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  1. Hi guys, lately I find that my fps is kinda low if compared from when I just buy my gpu zotac 960. and then I just checking HWMonitor to check if either my cpu/gpu is overheating then I realize that GPU utilization is 0% when I running cs:go, then I double check this with closing cs;go and run furmark. when furmark run, my gpu utilzation got into 100%. What do you guys think I should do?
  2. Are you sure? I just place my gamaxx archer which has the same bracket and I cant plugin the cpu fan header
  3. Hey, I just watch some video about the deepcool ice edge and I realise it has round bracket like this My Motherboard is msi b85i gaming, and I have bad experience with that kind of bracket which makes me use stock intel cooler till now, the problem is cpu fan header at my motherboard located at very close to the cpu socket and the bracket ended up take some space at the fan header and makes it unuseable, here's some illustration The big red circle is the bracket, which is takes some space around the cpu fan header sorry I forgot mention it at the first place
  4. Thanks , I'll go with deepcool since I don't think 103 will fit with only < 2cm clearance
  5. Yes I can, but not so many variant Actually if you don't mind , this is the store where I usually pick up computer stuff http://enterkomputer.com/cooler.php One of the most complete site in here
  6. not available here can you suggest another type please
  7. Hello guys, I need some recommendation for a new cpu cooler for my i5-4670, currently my stock intel cooler is good enough, but I do want a slightly cool temp so whats good budget cpu cooler maybe one level higher than stock cooler and I using Thermal take Core v1, SFF case, 140mm height max I'm also on a budget Thanks
  8. nope, I only need solid mouse with ability to rebinding the left-right click to do a set of macros I see, Thanks again
  9. I see, I read some intro at AHK website, does it mean I can rebind my right-click and left-click no matter what mouse I'm using?
  10. sorry what is AHK? and what mouse you refer to? Yes , i know but the g502 is less pricy and have what I need
  11. ooooo..... can you rebinding the left-click and right-click? I only read the specification on their website
  12. the g502 is same thing as g300s but with more macro, and it also not fully programmable mouse, What i meant is mouse like sensei which i can rebinding right click for some combination of input and delay, but has the ability to switch profile on the fly
  13. Hello guys, from my last search, I ended up buying logitech g300s since it was on sale here and has the ability to switch macro on the fly, but I ended up selling it up again since I just found that I can't rebinding the left click and right click to do a macro or else.... So do you know any fully Programmable Mouse with Macro/profile switch on the fly? Thanks
  14. well I only have one ram, and btw, maybe you misread my post but my PC is working from this morning and I just wondering what I've to do to resolve this blue screen problem
  15. I pretty sure it looks like this one