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  1. Actually they are "gaming" 2.1 satalite speaker system. They have a line-in of either a 3.5mm jack, or the typical RCA ports. I've since been looking around at various devices and systems, and boy is it fun. I could really get into the audio scene. Now I just need a better paying job.
  2. This is my first post, so be gentle! I've been watching a lot of Linus's videos on DACs. They seem cool, but when are they needed? I guess I'm just not aware enough on the whole audio thing. In one of his videos, he unboxed the Corsair SP2500 2.1 speaker system. Does a system like that require a DAC? Does it matter if it's plugged in with an optical cable compared to a 3.5mm? AH! It's a lot of questions, I know. I just want to get into a better audio state, and I want to hear everyone's opinions!