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  1. Also sorry for all of the pics all at once. I wasn't aware it would post all of them seeing as how after you upload them there is an option "add to post" but then at the end when you post your thread all of them just get slapped on the end. I was gonna post them one by one. Like I said I don't know how to use this forum and I can't even take the thread down and fix it. So I'm leaving it like this and I will do a re-upload when the upgrades are implemented and I know how to use the internet. Thanks for your replies.
  2. It wasn't even flush with the case. The fan couldn't even be properly installed before the screw stopped completely. I couldn't get it off the case either so yeah, I had to "Ream" it to get it off of my darn case.
  3. Planned upgrades include: Swapping 780 for EVGA 980 ACX 2.0, Custom sleeved cables, Graphics card added into loop, full custom loop, another ssd in raid 0, more hard drives.
  4. I got the 780 with a bundle for Borderlands the pre-sequel. And I wasn't aware of the impending 900 series. I signed the card up for EVGA's Step-Up program so I will have a 980 ACX 2.0 in the not too distant future. 2 Graphics cards running in x16 x16 I will be purchasing either the proprietary EVGA white P2 cables or doing a custom sleeve job myself. I don't know. I was curious about the technology and how it performs.
  5. I don't know how to use this forum, sorry.
  6. R2D2 Was built for video and picture editing and gaming. Reason for building was my 7 year old macbook died a slow death. This was my first time building a PC, and it was a lot of fun . CPU: I chose the 5930k over the 5820k for more pcie lanes (40x) CPU Cooler: I chose the H220x because i plan to include the graphics card in the loop and I'm a noob. If I would have waited a little longer I would have gone with the H240x and all 140mm fans but they did not do any sort of advertising for it at all and I had no idea it was coming out. (Image was corrupted) Thermal Compound: Because you need it. Motherboard: This choice was a vain one, I liked the streamline look of the Deluxe and wanted a white build. Not to mention the amount of expandability. Memory: This too was a vain choice. I've been watching videos of computer builds for a couple years now and have always wanted the Dominator Platinums. And hey, DDR4 so yeah. SSD/HDD: I chose the 850 Pro because of the 3d v-nand technology and the 450-500mbps transfer rates, and I chose the SSHD because I was curious about the technology and performance. Graphics Card: I chose the 780 6GB DDR5 because of the amount of memory and it performs adequately. Not to mention I entered it into the EVGA STep-Up Program so within a month or two I will ship it in and get it swapped for a GTX 980 ACX 2.0 for the difference in the two cards + shipping costs. Case: I chose the Enthoo Luxe because LED's. And because I like the look of Phanteks cases and windows (unfortunately mine was scratched on the inside due to little to no effort to tie down the accessory box so it was flailing around inside the whole way here) Another thing that happened was the front panel that goes over the fan grill has standoffs that you screw into to hold it there. Two of the four standoffs came off in shipping and were attached to the screws that were supposed to hold it there. I removed the standoffs with a pair of pliers and epoxied them back to the front fan grill panel. It's now solid as a rock but still unfortunate it happened. And also it matches my motherboard "luxe" and "deluxe" Power Supply: I had originally bought a Corsair AX860i Power supply from Newegg, but upon arrival I cut through the cellophane and got into the box and noticed there was a sticker that said "if sticker is damaged please check contents before acceptance." The sticker had been completely and obviously torn off and re-stuck. So I RMA'd it for a refund and drove to micro center the next day to pick up the EVGA 1000w P2. I chose this power supply because EVGA has great customer service and its more than overkill for upgrades. OS: Windows 8.1. Meh. Also looking forward to Windows 10. Case Fans: I will never again buy Corsair SP or AP fans (the ones with the rubber corners at least) Because I didn't even tighten the screws down all the way flush to the case before the rubber corner wrenched itself out of its holding and was physically impossible to replace the way it was. I had to drive to micro center (again) to get one fan. Which turns out the LED versions of the AF quiet editions have no rubber corners so I was happy. Also the rest are all Noctua fans because I wanted good PWM controllable fans for the H220x and matching fans for the front. Keyboard: I am using an $8 walmart keyboard to type this, I will be purchasing a keyboard in the near future. I've been looking at razer keyboards but I want to try the Cooler master Novatouch keyboard. I haven't decided. Mouse: I had the Razer Naga already and its by far my favorite mouse I've ever used. Headphones: I chose the Astros because I was a console nerd before I realized PC was the master race, and it's cross compatible with all of my systems. PLANNED UPGRADES: Another 850 Pro in raid 0 for the boot. GTX 980 ACX 2.0 (as stated previously). Perhaps another 980 in the distant future. First adding the graphics card(s) into the H220x loop, then a full custom loop. Swapping all fans for 140mm fans (and 140mm radiators respectively) A decent keyboard. EVGA white P2 custom single sleeved cables.
  7. **** Update **** I get an error code for the boot device saying no boot device is detected. Though the boot device is plugged in to a SATA power and has a SATA data connection to the motherboard. ***Update*** I got it working, thanks again.
  8. I flipped all of the dipswitches to what they look like they should be in the motherboard manual. I just removed the graphics card and realized I left the rubber cap on the SLI bridge on the graphics card. Maybe this was the cause of the problem because I plugged it right back in and flipped the PSU switch and pressed PWR on the motherboard and... SHE LIVES!!!! THANK YOU GUYS from the bottom of my n00bish heart. I will be doing a PCpartpicker build log of this build when I get the chassis in the mail, and will post it in the computer builds part of this forum. My user is the same on pcpartpicker btw. THANKS AGAIN!!
  9. Yes, all 4 dimms are pushed down until the lock mechanism clicks. I just pressed the clear CMOS button and it had no effect, the PWR/Reset lights remained constant.
  10. Hello, I am currently trying to get my new system to post but when I flip the switch on the PSU, the ONLY thing that lights up on the motherboard is the power and reset LED. There is no visual confirmation that any of the parts are not compatible/not working. I know the PSU and the H220x are working because I left the H220x on all night with the included 24-pin "cap" from EVGA to use for the PSU to leak test it. Parts: ASUS X99 Deluxe, Intel i7 5930k, Swiftech H220x, EVGA GTX 780 SC 6GB, 16 GB (4x4) Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2666. I don't have these parts assembled in a case, they are in a "test bench" setup on my desk on top of an antistatic mod mat. - I have the 24-pin plugged into the motherboard - I have the 8-pin cpu plugged in - I have the 8+6 pin on the graphics card plugged in - I installed the CPU and made sure it was oriented with he gold triangle facing the triangle on the motherboard - I applied MX4 TIM to the cpu - I installed the 2011 screws for the H220x and installed it to the CPU socket - The H220x is installed using the included PWM hub from Swiftech (and installed, according to the guide, with the lead coming off of the PWM hub to the CPU fan header) - All 4 memory modules artfully installed in the specified locations for quad-channel - Graphics card is fully seated in the PCIE lane - I have the DVI-D on on the graphics card connected to an old monitor that I know works I read the manual for the motherboard several times and according to how I have it set up I should be getting POST led confirmation, but that isn't the case. The only lights that light up are the Power and Reset backlight on the motherboard, no POST code error etc. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated as ASUS support is not picking up (I assume because its Saturday) Thank you in advance, rtwo-dtwo
  11. Way to go linusmediagroup! I've been watching your videos since NCIX did its first special on watercooling, and now I am finally able to afford building my own pc! But without your consistent videos about which products perform better and your ability to provide facts without bias has helped me tremendously in deciding what to put in my system. Without you guys I would still be stuck in console la la land. So thanks for helping me join the pc master race! pic semi related