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  1. I'm a student and I need photoshop but I know there's ways to get it for free, some of my friends have done it. But I don't want a virus so can someone please help me. I know there is a ton of smart software guys on here.
  2. It comes with a y adapter, I have this headset & it's amazing.
  3. Yeah I know, they're very busy. I was just kidding around about the second part.
  4. Chill dude I wasn't demanding just asking. The second part was meant to be a joke.
  5. Linus or Slick get coding and make us an app!
  6. I've been trying to find the right keyboard for me and the ducky shine 3 tkl looks pretty good. But it's really hard to find any sellers of this keyboard and when I do it doesn't come in red backlit. Does this keyboard even come in red backlit & brown switches? and if so where can I find it! I live in canda.
  7. Okay so I really like the cm storm rapid compact keyboard but it's not backlit. Is there any keyboard that's small, simple & clean design like this? That's also blacklit? *must be a keyboard without the number pad, I want it small & come in cherry mx brown switches*
  8. What's the best cherry switches for typing and light gaming (minecraft) that's also QUITE?
  9. Guys please keep in mind this is a MicroATX build so please don't recommend a ATX motherboards.
  10. Here's a list of stuff I'll be doing on the PC: Livestreaming xbox gameplay Rendering gameplay Recording gameplay from xbox using a elgato Web design Coding Web browsing School stuff Playing mine craft & recording it Budget: $1200 Canadian (less the better) The parts I choose: Evga gtx 750 ti 2gb Corsair obsidian 250d Corsair rm750 760w Corsair vengeance 8gb Msi b85i Intel core i5-4670k Samsung 840 pro series 128gb ssd Corsair air series AF120 quite edition I'd like the build to be QUITE that's why I went with a more expensive psu. I want the build to keep to a red & black theme. Also it's a MicroATX build because I don't have space for a huge case. & I plan to use the default cpu cooler for awhile seeing as how I don't plan on over clocking! Also for a hard drive I plan on just getting whatever 1TB one is on sale at my local store Please give me any feedback or suggestions!
  11. So I need a PC and I don't know if I should just buy parts and make one or buy a Mac book. So here's what I need it for school, recording xbox gameplay, streaming games from my xbox, editing & rendering gameplay, basic web browsing and I'd also like to get into coding and web design more. The reason a Mac book is even an option is because Id like to not always sit at my desk and in a chair, I'd like to be able to move over my house and still be able to work. & bring my laptop to school would be a plus. So what do you guys think I should do?