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  1. EA Shuts down Visceral Games

    I think you misunderstood what I said. I was comparing Activision to EA.
  2. What is the best laptop for school?

    Budget? Because I want to saying something like an Asus UX550VE would be a great option, and not because someone showed it to me and I totally wished I had ~$1,600 to drop on a laptop.
  3. I mean clearly the engine can run better on alcohol and sugar.
  4. Intel and AMDs Furture

    inb4 lock Idk does it look like I got a damn crystal ball?
  5. EA Shuts down Visceral Games

    I'm sure Activision is one of them, fortunately it seems like Blizzard isn't going anywhere at least and OW is actually a decent game, and they've kept World of Warcraft in a decent state.
  6. I commend valve for being honest with this post



    If Jurassic Park taught us one thing, it's life finds a way. If Jurassic Park taught us two things, it's life finds a way and Jurassic Park is a good idea to steal for an update. And if Valve's legal team has taught us one thing, it was by screaming at us about not telling you the second thing Jurassic Park taught us.


    If people screaming at us has taught us one thing, it's that loud noises make us so anxious we forget where the backspace key is, so we're just plowing ahead and are happy to announce our wholly original update about deadly animals escaping from a theme park. Because life finds a way, which is the only thing we stole learned from Jurassic Park.


  7. Team Fortress 2 receives a new feature update

    ikr it's broken to hell. I remember when adhoc was a thing, I also wished it prioritized matchmaking with friends and fixed parties.
  8. Not listening to music in the car

    For sure, I've had my permit since 2015 and I've maybe driven a total of 10-20 miles, it's not that I don't like driving they just never really taught you how to maybe work with any anxiety/nervousness that arises. But I guess an answer that I've come to and that pretty much anyone else would say is do it more. I think when I get my permit replaced (I renewed back when it expired in June, but I lost my wallet a couple months ago and I haven't gotten around to take a trip to the DVS (what we call the DMV here lol ) Just being a passenger in large city driving like in and around the twin cities (MSP/STP) that shit is kinda annoying. No one gets the idea of giving you space and doesn't like to let merging cars in. This was especially bad when my mom and I were going around/through Chicago. We needed to make a lane change to get to a toll plaza but this truck wasn't going to let us in. Fortunately nothing happened but man it was annoying. I just checked to see if the Illinois Tollway actually decided to charge us for that toll that I was pretty sure we missed, yeah they got us lol.
  9. LGBT community

    Meh, I hope maybe my RX 470 and an R5 1600 can keep me warm this winter. My room is the furthest away from the furnace and I have 3 exterior walls (I live in a small narrow but long house) and my window situation is well... A cat jumped through it a couple years ago, since it's single pane he was able to break it and uh we haven't had money to fix it so I've lived with that plastic you put over your windows on a window screen and a storm window. So it can get chilly in the winter, so maybe I'll wanna bring my PS4 back here and let it idle in some more intensive game.
  10. LGBT community

    Sometimes I wished my RX 470 could get a little hotter, guess I can't expect the 51W i3 6100 to get incredibly hot.
  11. Why wouldn't the yt app support other resolutions?
  12. Well in a theme of changing plans in regards to where I want to take my computer, comes another change, I guess I'm going to do an R5 1600 instead of the R7 1700.






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  13. Yup very few phones have this setting. I don't believe my s6 does but for some reason Samsung decided to put the option in for the s8/s8+