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  1. All MSI/some other brands cards have 30 day warranty in North America.
  2. I was recently thinking about buying a refurbished graphics card for my new build. I wanted to see everyone's opinion as I've never bought a refurbished GPU. Thanks.
  3. Congrats Linus & The Tech Tip Group! Found you through NCIX. Good job guys!
  4. Where did you find one for $119? Lowest I see is $138.
  5. Would love to see Amazon take over this deal. Google would integrate Google+ into Twitch which would suck.
  6. Forgot to take to take that out. Thanks for noticing.
  7. Hello everyone! I am building my first computer with a budget of $530USD including the OS (Preferably Windows). I'm wanting some second opinions where I can get the best parts for the money that fits within my budget. Don't mention about the 4GB of RAM I will be upgrading that a bit after the build is completed. Thanks for your opinion! Part List: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Pointbox/saved/qbQcCJ