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  1. if you can http://www.amazon.com/Intel-Core-i5-4690K-Processor-BX80646I54690K/dp/B00KPRWB9G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428015622&sr=8-1&keywords=intel+core+i5-4690k buy that
  2. Get the 760 as it is awesome
  3. Is the 760 really that weak that It cant handle ultra/60fps/1080p
  4. I'm not planning on Crysis 3. It's really more like Sleeping Dogs, CS, TF2, Borderlands 2.
  5. I have a FX6300 and a GTX 760. Will those two allow for ultra settings 1080p/60fps and med/low settings 1440p 60fps? Thanks EDIT: If I have to overclock I will
  6. I love Postal. I love games that aren't politically correct. This is exactly what I want. I have no problems with Hatred.
  7. The pre-built was an awesome value. It came with 8GB 1866MHz RAM, 4GHz AMD A6 6400K and some other stuff that I can't remember the name of. I tried building the same build on PCPartPicker and it came off more expensive. Not by a lot but by like 50$ and I'm not rich so I'd like to save as much as possible. Also, what do you mean by return the 760? Are you suggesting I should get the 280?
  8. I'm gonna buy a mobo later on that can support 2 GPUS. I just need to find a highly upgrade-able 400$ gaming PC with the requirements listed above.
  9. Okay. My profile has posted a lot of posts that really don't make sense at a quick glance but I can explain. If you don't feel like reading the paragraph then you can skip it, I only need help with finding a 400$ Pre-Built PC. It doesn't have to be new but I does have to have the following specs or better: Decent CPU/APU, (3.7GHz minimum), 1TB HDD, 8GB 1600MHz+ DDR3 RAM, Decent sized mobo that can fit 2 Nvidia GTX 760 cards. You can look anywhere that's not craigslist and I won't pick anything up. If there's any DIY Super Combos on Newegg let me know and mostly thank you for the help. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was saving up for a PC for the last 3 years and I spend money a lot for things I don't need. I end up impulse buying a bunch of stuff I don't really need thus lowering my initial budget for my first gaming PC. I ended up with a budget of 700$ to spend so I bought a 400$ Pre-Built Gaming PC of a seller on Amazon known as maxxxelectronics and I had 200$ to spend on some instant upgrades so I spent them on a 760 ( I know I could of gotten a 280 but peer pressure said otherwise) and a 600 watt PSU. They apparently didn't want any business with Amazon so they made us cancel our order and buy it off of eBay. So we did and It took a while but It finally arrived. I hooked it up and to my nuclear disappointment it didn't work. After some time I guessed the PSU was broken so I asked maxxxelectronics what to do and told them I had a spare PSU and could change them but he suggested to send it back. He sent me a shipping label through Gmail and I printed it and sent it on its way. It's been a month since I ordered it and about 2 weeks since we sent it back and we checked the tracking number and apparently they didn't even pick up the package so I'm doing my best of trying to cancel the order and find a good replacement. Thanks for reading.
  10. Disregard previous post

  11. This is my old account

  12. well then thanks. i trust that that's correct and thanks for the help
  13. I'm not gonna do much MMO's unless you count Dota 2 and LOL. Let me just make sure that the i3 can stream games, play games ,and edit videos in nice collaboration with my 760 better than my AMD A6 6400K
  14. how about on the AMD side of things?
  15. are there any other options than the i3?
  16. Can the i3 handle video editing and gaming? I also hate MicroATX form factor motherboards as they are too small and ugly and don't support SLI, which is something i'm planning in the future
  17. I've posted before about this topic but got helpful yet mixed results that were OK I guess but I need a more in depth solution to my "problem". There's a long story to this but I'm gonna make it as short as possible. I bought a my first gaming PC on eBay for about 400$. These were the specs: AMD A6 6400K 3.9 GHz 8470D APU, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, and a small microATX motherboard ,and some crappy little PSU worth literally 18$. I was a good deal I thought so I bought it along with a GTX 760 and a 600W PSU. The PC arrived broken so I sent it back. There's way more to this story than what I just said/typed but since I know the 6400K+760 will bottleneck out the ass I need help choosing a good CPU to upgrade to. I'm on a budget so 200$ is my absolute max. I've looked at a few of the FX series CPUs from AMD and have been thinking about an i5. FYI this PC is for gaming and video editing. Any suggestions for it would be great. Before you say I need more RAM I am gonna buy 8 more gigs of RAM. Thanks.
  18. BTW this is one of the best communities I've ever encountered.
  19. Here's the story. I'll try to make it as short as possible. I've been saving up for a PC and bought one on eBay but something went wrong and they asked me to buy it on Amazon. So I got a refund and bought it on Amazon. The PC came about 5 days later and these are the specs: AMD A6 6400K, 8GB 1600mhz Crucial Ballistix RAM and a MicroATX motherboard that I don't know the name of. I planned to upgrade it with a GTX 760 and a 600W PSU from Corsair. The PC's power supply was broken so we sent it back and it hasn't arrived yet. I'm just wondering how bad of a bottleneck it will be with a AMD A6 6400K and a GTX 760. And if it's really bad what CPU should I get. I'm on a tight budget and won't go above 200$. I also am planning on spending about 400$ on either a gaming laptop either as powerful or more powerful than my other option, the Xbox One. Thanks for reading this.