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Posts posted by Cyrus49

  1. 1. Put ssd in computer [hook up data and power]

    2. Unplug hdd in computer [this is so you don't delete all the stuff on it]

    3. Create the media needed [boot drive with windows 10 iso]

    3. Run windows 10 installer from the bios [you can find out how to get it in my sig.[links might be broken, but all you need is the iso]]

    4. BOOM! [You can use some of the instructions in the guide in my sig to help you out.[Drivers]]


    PS. If you hit upgrade, it will put windows on your hdd, and it will give you an option to delete all files or keep them

  2. Ok.  So I just want to know what I need to do to get windows 10 on my pc.  I don't want a beta build.  I want the normal one.  Do I need to wait 15 more days and windows will get it for me or do I have to download it and install it _completely on my own_?

    Sorry for the late response. You will have to wait. Sorry.

  3. I'll give the build in the spoiler an 8 :)


    Okay so.

    How about this build.


    FX 9590

    2 X GTX 780's SLI

    ASUS Crosshair Formula V

    Corsair AX1200i

    Custom Loop

    32GB G Skill Ripjaws

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    240gb Hyper X SSD + 1TB Hitachi