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  1. I ran the tuning 5 times in a row. Still, the fan speed options presented were barely different and the minimums were higher than the maximums. Chassis Fan 2 is still N/A in all cases (I'm guessing that this is the header that my splitter is plugged into).
  2. Yes, they all are, including the splitter. Okay I will give that a go. ...I feel like an idiot. I was saying it is an H80i as that's what I remember getting and my original receipt shows that. I forgot that I had to swap it as I couldn't get the H80i to fit in my ITX case. This is a MasterLiquid Pro 120...sorry. Good thing that it's the Cooler Master, since it is apparently 11mm thinner - I don't think my screws holding the fans on could do even one more 1m, considering the extra thickness of the F12s.
  3. I hadn't. I just now booted into UEFI and poked around and found that the control was set to DC instead of PWM. I got very excited after that. I configured it to go full speed at CPU 70C, min speed at CPU 20C (probably won't ever happen). Back in the OS, no changes. AISuite doesn't seem to get much data from the fans when doing the Fan Tuning: In fact, the minimum appears to be higher than the maximum (but by very little). So perhaps it is changing between 8804rpm and 8881, but that is such a small difference that I can't tell. Still, I don't hear any difference in the fan speeds or see any difference in temperature (load/idle) regardless of what I choose.
  4. Asus Z170I Pro Gaming. There's lots of fan control options, but none of them do anything to the actual fan speed that I can tell. I have them all set to min or max, no change in sound or temperature. H80i pump is in CPU header, rear fan is in one chassis header, and a splitter for the 2 rad fans + front intake fan on the last chassis header.
  5. They don't match, I guess? I don't really care about the noise at all. I wish I could make the fans actually spin faster when the temperature rises (no software that I have found actually does this - I have no control of the speeds!). Thinking about a Commander Pro.
  6. And they're in! Next step is to replace the two case fans (one front, one back). I still don't think I need the bottom one or top 1-2 - I don't see them doing much good.
  7. Maybe it just needs new fans, but recently they have been sounding pretty terrible like something was caught in them, but there is nothing that I can see. It was occasional at first, but now it is constant and sounds like something is failing/breaking. There are two fans, and the noise happens if either one (or both) is powered and running, but not if they are both unplugged/off. It used to be worse in my ITX case (basically whenever the fans sped up at all they made awful sounds, which was often in the poor case I had before), and it was fine for months since I've moved the system to the mATX. I think for directly mounted fans like this, I want something with a static pressure focus like NF-F12?
  8. Sold! While I have you, I figure I can do a good upgrade on the case fans. One of the case fan mounts is currently taken up by the H80i, and it actually makes it so I can only fit 2 on front. So I have 1 fan that can stay there, and then room for 2 more, plus one on the back. I don't think that I need to worry about the top-mounted fans for now. I think they should all match, so I am looking at buying 3 case fans. I found the NF-S12A looks pretty good for that. Thoughts?
  9. What makes it better? A better fit, better performance? I don't know a lot about specific product lines but have always heard that Noctua is where it's at for air cooling. Of course the biggest draw for the D15S over the U12A is that it is actually available! 140mm seems big, but per Fractal's site, my case can support 170mm and this cooler claims to be 160mm, so it should fit.
  10. Man that sure is a recent update. I was just worried that the product may have been abandoned and I needed an alternative. I will try to wait for it to come back into stock.
  11. CPU: Core i7-6700K RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT
  12. I am looking to replace my AIO and go back to air cooling since it seems AIOs bring little to no improvement with extra complexity. I have an mATX case and an ITX board (used to have ITX case with no room for tower cooler). I searched around reviews and found that the Noctua NH-U12A is basically amazing performance for its size. However, I cannot find any site that has it in stock. Noctua's own page still advertises it as the latest generation, and reviews are from March-June of this year so I think it is recent enough that it should still be produced, but not so recent that supply can't catch up with demand. What gives? Also, assuming there is no recourse for a NH-U12A, can anyone recommend something similar? My case is the Define Mini C from Fractal Design.
  13. I think that you would still have a PoE injector or switch in the chain. This would be for outside-mounted devices like cameras or outdoor APs that could be struck by lightning, causing a huge surge of power. The surge protector would either take it or possibly die, but should prevent the excess power from coming into the house and killing the injector/switch. I suppose it would also help the other way - if your house/utility power surges this device would theoretically save the AP/camera from death. But only after the surge had killed everything else before it.
  14. Definitely just a switch - a router would need more configuration and could run into the issues of double NAT. For a use case like this, you don't need anything fancy (managed, PoE, etc.). I would suggest something like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A121WN6/ For Wi-Fi, you could get that switch and then later down the road purchase a wireless access point such as Ubiquti's UniFi AP AC Pro.
  15. Looks like Sonnet has one that outputs to RJ45 as well as one that is SFP+. A bit pricey but decent reviews.