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    Tickets aren't finalized yet, even prices and ticket tiers haven't been worked out between LMG and Dreamhack. It probably won't be until February for ticket prices to be announced, keep tuning into WAN show for news and watch the LTX blog on the LTX website.
  2. I'm a third year in university and will be flying in from work in SF for LTX this summer. It'll be my first time there but I've been meaning to hang out with some LMG people since floatplane stuff started, just never managed to get up to Vancouver cause school...
  3. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-29/elon-musk-and-sec-reach-settlement-on-fraud-charges Main Content: My take: I think Tesla as a company will be fine and Elon will get some well needed rest from the crazy stuff he's been doing. He'll still have SpaceX and Boring Company so he won't get bored but I'm glad the SEC is taking steps to ensure the second largest car manufacturer in the US is under stable guidance and isn't crossing legal boundaries for memes... I'm getting ready to buy some TSLA when it is on sale on Monday, but that's just me... Because people are confused: Elon remains CEO of Tesla, but is losing his title of Chairman The Chairman of the Board of a company makes decisions regarding the direction the company is headed. They "steer the ship" so to speak. The CEO executes plans and handles operation of a company. The CEO's job is to be guided by the board and execute their will in practical terms in the company. Elon loses his big picture direction and decision making unilateral power, but he can still give feedback and persuade the board to do things he believes in. He also still handles operations of the company and many administrative tasks for Tesla. Additional Links: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/09/29/teslas-elon-musk-settles-with-sec-paying-million-fine-resigning-board-chairman https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/sep/29/elon-musk-tesla-40m-sec-case-tweets https://finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-musk-pay-40-mln-213220846.html https://www.wsj.com/articles/elon-musk-can-remain-tesla-ceo-but-must-step-down-as-chairman-in-sec-settlement-1538257394 https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/29/business/tesla-musk-sec-settlement.html
  4. Elon is still CEO just no Chairman of the board. He doesn't get to direct the company as much but he gets to decide how to execute on the board's direction.
  5. Even in the Tesla case it's a very minor punishment with no admission of guilt on Musk or Tesla's side. Musk remains the CEO, he just loses some of the decision making powers he probably shouldn't have had in the first place. A slap on the wrist or even less than that. Equifax is worth like around $16 Billion, it also doesn't have any other serious competitors besides TransUnion and if the SEC did anything to seriously hurt Equifax, it would turn the credit market into a virtual monopoly.
  6. Fiat Chrysler is at 26.811B right now.
  7. Yeah, Tesla is right behind GM in market cap, second largest US based and US owned auto manufacturer.
  8. The funniest part was if he had set the price to $419 they probably would have let him off the hook. The markup of 20% from TSLA's closing price the day before he tweeted (which he said was his reason for the pricing tweet) would have been $419 by the SEC's calculations but he bumped it to 420 for the meme.
  9. Eric The Tech Guru

    WAN Show Hoodie 2nd Run

    Sure, you can make anything with a sewing machine and time but for me to do that it'd take like 10+ hours cause I have no idea how to sew and $100 is worth less than 10 hours of my time plus the end result is great and the cost supports LMG. They don't get all the money from it, G8 brand is the company that makes the hoodies and they set the prices.
  10. Eric The Tech Guru

    WAN Show Hoodie 2nd Run

    The WAN show hoodie is not your average hoodie, It's got a ton of hidden pockets and routing for cables, built in gloves, thumb holes in the sleeves, all sorts of cool stuff. The wan logo is just a added bonus
  11. Eric The Tech Guru

    The future of floatplane

    Linus is 30, the company is really young and makes sense mostly to younger people. Having YouTube as a job isn't something a lot of older people would apply to, especially if they're targeting people who will work for less to gain experience.
  12. Eric The Tech Guru

    The future of floatplane

    This too. LMG seems to pull in people in school or right out of school or pull them from school.
  13. Eric The Tech Guru

    The future of floatplane

  14. Eric The Tech Guru

    The future of floatplane

  15. Eric The Tech Guru

    Computer trips breaker when upon startup from sleep mode.

    I would try using a different power strip and seeing if you have similar issues, if you do, try an different PSU, if you still have issues, try a UPS, if the UPS doesn't work, return it and try a new PSU.
  16. Eric The Tech Guru

    Computer trips breaker when upon startup from sleep mode.

