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    Rekx reacted to TrigrH in [HardwareCanucks] The New Razer Blade Pro 2015 - Worst Razer Laptop yet? ($3000 GTX 960m)   
    Source: http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade-pro

    "The New Razer Blade pro is designed for play...engineered for work! This is by far one of the best built machines on the market but as we all know, this $2,999 package would have to deliver a whole lot more to justify it's worth. Here's where we got into trouble..."

    IMO this is beyond a joke, I really don't know who the target is for such a device?
    I understand that the touchscreen/touchpad adds compromises to the design, but from watching the video its the biggest gimmick I've ever seen.
    Not even Chroma
    1:34 Display
    2:35 Power pack - With free coil whine!
    3:18 Ports
    5:08 Touchscreen/touchpad 
    7:44 Temperatures + Gaming Performance
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    Rekx reacted to BoredErica in 980 classified vs 980 ti for 1440p   
    Get the 980ti.
    Or the Fury X. Well, that's not out yet of course.
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    Rekx reacted to Ertman in AMD currently discussing breakup, spinoff, or split-up of the company (separation of divisions)   
    That would work out terribly. Not sure what makes Samsung so trusted either.
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    Rekx reacted to Hans Christian | Teri in Fallout 4 will run at 1080p and 30 frames-per-second on everything   
    Seriously hope he's talking about consoles. Otherwise they're in for a massive shitstorm.
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    Rekx reacted to NeatSquidYT in Beats studios or SYNC by 50 ?   
    NEITHER. Both are absolute shit.
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    Rekx got a reaction from EnzoMP in Anyone else disappointed with R9 300/Fury lineup?   
    I only cared about the Fury card and right now i'm waiting for the benchmarks, before i voice my opinion
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    Rekx reacted to smackclerk in Phanteks Windows...   
    Mine has been fine bar microscratches from cleaning it off. I've found that it seems to have some static electricity or something about it that draws dust to it. It also needs to be less tinted, I'm currently not running LED's in my rig and it looks like a black panel in the side of my rig. I would love a clear panel or a glass replacement.
    I've taken mine to a glaziers and they quoted $75AUD to replace the panel with actual glass cut to fit which isn't actually too bad, though I'm not spending that much to make the window a tiny bit clearer. 
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    Rekx reacted to RollinLower in Asrock support blew my mind today   
    like, even with the broken english and everything?
    this is... well it's something!
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    Rekx reacted to brownninja97 in Asrock support blew my mind today   
    hes out of the bed again!!
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    Rekx reacted to CoolaxGaming in Asrock support blew my mind today   
    Its Asrock, a company trying to be Asus but failing badly and making Plastic mobos.
    Asrock, you are after biostar
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    Rekx reacted to werto165 in Where to buy/pay for stream movies?   
    Google play is surprisingly good, youtube streaming and it's good quality.
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    Rekx reacted to SSL in Beats studios or SYNC by 50 ?   
    Look at all the people, eager to show they know beats are bad.
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    Rekx reacted to spwath in Beats studios or SYNC by 50 ?   
    If you really want "fashion" headphones, get something more better, V-Moda crossfade LP2, M-40X, M-50, ect
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    Rekx reacted to NonaHexa in Why is everyone upset that AMD only launched 4 new cards?   
    I didn't know people were mad about what AMD is doing, to be honest. I thought we were all giddy waiting for FuryX2 reviews and benchmarks, and wondering if the Fury / Fury X will compete with the Titan X / 980 Ti. The 290x still beats the 970, so if the new card is just as good, but with more VRAM, and at a same, or similar price, you can't really go wrong there. 
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    Rekx reacted to kenjigreat in If Rise of the Tomb Raider is REALLY a Xbone Exclusive? Would you be Angry at Microsoft?   
    Spend money on a PC and a Xbone to play a game on PC at 900p/30FPS LOL.
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    Rekx reacted to Bouzoo in Jurassic World biggest worldwide opening so far. Over $500 million.   
    Haha was about to post this.  Now waiting for Star Wars to destroy them all.
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    Rekx reacted to Paralectic in Jurassic World biggest worldwide opening so far. Over $500 million.   
    Sounds great! Can't wait to see it soon.
    It's also my childhood movie(s) :-)
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    Rekx reacted to givingtnt in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    here is the linus cameranator 700 !

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    Rekx reacted to babadoctor in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    cs:go reference

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    Rekx reacted to xTrixieHD in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Nuff said.

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    Rekx reacted to Cookybiscuit in Acer S240HLBID £114.99 54% (Original Price £250) off from Amazon.co.uk (UK)   
    lol, jumping into buying something you know nothing about.
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    Rekx reacted to Decon in Should I get CS:GO for $7.49   
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    Rekx reacted to TheKDub in [EU] ARK: Survival evolved, Hosting server, come join!   
    I'm going to guess this falls under the "Advertising is not allowed" section of the COC.
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    Rekx reacted to Tedster in (Debunked) AMD Fury X production limited to 30,000 units in 2015.   
    This would be a real shame.