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    Ahoy Spongebob
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    Blaine, MN
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    Jake (@Dan Castellaneta), Video games are pretty cool, computers obviously, Airplanes, Cars, Random Crap
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    I'm Tyler I also go by Brendan. I'm a gay conservative #GaysForTrump and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain/#KeepAmericaGreat, in a long distance relationship with an amazing guy.
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    Couch Salesman Jr.


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  1. Wait so I'm getting this right, Rockstar hasn't entirely taken a PC version of RDR2 off the table. Correct?

  2. Well geez, I hope that Citi doesn't take the 30 days that people have reported them taking to just approve a secured credit card.
    Frankly I'm moderately tempted to just to call them and ask them to either review the application now or to close it so I can allow that $200 to go elsewhere.

  3. Perhaps I'm sold on Discover now, just instead of doing that gas and restaurant card...

    This is what I can do when I can upgrade to the unsecured version.

  4. Well since my 3 other applications for credit cards were declined, first and rather hopeful was a Delta Skymiles Blue from Amex, secondly was a CapitalOne Platinum Unsecured and lastly was a Walmart branded synchrony bank MasterCard. Now I'm deciding between a Citi Secured MasterCard or a Discover It Secured.
    I guess with the Discover card, I could PC it to the Gas and Restaurants one when I've got some history with them.


    If my mom wouldn't had have overdrafted the joint US Bank account that I opened when I was 16 I could consider their secured Visa, which for some reasons I'd prefer a Visa over a mastercard even though my debit card is a mastercard and I like the bank I'm with. Irregardless, I'm torn between the Citi secured MasterCard or maybe reluctantly the secured Discover card.

  5. good fucking god, I worked 12 hours today and that was alright up until about the 10th hour.

    1. dizmo


      I used to do 30+ hour shifts. 12 hours isn't so bad ;)

  6. I got confused with the wording of what Congressional district I'm in and thought that the commies had moved in and replaced our district's incumbent but fortunately I apparently live in MN-6 and not MN-3 and so that seat is safe.

    It's unfortunate that our Governor elect will be of the same party that our weak outgoing governor is from.

    It's unfortunate that our Senators disregarded due process and innocence until proven guilty.


    But hey, I had plans on moving to Northern Alabama to be with my boyfriend anyways, it just would've been nice for things to have gone differently with Minnesota's election but oh well.


    At least we still control the senate and the blue wave was more of a blue trickle while there was more of a red resistance.

    1. DrMacintosh


      The Democrats taking back the house was a massive loss for the GOP. The Democrats can now essentially block everything that the GOP presents, its gridlock and that's a win for the left. The GOP can no longer pass tax cuts, make cut backs on Social Security/Medicaid, and will be able to add the checks and balances that the branches have been missing these past 2 years. 


      Democrats also have picked up a lot of governors but I'm not sure what the numbers are on that. Texas and Florida were really close senate races, Florida was about 1% 

    2. Nowak


      hashtag winning


    3. pinksnowbirdie


      You realize that the loss of the house really isn't that big of a deal, right?


      At the end of the day the Senate has more power. 


      For everyone it was a win/lose situation. I'm not gonna complain too much. I'm just disappointed that Minnesota is fucking retarded.


      It was a blue trickle on red clay. 

      There's about 12 more house seats that are likely gonna be R seats and 8 more that are likely to be D seats.

      If the final count is 227 D's to 205 RS.


      Then all you guys got is just 52% in the house.

  7. What a roller coaster of a night, jesus christ.

    It started off, ah this is gonna be nothing but slowly but surely stuff just kept piling on.

    It didn't just stop at work though. No.

    When I got home, I've had to spend the past 2 hours almost trying to troubleshoot discord and ultimately reinstall it, and troubleshoot my mobile hotspot

  8. I'm a bit lazy to look harder but I was trying to figure out if product changing from a MasterCard to a Visa is possible and if it would or wouldn't affect the age of accounts.

