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    Jake (@Dan Castellaneta), Video games are pretty cool, computers obviously, Airplanes, Cars, Random Crap
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    I'm Tyler I also go by Brendan. I'm a gay conservative #GaysForTrump and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain/#KeepAmericaGreat, in a long distance relationship with an amazing guy.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.7GHz
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    Asus B350 TUF AM4
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB @ 2400MHz
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    XFX Double Dissipation RX 470 4GB
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    Cooler Master Silencio 352
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    SanDisk SSDPlus 120GB and Toshiba 1TB HDD (2.5")
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    EVGA SuperNova G2 550W
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    Westinghouse 39" 1080p TV
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    Cryorig H7
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    Corsair m65 Pro RGB
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    Windows 10 Education
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  1. oh man it's not fun being reminded of how unsustainable your current way of getting online is.

    It's far from ideal to piggy back off a mobile data plan even if it is unlimited because the speed for the hotspot is throttled.


    Can't wait to have proper internet back, hopefully sometime next month. Get Comcast for internet and for a better channel selection, Dish for TV.

    1. TopHatProductions115


      Google Fiber? 


      jk - Google is bad xD 

  2. Depending on local laws and your age, if you can. Buy him a juul for his birthday if it's coming up or christmas, the actual difference between regular ecigs and juul is it's got a higher nicotine content more similar to tobacco products.
  3. Really looking into it, it looks like the iPhone XR is actually a really good deal.


    If I were to get one to replace my S8+, I'd probably get plenty of comments of "why I shouldn't have".


    Don't get me wrong, I love my S8+ but Google annoys me.


    I'm well aware if I went for an iPhone XR from my S8+, I would be getting technically a lower resolution screen with a lower density screen and I'd be going from OLED to LCD, the battery life probably wouldn't be as good and all these paper specs


    But frankly I did a first that I never managed to do on my S6, I got a menu button and the navigation bar burned into my S8+s screen because I use discord a lot. And while my S8+'s battery isn't degrading as horribly as my S6s battery I think it probably would be rough by the time I originally wanted to upgrade, in 2020.


  4. Silent Build

    yes no problem, if you want to go all out for silence, you're going to need a large heatsink with a low spinning fan or a silence optimized fan. Be Quiet! and Cryorig have pretty quiet and nice performing/looking products. Noctua is also a good choice I believe.
  5. Xmas/Birthday present.

    pressed enter a bit too soon but yeah, HP did a really good job. I really wished they would've offered a Ryzen chip in the Spectre but I understand why they didn't. I'm not sure if Dell has that one budget gaming laptop with the i7 and i5 and a GTX 1050 still
  6. Xmas/Birthday present.

    alright lol, well I suppose it'd help if I gave an example of a Ryzen laptop. this one kicks off at $800 https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-envy-x360-15z-touch-laptop-3ec81av-1 I know older XPS laptops were better though I hear the current gen is a bit less than ideal Maybe a used or refurbished mac would be a decent choice depending what configuration you went for I personally want to get one of these myself when I hope to start college in the spring semester, just going to a local community college for generals
  7. Silent Build

    Well do you have an idea of how much you'd be willing to spend? The quietest cooling you'll get will be passive with a regular metal heatsink... Best bet is to get a highly regarded silence optimized case and find parts that don't get hot or have fan curves that allow the fan to rest at 0% when a low load is on it. I have a Silencio 352 and the only thing I really hear is my GPU at start up and after awhile under a heavier load, I have a R7 1700 and RX 470. It's not a great quality silence optimized case, but I didn't buy it for that because my NZXT H440 would be better suited for silence optimized.
  8. Xmas/Birthday present.

    ah alright lol Well for lighter games like LoL which I presume is about as tasking as TF2 but better optimized, a Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 laptop would be perfect. They go from around $700 to $1000+ depending what you're getting from who, when and where. I can't really speak for the performance of fortnite because most of the benches I've seen don't cover it really and I don't really have an idea of how it performs on lower end hardware because I tried it once on my rig but that's a Ryzen 7 1700 and RX 470... Depending on budget though, maybe look into a laptop in a slimmer profile with a coffee lake i5 and GTX 1050 or MX150 (equivalent to the GT 1030)
  9. Xmas/Birthday present.

    also what the hell is with all these Minnesotans coming out of the woodworks? It feels weird seeing more people from this stupid state, don't get me wrong. I've lived my entire 18 years here and it has a soft spot to me but it's definitely weird seeing more Minnesotans on here for the longest time I only knew of one other Minnesotan on here lol
  10. Xmas/Birthday present.

    How familiar are you with Ryzen laptops? Seems like it could be nearly perfect
  11. us_irl


  12. Welp I graduated, 3 months late. But I fucking did it lmao


    Just gotta pay off my remaining tuition of $256. Best part is I get to skip the drawn out affair of the ceremony. Granted, when I attend college I will get to experience that.

    I plan on just going to a community college up here starting in the spring semester. Though I may look into transferring half way through the program to a community college where ever @Dan Castellaneta ended up be it close to Huntsville or maybe outside of Atlanta, I think though him and I would stay in that region of the Southeast corner of the US.


    Or maybe him and I decide we can withstand waiting until sometime in 2021 and I just run the full general associates course up here. Though next year is gonna be the year we see each other. :x:x:x

  13. You did it, man. High school’s a struggle but you managed to complete it. 


    1. pinksnowbirdie


      3 months late but better than not at all :x


  14. Asus to release a freaking OLED PSU, made by Seasonic

    but still, god why.
  15. Whoosh - The Airplane and Airline Thread