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  1. Speedtest.net isnt a well recommended way of getting accurate speeds of a network. Even ISP companies dont recommend it. Your routers status should give you an speed exactly on what the exchange line is giving. Search cnet's website for a speedtest basically called "Network Speedtest" This gives you the same results as the router. Speedtest.net gives you the speed of what the exchange side says NOT what it gives at the home user end.
  2. Um, you would need to open command prompt to get the ip address assigned to your pc before just entering in some ip address to the network settings. Seriously, how do you not recommend this before hand ? Should I assign my pc a class c ip address when I know my router assigns a class a address ? NO ! >_< !!
  3. Cable modem with 4 gigabit lan ports. Get an combo with AC or non AC wireless. AC means you get 5Ghz and the bandwidth is higher so you get no noise from 2.4Ghz, well some noise but not as much as 2.4Ghz. Something dlink or netgear are cheap and good.
  4. Sonic Wall does great at firewalls and or use software based like Windows Firewall. If you have a spare old pc, then go linux or BSB firewalls.
  5. I have been with a few ISP, well I have delt with a few. I have stuck with iinet and no matter what I havent had any issues with their line speeds. Yes ADSL2+ but shit, I dont do as much downloading as I want to.
  6. Its great your looking for help, but help cant proceed without more information. What BSOD error codes you getitng What where you doing to get the BSOD My option firstly is check your drivers then check the BSOD logs to get error codes.
  7. Did you use the raid driver to detect the drives when doing the Windows install ? Often this is the cause
  8. Best option is too move your connection to an business line. Home users dont need upload as much as business's. Think about, they have servers an shit that need to upload a bucket tonne. Your home computer aint doing that but just downloading torrents. So Upload isnt what your home bundle gives you.
  9. Wifi has a range like ethernet, but more like 20 meters. Unfortunatly for WIfi you have interference more than wired due to a lot of electronic devices broadcasting on different frequencies. This is why "channels" are handy, too get away from interference. This doesnt help when your neighbor is on the same range !! Edit : Also yeah I know that differnt wifi signal wavelengths reach certain distances, but homes are about 20 meters. I have set up an Wifi device that has an max distance of 3 Kms.
  10. Man your complaining with those speeds. Have you tried using Australian internet ? I am lucky to reach 1MBps download on ADSL2+
  11. I used to use Norton Internet Security (NIS), was great. I could tweak it, it didnt slow my system down and it had an great interface. BUT I have had to rebuild my computer a few times due to updates from NIS. YES REBUILD. Their one update killed my system, everytime. So I moved to BIS (Bitdefender Internet Security) I can tweak this and it even has its own linux based repair boot up image. Lot of money for this software but it is actually worth it. AVG, ESET, Kaspersky, AVAST, Mcafee, Trend Micro, F-Secure and Norton I have tried and never liked them. None can do what I want from network security like Bitdefender does (Also no start up lag) I also used to use Comodo Free Firewall, till the interface changed !!. Has to be simple and pretty too be in my books :-p
  12. Meanwhile google has no answers....... :-p Yeah, hell I have been doing networking for years and I get kids way younger than me tell me I am wrong. But the 5 port TP-LINK needs to be binned, because its TP-LINK. Go get a suited branded switch that noes how to handle switching and routing protocols.
  13. Use this if it is too complicated http://www.checkyourmath.com/convert/data_rates/per_second/megabits_kilobytes_per_second.php
  14. First thing is check your modem, it tells you the exact speed you are getting normally in Kbps. I never rely on speedtest Ookla as it is always a false positive, even many ISP's dont rely on it!
  15. Dont worry my half degree I studied for doesnt count in the world of IT funny enough. The stuff they teach you is fine to understand in an IT company but when doing the work, an IT company teaches you more.
  16. You can split an single ethernet connection, doesnt screw up things. I have done this many times.
  17. Dual NICs can mean anything to improve network overall performance. Like teaming (link aggregation), load balancing and Fault tolerance. You can hopefully use one of the NICs on board to team the other NIC with it and use any teaming protocols, as long as the switch connected to it supports the same. What switching device will your pc be connected to ? (i.e modem or switch)
  18. Oh my head hurts. Seperating LAN is a easy thing, dont complicate it !!! There are so many options to do this including VLAN. Do some better research before mentioning Powerline again, or Ill make you eat my CCNP certificate
  19. This HP ps1810-8G little guy is a dam good switch for reference. 10 Port switch would be best, you need one port just for Interwebs. Get a managed switch, therefor you can learn the included protocols switches come with.
  20. Do the above but check Advanced Tab and then Speed and Duplex. This has a list of speeds your NIC can handle. If you dont see 1Gbps then your NIC is 100Mbps, but if you see it then you have Gigabit NIC. Edit : From the run command enter, ncpa.cpl to get to network connections (Its a shortcut I use a lot)
  21. Either GPU is not displaying the correct screen for Linux Mint once logged in. Did you fully remove Ubuntu before you installed the OS of Mint ? Quite possibly the system might not able to handle anymore images as the HDD will be getting tired.
  22. This hurt my head reading Why not just plug in the second router and it will be fine. The switching interface wont need to be configured (unless it has DHCP enabled and will conflict with your current DHCP pool) Setting an IP to it just means you can manage it and if you do then static IP address it. When using static an IP address, it needs to be out of the range for your DHCP pool. Use a /27 subnet as you dont need a full range or /28 If you need to get your DNS (primary and secondary) you need to look at your internet gateway router for them. Ping.eu gives you the best external IP address for your network (your ISP ip address assigned to your network)
  23. I enjoy topics like this because I miss telecommunications, ANYWAYS ISP is best option, They can find any fault on the line and if they do they will resolve it and if they dont you can ask for many things The best thing is a DSLAM move to an non congested DSLAM. The will provide more bandwidth for your line Port rebuild will refresh and rebuild the current config improving your line If none of the above, then distance from exchange is an issue.
  24. I agree to your agree to my agree