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  1. It really seems from a lot of what I've read about and watched about Ikea's Sektion system is that it's a great value and good quality In the next couple years, I'd like to build my own house and try to do some of the work myself and hiring some of the work to be sure it doesn't take forever and things are done right and safely and one thing I've looked at and very much fond of is doing an Ikea kitchen likely with stone counters from somewhere else, but for curiosity's sake, how are Ikea's countertops too? I like the Dark Marble design they got.
  2. agreed, just because technology is getting better doesn't mean suddenly 7 billion people are gonna be flocking to live in or stay in densely populated areas. Nor is that going to be the case ever. Maybe in Europe and large American cities (Los Angeles, New York, etc) driverless cars will be more common place but for your average person outside of that? Hell no. Not to mention those costs that those things will cause for a great deal of time, I doubt fully driverless cars will be in the $20,000-$40,000 range for the first 10+ years after they really start coming into play will really be available. Let's say they're not meant to be owned like cars have been since their mass production, well for a lot of people owning a car is a sense of pride. I don't think they're gonna wanna give that up.
  3. Environmentalists are often quite a vicious group of people who like a few other groups of people you cannot yield to them. For if you give them an inch they'll take more than a damn mile. Wanting to take better care of the planet is one thing, an admirable thing. I'm someone who strongly believes in the free-market's ability and collective interest to do that on its own accord rather than being forced to by governments. But it's another thing when they get angry at a car company that's been touted as an in the long run more environmentally friendly car maker. Thing with electric cars is that the production of the Lithium cells is certainly bad for the environment, I believe Europe uses more nuclear and wind/solar/hydro energy than the US so that same "coal powered car" thing doesn't *really* apply. I'm a bigger fan of ICE vehicles though, I love V6s and Inline 6s and V8s and hell the VW W8 used in the Passat for a few years and W12 used in the Phaeton for a few years (that W12 is basically a Bentley engine but who cares, it's a 12 cylinder engine in a Volkswagen) But I recognize something else will likely replace ICE in the not so distant future.
  4. 14039936_1098180480252917_1825884968633913702_n.jpg.5f833943400ad89cd13cc21af214d3f4.jpg

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    2. pinksnowbirdie
    3. greenmax


      better not be for dinner

      its too cute

    4. pinksnowbirdie


      oh god lol that photo is 4 years old. Just about as old as the rabbit in the picture.
      First couple days having him home after his long trip from Maryland when we picked him up from the transporter in Nebraska

  5. honestly I get really excited when I think about eventually building my own house and having a lot of ideas already set for what I'd wanna do for it and a floor plan I drafted as well as cabinets and countertops and appliances and honestly quite a lot of things.



    Found a great piece of land for a good price 25 minutes Northeast of Huntsville, just a shame the nearest AT&T Fiber connection is like 3 miles away and in that area they seem to only have Mediacom. Which I've heard is god awful.

    1. RorzNZ


      Definitely a granite countertop is most fruitful and arabesque. It is complimented by a tiled kitchen floor with wooden cupboards. 

    2. pinksnowbirdie



      nit too much after an “arabesque” look. I plan on having a rhombus pattern backsplash and wood flooring. Cabinets would be from Ikea in some kind of white color. Counter tops I’d either do a dark marble laminate from ikea or “bengal white” granite from Home Depot or some kind of quartz depending on cost 

  6. I used to work at McDonalds for 2 months until I got a job at a grocery store. I still eat there lol
  7. shame I didn't stop in Indianapolis to try Zaxby's my boyfriend mentioned them sometime back, he's from Alabama lol But what about Raising Cane's? Hoooly shit that stuff is the bomb, the chicken itself isn't particularly special but I think their take on basically what is a fry sauce makes it.
  8. that looks like it's from a game a lot newer than that game really is
  9. Moo Constellation

    1. Techstorm970


      Oh, now I see the rabbit!


      At first I saw something out of some "dirty oil" propaganda ad. 😂

  10. monchin moo mmm moo food