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  1. Hey Everyone, first of, hope you're having a wonderful day! I'm looking to try and set up a fiber backbone that will realistically be able to do 10Gb today and if possible move to 40Gbe+ later on down the line. current infrastructure is 2 servers, one for vm's /plex provider(unraid), the other acting as both high speed nas and longterm HDD storage (timemachine backups and the like)(freenas). on the network we typically see 15 devices at the low point with a maximum of around 40. everything from phones to laptops to proper workstations, networked receivers etc. Everything is currently running 1gbe rj45, except for workstations which are a combination of 2 or 4 1gbe links bonded few things: reason for fiber backbone is that the total length of the space is 100' by 50' 2 floors, not to mention that we'd be able to upgraded the receivers down the line if/when the need or opportunity arrises for a network upgrade. my current thinking for the network is to deploy Mikrotik switches because of their support for 4*10Gb SFP+ on inexpensive switches (crs305 and crs309). For router was thinking going for the RB 4011 since it has fiber and ethernet, and if I go Mikrotik for the AP's the 4011 is afforded with a 4*4 MU-MIMO on 5GHz and 3*3 on the 2.4 band. Thoughts? Proposed set up is as such, from top down view https://imgur.com/a/O5l8bKV For AP's I'm fairly open. Was thinking either Unify or mikrotik,
  2. The best weather sealing in the dslr world is probably Pentax. if you look around you can find tons of videos if people literally showering with them, dragging them through mud, covering them in sand, dust and dirt, and still shooting like it was in a clean room. Example
  3. Hey Everyone! Question for those of you infinitely wiser than I: I have a FreeNas serving that I use mostly as medium and longterm storage. When I built it around 6 months ago I had around ~144GB of ECC ram sticks lying around, so thought, what the heck, let's put all of them in. I loged in a few minutes ago to see if anything was happening that I should know about and I'm seeing that the OS has allocated 99GB of ram as wired. Any idea why it may be doing that? Attached are 2 screens shots, one of system specs (I'm running 2 cpu's, freeness only uses 1) the other of the recent system memory usage Thanks, Felix
  4. Something that I've done in the past for long exposure work is shoot 2 images. One is the long exposure itself so you get your light trails, the other a much lower exposure (maybe bring it down by 4 stops on the shutter?) then composite in the sky from the second image. Should be much darker, and with it being overcast, allows it to have some definition
  5. Hi gents, looking for some advice. I run a portrait photography business on the side and mostly shoot tethered to either Adobe Lightroom or Phase one Capture One Pro 10. For my photography workflow I prefer to live on the MacOS side of things. My set up is as follows: A laptop connected to camera shooting to local disk. When I'm back home from a shoot and on my local network I then manually create a tree of folders for day month year on my freenas system. What I'm looking for is a way to automatically create these folders and transfer relevant files to each folders when I go back to my home network. Any ideas? Thanks! Camofelix
  6. Wait, you can use freenas without using zfs? I wasn't aware of that. I thought it mandated being used with zfs (http://www.freenas.org)
  7. Hey guys, looking for a little bit of advice. I just picked up an hp proliant ml 35o g5, and it has a built in p410i raid controller attached to a hot swap backplane. I was considering using freenas, but unfortunately it doesn't support JBOD, so I'd have to set each drive as a 1 drive raid0, but reasearch seems to imply this could cause a bunch of issues in the case of drive failure (because the card would handle error reporting, while ZFS would only see a return error, not realizing its a dead drive) it's running a pair of xeon e5620, I have a 144GB of ECC registered ram installed (not a typo), a sandisk 120 to use as a boot drive and the 4 WD red 3TB The built in raid card supports raid 0, 1, 10, 5,6,50,60 So i'm looking for advice on what os to put on top this machine. I'm comfortable with using linux, but not overly experienced with it. any and all help is welcome and appreciated, -camo
  8. Nvidia 378.78 drivers deliver huge gains in Tomb raider, a traditionally AMD optimized title. Personnal opinion on what this may mean: Pre-amble Pre-DX12 Nvidia was able to completely own the market with what were objectively simpler and smaller chips. From interviews over the years this was said to be caused by Nvidia having an insanely well optimized DX11 pipeline, essentially a more direct and elegant render path. AMD on the other hand managed to deliver similar performance by sheer brute force (think back to 7970 vs gtx 680), consuming more power and costing more to manufacture (bigger chip) in comparison to the green teams offering at the time. What this means today With Nvidia posting these sort of gains with DX12, it may that they've (bad pun incoming) cracked the code for how best to set up the driver pipeline and not have to take a more brute force approach that always comes with a new API, before either team realizes what code path would work best with their respective architectures. Source:PCgamer
  9. Quick question, WAN show during CES 2017? can/will delete if anyone knows the answer
  10. Thanks! Hope it all works out! Any thought on another way that it would be possible for users to watch LMG content add free? (both backed in and preroll?) be it another platform, done via the forum etc
  11. Gotcha, wasn't aware that there was already a transfer clause And yes I agree, the only thing that would be somewhat relevant to the pursuit of that option would be NerdSports. Is it governed by a separate agreement to the primary content distribution contract? Also I realize this may be comping dangerously close to things under an NDA, if you can't answer/ don't want to have it overly public, could we speak about it over Pm?