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  1. Depends on the situation, but generally when removing the V-sync your system will run as fast as it can. Meaning if the CPU is the predominant factor determining performance, the rendethread will sometimes stall and cause stutters. You can alleviate this with implementing a framecap.
  2. RTSS works perfectly? You limit the fps to where the CPU can keep up with the drawcalls.
  3. Video explaining RTSS and using framecap.
  4. No he's best served by doing what is explained in this video:
  5. That's because you now hit a CPU bottleneck probably. And being CPU bound fucks up your frametime consistency.
  6. I wouldn't, as downloading and installing takes a lot of CPU cycles. The game being as CPU intensive as it is, it'll probably run like poop. Yes, including on a 9900K.
  7. If the onboard is loud enough, i dont see why it would add anything.
  8. Probably not needed. A decent onboard can probably go 1 to 2 Vrms.
  9. I can run Linux on a VM if that means you can help me.
  10. I'm looking into something performance related in gaming, and I'm currently looking at the compiler used for the executeable. However, this is a bit above my field of knowledge and i've been googline for quite some time, but came up with a bunch of tools I don't understand. I'm not looking to reverse engineer an executeable, or do anything malicious. I just need to know what compiler was used when compiling the executeable. Anyone who can help me on my way?
  11. Did you get those from Sargon, or did you actually bought store items?
  12. A few things can cause this. I'd start with resetting the CMOS and making sure you're not running PBO or multicore enhancement features on a that board. I can handle a 3700X, but maybe not at high voltages. Then also look if you're not manually overclocking the memory to 3200, make sure it's via DOCP settings. Otherwise you can just have timing issues. I'm sure there are countless other things that can cause this, but try that first.
  13. Majestic


    I have a topic for that here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/894384-stutters-framedrops-lag-how-to-provide-detailed-information-with-your-bottleneck-question-as-well-as-a-few-solutions/ Though you can start by trying this:
  14. The detail in this new Odyssey DLC map is quite something.
  15. We need to see what is happening when it starts to decrease in performance. This is very specific and requires information. Please follow the guidelines in this topic and provide the .hml file. Start from "gathering the information", you can skip the v-sync bit. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/894384-i-have-the-stutters-how-to-provide-detailed-information-with-your-question-as-well-as-a-few-solutions/ @me when you have it.
  16. Anything non-native will tear. Not sure how it depends on what you play. Of course it will be more noticeable depending on the game.
  17. I clapped, I clapped when I saw actorman.
  18. Dont pre-order video games like vojta said. Hype + pre-order can only lead to disappointment. Wait for day-one reviews from reputable sources (IE not mainstream journalism) and see if it's a game you want. So many reviewbombs can be avoided like this.
  19. You can directly paste images, i'm not even remotely going to click that.
  20. Is the card boosting to the same clockspeeds as it was before you did the thermalpaste swap? And again, those models have two seperate fans. One that only acts on GPU temperature and the other that does VRM. Did you only undo the 4 screws for the heatsink, or did you take off the PCB heatsink as well?
  21. How are your regulating the fan speeds? Have you tried disabling all those and let the card control the fans itself? Also, AIB's have become smart with fanspeeds ever since these utilities became popular. In dual fan setups, especially those MSI's, they control 1 fan seperately for the VRM no matter what you set the fan at for the GPU. They probably had a few too many RMA's due to people deciding for themselves when to turn on the fans. So if you let the card heat up further before turning it on, the VRM fan will kick in full blast.
  22. Well the VRM's can be underpowered, sure. But a no-boot? That seems highly unlikely that they'd heat up so fast. Maybe if you can get into the BIOS, quickly turn off all the performance enhancing features like PBO and other MCE-like features. That having been said, the 1800X isn't that much less power hungry. So if that runs flawlessly, i'd look somewhere else than VRM. Maybe return it, and get a replacement.
  23. Sounds like a shitty gift. If it doesn't even boot after a CMOS reset, it's a turd. It could be that the thermal interface between the chip and the LID went bad. Did someone do some extreme overclocking on it, and didn't realise that solder would crack under LN2?