgrade in a year or two when the RX 480 (possibly) starts to lag behind noticeably.
  3. Nvidia Drivers VS AMD Drivers

    ReLive didn't brick any cards. It just messed with fan control. Cards would not be damaged from that, just either cause a thermal shutdown (if the fan's too slow) or make unnecessary noise (if the fan's too fast). Nvidia did have a driver that actually bricked cards, but that was so many years ago it's really irrelevant today. ATI drivers were shit back then as well (really, both sides had shitty drivers if you go back long enough).
  4. Folding

    It helps keep your balls warm and your sperm count low.
  5. This is normal in Europe though, because of the mandatory warranty from the retailer rather than the manufacturer.
  6. Here's a test of the UJ6300. Clearly it has some shortcomings, though surprisingly the input lag is actually very good for a TV. Brightness and contrast are below average. VA panels are typically particularly good in that area, so that's one place you'd be a lot better off with the monitor. Color gamut is not great, and color accuracy is poor unless calibrated - but it's fine after calibration. Also it uses PWM for the backlight, so if you're sensitive to PWM flickering it's going to be noticeable. It's not downright bad, but there's a reason it's affordable.
  7. Nvidia Drivers VS AMD Drivers

    Geforce experience is a companion app, it's not part of the driver at all. The Radeon Software interface is a lot better than the Nvidia control panel. And no, you don't need to manually update AMD drivers.
  8. Nvidia Drivers VS AMD Drivers

    What. The Nvidia driver interface is pretty poor, and AMD's been more user-friendly since AMD got rid of the old Catalyst Control Center (which was comparable to what Nvidia offers to this day).
  9. This is definitely not the case. Even a very small country like Denmark has absolutely competitive pricing. The reason for this is that you shouldn't think of countries as separate customers. It's not like Denmark goes into a shop and buys 10 CPUs, then the US goes into the shop and buys 600. It's more like Rotterdam and Los Angeles get a few containers worth, and then it's spread around through a distribution grid that's about as finely grained on either continent. Maybe borders in Europe add a tiny bit of admin cost, but then transport distances in the US are longer and add a little bit of cost there. Overall it's probably a wash.
  10. I just looked up the Hungarian VAT rate, it's 27%. So adding 27% to those US prices, they would be $739 and $514. So if you pay $684 and $533 in Hungary, you're not being treated worse than Americans. Laptops and phones may be another matter. Maybe because those are sometimes status symbols.
  11. Every time I've checked, hardware in Denmark costs about the same as the US apart from the 25% VAT we add on top. Hungary might be another matter, but you can just buy from Germany or wherever if Hungarian retailers are too expensive.
  12. Could you explode speakers by playing something too loud?

    It won't blow up like pyrotechnics, but you absolutely can destroy speakers by playing too loud. Usually the voice coil will just break or melt - it's not going to throw anyone across a room.
  13. Reliable and not too expensive PSUs?

    It's absolutely plenty. The TX series is significantly higher quality; both the TX and CX series have been improved since 2013, and the new TX remains well ahead of the new CX. It's also higher efficiency so you save a bit on the power bill and get less noise.
  14. Reliable and not too expensive PSUs?

    Komplett is pretty good about having the right pics. I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. Reliable and not too expensive PSUs?

    Yeah, plus the TX model name was retired for a few years so there are none of the old units left on store shelves.