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Everything posted by Cyrus49

  1. Cyrus49

    New Office Vlog #3

    Did he try turning it off and back on again?
  2. Cyrus49

    GPU Question

    I don't have problems with my 960. Is it just crashing?
  3. Cyrus49

    4 HDMI Port GPU's

    Your best bet is 3 displayport to hdmi adapters. Last time i checked, i believe they were under $10 on newegg.
  4. Cyrus49

    Internet connection type question.

    Yes, because routers have to give turns to each wifi device, the more devices, the less often the turn comes around. [happens very quickly]. This does not have to happen when you're plugged in.
  5. I have a similar build to yours and the evga 500w works great for me.
  6. Cyrus49

    CTRL + V Game

  7. Cyrus49

    Is this a good laptop for college?

    I've heard good things about the lenovo y50. They seem to be really well made.
  8. Check temps, get speccy
  9. Cyrus49


    The amount of r3kt, dissapointment, facepalming, and confusion
  10. Cyrus49

    Experiences with non-techies

    Just wondering if my school is just stupid or is this generation doomed: Do the kids at your high school call the tower a "hard drive" and not know what a flash drive is? Do they buy iphones on purpose without a reason to not get an android? [yeah, yeah,ease of use] [mine was a gift]. Do they then go around and brag about how much they know about technology? Because this is just the tip of the iceberg for the stupidity that lurks in my school.
  11. Cyrus49

    Arkham Knight Fixed Yet?

    No, but your computer is so powerful you shouldn't have problems.
  12. Cyrus49

    Windows 10 preview upgrade guide

    Which games didn't work for you? All of my games worked fine.
  13. Cyrus49


    Is your hdd slow? have you checked for viruses?
  14. I've never had a problem with my gigabyte or asus board.
  15. Cyrus49

    Windows 10 and HDD behaviour.

    You should if you boot to the external drive in the bios. To make things easier, unplug your other drive [the one you don't want to install windows on] before you install windows.
  16. Here's one thing you can do. Delete everything on both drives in the windows install menu. Then install windows on the ssd.
  17. Cyrus49

    Help needed with new build!

    What software do you use to make videos? my i5 is good for premiere but my 8gb of ram isn't enough
  18. Look in task manager and see what's using all of it
  19. Cyrus49

    Completely new or refurbished?

    I'd say get a ssd, better gpu, and better psu if you need it. You should be fine with that. EDIT: Spend whatver you have left over on that monitor [it will probably be a lot, so i'd reccomend a multi-monitor setup]
  20. Cyrus49

    about to start a build

    I can't blame ya
  21. Cyrus49

    about to start a build

    I think he's talking about the bios update it needs, look at the bottom of the page.
  22. Cyrus49

    about to start a build

    Get a z97 board so you can overclock
  23. *Insert profile pic here* I went with that chipset for overclocking later down the road. [i originally had a g3258 but then i got my current cpu from a friend.
  24. Cyrus49

    Did cancer exist 100 years ago?

    I remember reading a book about abigail adams and one of her relatives had breast cancer.