    1. pinksnowbirdie


      uh @CUDAcores89 you'd probably know lol


      But does product changing from a MasterCard to a Visa within the same bank, affect your age of accounts?

      I was trying to ask this a few days before I started this new job.

    2. pinksnowbirdie


      I'd like to start off with a Citi Diamond secured Mastercard and in like 6 months to a year, I'd like to product change to their Costco visa. Though I'm not sure if going from MasterCard to Visa would mean I'd lose the age of accounts.


      My biggest problem with getting a secured Discover card is that the acceptance of them is varied and often even worse than American Express and frankly I think American Express is more versatile.


      For some reasons that I don't really wanna elaborate on but something MasterCard has been apparently doing is sorta turning me off towards continuing to want cards with their brand on it in the future.


      For now I'll live with it being on my debit card and starter credit card.

      However when I move down to Alabama, odds are I'm either gonna start banking with Regions or Wells Fargo if they can prove to me that they aren't going to do something like that ever again, chase might have branches in Alabama so those could be options.

      I get a lot of people are suggesting credit unions but frankly those are their own beast and too complex frankly.


      I use BMO Harris currently and the experience is rather polite and pleasant, certainly better than US Bank. It's just a shame that BMO Harris uses MasterCard, and that they don't have more locations.




  9. pinksnowbirdie

    Car for a teen?

    >Paying $24,000 in cash for a car Funny yeah, no. I personally would go for 60 months and pay more when I can to get done with it sooner.
  10. pinksnowbirdie

    Car for a teen?

    it is status lmao kinda dumb tbh I agree though if youre set on euro, the VW Jetta is like a baby Audi
  11. pinksnowbirdie

    Car for a teen?

    that's why Im making sure I have a larger than average down payment.
  12. pinksnowbirdie

    Car for a teen?

    Oh lmao not really kek I only make $11/hr rn and so far I seem to get around 30 hours on average, though I expect that to go to around 40 hours and maybe up to $13/hr in a couple months if I stick with this place. lol Im just getting the luxury of not having many bills to pay rn lol
  13. pinksnowbirdie

    Car for a teen?

    What the hell lmao Maybe your parents are well off but jesus I'm debating whether or not I wanna save up $8k by July of 2019 to buy a nearly loaded up Chevy Cruze. Mind you, I'm going to be 19 in January. I won't give you too much shit for going straight to Infiniti or Mercedes although that's strange to say the least lol I'd say if you want something a bit more premium since it appears you're getting substantial help from your family/parents in getting something decent. Look into a 2018 Buick Regal or a 2015-2018 Dodge Charger not with a Hemi. More like an SXT with the V6. ooooooorrrrr perhaps, a 2014+ Chevy Impala LTZ/Premiere with the V6. Aside from it not being wise for a luxury car to be a new driver's first car. There's also the maintenance costs that a Japanese luxury and German luxury car are going to have. I won't say just go with the cheapest beater you can find since that's not something I personally want to do if I can help it. I know it may not be the most frugal choice but it's certainly the choice that is going to save a lot of headaches down the road.
  14. The LEDs came today, after installing them in my ceiling fan I must say. I really like it so far.

    10/10 I understand why a lot of people like them kek

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. iLostMyXbox21


      oh i thought you meant PC LEDs, mann, almost ruined my NNN for a light bulb 😤

    3. pinksnowbirdie



      after installing them in my ceiling fan I must say


    4. iLostMyXbox21


      😱 im blind like a muddafuka

  15. Well I bought my first LED light bulbs today, from Amazon of all places lol.


    40W equivalent Candelabra style bulbs.

    A light died in my ceiling fan and I was like, well... Now is just as good of a time as any to ditch the 40W incandescent for a warm 4W LED.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. captain_to_fire


      I think you can get those cheaper from a local hardware store

    3. King Poet

      King Poet

      Or at a personal expressions store.

    4. pinksnowbirdie


      @captain_to_fire Not at 10:30pm I won't.