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  1. Thanks for the warning, but let me assure you, I don't want to do anything illegal. I just want to know, what some smart-devices, like TV's, lightbulbs etc. are doing. The manufacturers use vague terms of service, which may possibly allow them to break into your house and search your closet, so even reading them does not help. So I plan to buy/borroy some stuff, use it for a day or so, and record the traffic. If I find something suspicios, I'm gonna look into it with wireshark, but for the initial analysis I just need the list of domains.
  2. Can't tell from the pictures, but you can easily check: Just hold your hand inside and verify, that the fans are blowing air from the front to the case to the back
  3. xc3ll

    GPU Upgrading

    Yes, it's quite a lot faster and should work on your motherboard. May I suggest to get a used 750(ti). It should be better in terms of price to performance
  4. Hey Guys, is there a way to show all domains, a device on the network is/was connected to? I can't install any software on the device, but I can monitor the Wifi-traffic. I've tried wireshark, but I'm not able to just get the domains the device connects to. Maybe I'm missing some filter-options, but going to all packets is not an option, since it's quite a lot of traffic. Most of it is legit, but maybe some of it isn't... Hope you guys can help! Thanks in advance
  5. Looks like you have two installations of windows. one on each drive. Just boot your system as usual, move the data from your not-C:/users to you C:/users and delete the directories on the not-c drive. You should be fine, assuming you're not using the windows installation on the not-C drive. If windows refuses to delete the directories, I would just reformat the not-C drive. After moving the data temporarily to an external HDD, of course.
  6. A few month ago, the Windows 7 key worked fine for me. So I would give it a try If you boot into Windows 7, plug in your Windows 10 USB and start the setup.exe it will perform an upgrade and migrate your Apps and Data (if you select this option). If you boot from the usb into the installer, it will make a fresh install. Data on the C Partition will be moved to a windows.old directory. Most of the time, this works fine. However, I would always recommend a full system image backup. I use Acronis true image for that, which is a paid software. However, it has a 30 day free trial...
  7. Yeah, a 970 is still a nice card. Wouldn't go sli for 1080p, because it's not really necessary and you introduce the usual SLI problems to your system.
  8. Hello, I want to configure my squarespace site to never set cookies and never collect user data. I already went to settings, cookies and visitor data and disabled the activity log and the analytics cookie. Unfortunately, squarespace still sets a "performance cookie" as far as I understand it. They claim it's necessary, but my very simple site works fine without it (tried by blocking cookies in the browser). So, is there a way to get rid of it?
  9. Maybe go for the simplest benchmark first: Do your day-to-day work and watch task manager. I'm quite aware, that especially at CAD-usage this is far from the whole truth, but maybe you can see your bottleneck.
  10. Pretty weird... Phone/Android-Version/Build-Number? Would guess 10414 is an app, which doesn't report it's human-readable name correctly or something evil.
  11. Is the lag due to lack of gpu power? I noticed, that many tasks in cad are still not parallelized and therefore highly dependend on raw single core cpu speed or even latency. My current 'awesome cad machine' runs an 7700K @4.9Ghz, GTX 950, 64Gb 3200 Ram and 2x nvme SSD's.
  12. What CAD-Software? I can help you, to some extend, with Autocad. For modelling, I would recommend just *some* GTX-Card. Couldn't see much difference between a 980ti and 950. All acceleration features seem to work just fine on the GTX-Cards, so imo you don't need to pay for a quadro. I had some problems with older AMD-Cards, so I would stay away from that. So overall: R9 nano: Don't. Its a cut down fury. Driver support is 'meh' for CAD and gaming performance isn't that great... GTX 980/ti: Great card, still using it. Does require some power and cooling... GTX 1060: Much more efficient than 980ti, but less powerful. GTX Titan (Maxwell): Just an overpriced 980ti. Wouldn't recommend four your use-case. So overall I would go for the 1060, since it's a modern and efficinet solution. If you prefer 'raw power' over efficiency, the 980ti is still pretty capable
  13. Yes and no. 'Overclocking' Ram overclocks the Ram-Controller, which is integrated to the cpu in most cases. While this certainly does not affect your cpu-core-clocks, it might affect the speed of your interconnect (AMD Ryzen). There is also some dependency between the max. cpu-core-overclock and ram-speed on most cpu's. Generally, I would recommend overclocking the cores on a intel machine first to their max and then doing ram. On AMD-Ryzen, I would go the other way around: Trying to get the most out of the ram before touching core-ratio....
  14. Possibly, yes. The cooler design in that thing is... weird... What cpu are you planning to delid?
  15. Short: Not a chance! Reasoning: 1. Just because ms might be able to run some kind of "high-performance" emulation, does not mean you can just install windows on your phone. Just look at how much work it takes, to get an 'inoffical' version of android on your phone... And this is done on almost open-source code, which is natively supported. So, chances are: Even if you are able to boot into windows on your cpu, and this chance is pretty low, most things won't work. 2. Assuming you somehow get windows running on your phone, doesn't mean you're able to run all software. Emulation is tricky. Running classic DX10/11/12 games on a smartphone cpu is close to impossible. Even if someone would've taken the time to try... 3. Don't overestimate the power of your phone, just because the speccs seem close to a high end pc. Don't get me wrong, ARM Cpu's are impressive in their performance per watt, but assuming that a >5W phone can compete a >250W Gaming-PC is just unrealistic.