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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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    Asus B350 TUF AM4
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB @ 2400MHz
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    XFX Double Dissipation RX 470 4GB
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    Well, I'm Brendan. I am also a libertarian/conservative of the gay variety which seems to be a rare breed of libertarian/conservative...
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  1. budget and how many devices do you plan on charging? If you can afford it and don't plan on charging more than 2 devices get something like an Anker PowerCore+ 13,400mAh.
  2. I feel like Northern States, like mine really don't do these cars any favors.
  3. lol yeah there's a few examples where a speaker wouldn't be ideal. Like in a public space where silence would be ideal lol sure.
  4. Huh alright then, guess we'll see. I guess I would and wouldn't be surprised if Samsung left it in this year. But I imagine that the Note 9 and S10 will not have it. But I suppose that's like 9-12 months away.
  5. I'm sure there is. Like if you dont wanna give up one of your IEMs to share the experience of listening to music with someone with headphones/speakers. Like sharing earbuds? Duckduckgo it or duck it
  6. yep. First one to do it, that I think inspired Apple was Motorola, then Apple's done it, now Google's done it. Samsung is next. Then I think LG. I imagine Samsung will drop the headphone jack this year
  7. It would be interesting. It is still a shame that the headphone jack is dying, oh well.
  8. I wonder if it could act like a splitter so you could listen to music on your earbuds and someone else could listen to it with their earbuds/headphones.
  9. Yeah I lost the view image button, if I wanna see the source I just usually right click on it but frankly I've been switching my search engine from Google to Duckduckgo and so far I've found it to be generally better. A bit off topic but about duckduckgo the only thing I think it could do better is when you ask for stuff like this I mean it does alright, there was one example I forgot which one it was exactly but I would get that image of the map and info about it on Google but it wouldn't show up on duckduckgo.
  10. Plenty of people have brought this up in the past. The answer is always no. At one time there was some app that hooked into forums but it got too broken for this site at least as changes were being implemented so that was disabled for this site. Mobile site is fine imo Try bookmarking the site.
  11. Gaming CPU Needed

    18 people are liars. /s No for value, the R5 1600 is a far better choice. But for performance the 8600K is better. Both are good.
  12. LGBT community

    Meh consent is covered by the EULA and Terms of Service that many don't read and agree too.
  13. Looking at laptops again...

    Yeah, I heard there was an issue with like getting it to go up to 25W which would help it a little more and I suppose more ram would be nice. I'm guessing it's not taking a lot for video ram which could be the issue. I'd like to see if there'd be a way to get it to use 2GB for video ram so maybe it'd play a little nicer in tf2 No doubt for integrated graphics that video is pretty impressive.