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    Blaine, MN
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    Jake (@handymanshandle), Video games are pretty cool, computers obviously, Airplanes, Cars, Random Crap
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    School Bus Paraprofessional


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  1. Having a white carpet sucks kek



    1. kelvinhall05


      nice kek


      no mousepad?

    2. pinksnowbirdie


      Just air drying not sure if it’ll fit lol this is a much smaller surface than before lol

  2. I bought a desk!
    Pics coming later lol

    1. handymanshandle


      moo desk :^

    2. Techstorm970


      @pinksnowbirdie I read that as "I bought a dick!" the first time.  That changes the meaning of this status completely! 😂

  3. epic gaming
    shame it got locked, mod that locked it must like boomers or be a boomer /s

    but my take on why media attacks gaming so much is because it's easier to blame that for the issues in the world when it's mental health that gets constantly ignored or fake sympathy and blanket statements. There's less of a stigma these days but still there's a lot involved with tackling mental health issues and some of it is a cost thing and not having a lot of support from people around you or trust that people around you would support you in working through that mental stuff.

  4. He might be that one weird one but it's pretty amazing once you get familiar with it you discover all its quirks and features and you really grow to appreciate it and love it. guessing this was competing against the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class? What were the Jap and US Competitors? lol
  5. ah so probably I could put Xenon bulbs in my Saab? lol I think it currently has Halogens for some reason
  6. Also how do the headlamp washers work? it doesn’t look like mine has them unless they like pop up?
  7. @RevoltTrain would by chance be able to make sense of some of these options that seem less obvious? Like “Halo” lighting? Google can’t find me a good result. I forget what “Follow Me Home” was but it had something to do with keeping the lights on iirc I learned ReAxs is a type of 4 wheel steering?
  8. moo car

    1. handymanshandle


      moo saab

    2. Arika S

      Arika S

      you two are weird.



      you're perfect together. :)


    3. pinksnowbirdie


      Ty lol ;^