    How many things do you have plugged into the power strip? If you're drawing too much power from one power socket you can trip the breaker that way. Make sure you're not trying to pull a ton of watts from a single wall outlet.
  17. Eric The Tech Guru

    Google Pixel can't connect to Wi-fi? Please help

    What version and type of authentication do you have on your network? WPA2/PSK? Give us some more details like frequency (2.4GHz or 5GHz), WiFi Channel, and/or any other details you can think of.
  18. Eric The Tech Guru

    i7 7700K Build - No Signal Detected

    That being said, I'd recommend physically troubleshooting before doing any bios changes.
  19. Eric The Tech Guru

    i7 7700K Build - No Signal Detected

    The BIOS version you want to have on your Motherboard is version F20 or above. You can find it here - http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5497#bios That being said, check power supply cables, make sure you have the 20+4 pin connecter and the 12V rail connected to the motherboard. Do the fans spin up? Does the monitor light up at all when it first powers up?
  20. Eric The Tech Guru

    i7 7700K Build - No Signal Detected

    Make sure you've plugged your monitor into your GTX 980, not your Motherboard. It seems like something that's hard to mess up but you'd be surprised what happens when you're excited about a new build.
  21. Eric The Tech Guru

    LTT Storage Rankings

    You can buy them on ebay for cheaper than the official releases once a product has launched.
  22. Eric The Tech Guru

    Rackmount Gaming Machine

    Hey all! So coming this fall, I'll (hopefully) be headed off to university, hopefully somewhere in California, and I'd like to bring a version of my current gaming rig with me to my dorm, wherever I end up. ​I'm planning on picking up an Acer Predator X34 closer to June so the price can fall a tiny bit before I pick it up, but I was wondering more about how I plan on renovating my current rig. I'm currently in a Corsair Air 540 with these parts: Album: http://imgur.com/a/xG2Wf Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170X Gaming7 RAM: 16GB of 2400MHZ DDR4 RAM Storage: 2x Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB (for media), 1x 1TB Samsung 850 Evo (SATA), 1x 250GB Samsung 850 Evo (SATA), 1x 500GB Samsung 850 Evo (M.2). GPUs: 2x Nvidia GTX 980Ti (Reference Style Cards) PSU: Corsair HX 850i CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k Skylake Cooler: Corsair H100i AIO Liquid Cooler Fans: 2x Noctua 120mm LTT editions (1 extra still in package), 3x Noctua 140mm LTT editions Case: Corsair Air 540 My plan is to move into a 4U Rackmount case, as I plan on having an 18U cabinet or something like that in my dorm room. I've been browsing around a few sites (I'm in London, so restricted to UK shipping options) and found a few potential cases, but I want to make sure there's ample airflow without having to crank up some tiny high RPM fans that are going to make the room super noisy. I've got the fans I'd like to use with the case, though I realize with a 4U case is at most like 170mm tall, so squeezing in 140mm fans might be tough, but here are a few cases I've found. Case #1 Case #1 So What I'm wondering is if anyone else here has done a rackmount build before with the goal of it being somewhat quiet and not thermally dying. I'm going to have a few other rackmount servers in the 18u rack probably, so it may be a challenge, but if I put it at the bottom of the rack, the other servers and switches shouldn't cause it too much trouble. If the noise is an inevitable issue, I'll probably get a rack cabinet with sound proofing and try some unique configuration to keep the PC cool, but it's going to be an interesting project. Does anyone have any advice or any cases they'd recommend to use for a build like this? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! - Eric
  23. Eric The Tech Guru

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    It doesn't have lights However, I have put some new keycaps on it from my Varmilo VA 87 M cause the ABS blank caps felt really sickly smooth under my fingers. https://goo.gl/photos/1GuGJHDW7TbGx1BN8
  24. Eric The Tech Guru

    Raid 0

    I believe this is only true when running a hardware RAID with a dedicated RAID controller. If you use a software RAID in windows or in something like MDADM on Linux, you don't have this issue.
  25. Eric The Tech Guru

    M2 SSD Help

    Generally the best M.2 SSD's out there right now are the Samsung 950 Pro series. I've got a 512GB 950 Pro series in my Asus Maximus VIII Gene, and it does the job very well. The actual read speeds for me are in the 2300-2500 MB/s neighborhood. Writes aren't performing well for me for some reason, but I've got to work that out myself