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  • CPU
    intel core i-7 4960k
  • Motherboard
    sabertooth max
  • RAM
    16 gigs dominator plantnums
  • GPU
    gtx 780ti sli
  • Case
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    4 tb hd 140 ssd
  • PSU
    evga titanum 800 watt
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    logitech g700s
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    windows 8.1

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  1. My favourite item would have to be the Kuhler 1250 because I'm on a huge budget for my pc and I need a decent cooler for my new pentium anniversary edition I need that over clock yo
  2. I love your b-role voice overs with great sound quality and that b-role deserves a Montage video of its own. I've been apart of your YouTube channel since well you became your own business. I've never felt so much accomplishment in my self the I did none of the work to reach. Without this channel I would be no where near the level of computer knowledge that I am now so thank for this amazing YouTube channel and new. Life style. I really don't care if this post wins me a prize or not I just thought this would be a great time to say what needed saying
  3. Someone needs to stop with the more power and flagshiping and trying to completely create a budget graphics card that can perform In a similar stance to high end graphics card.
  4. Is there any improvement between a capture card vs a screen capture software?
  5. Dslr slr flir and that crap i need to Know!!!!!!
  6. oh geez I us ssds i didnt even think about them dying
  7. thank you that is actually what i was leaning towards
  8. its okay i wasnt clear. maybe just a normal high capacity hhd with a mid capacity sshd?
  9. its my brothers and he is likely going to be playing falsh games on it with a few stream games here and there so yes gaming and like two to three hours a day
  10. Just wireless will defiantly get lost
  11. I need a budget gaming mobo and cpu with the best price to performance ratio. Any suggestions?? (this is for my younger brother who will probably be playing online flash games for awhile also)
  12. But this pc or nas will be on constantly during the day i dont care for fast boot times
  13. I am setting up a nas for my parents so they can get all those old family photos off there already cramped laptops but i need tons of storage for my games. So should I pay a ton of money for a 4 tb SSHD if those even exists in that capacity or should I save the money and lets say get two 4 tb HHD for the same price? Please help.