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  1. Atomicjango

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    I personally like the case over everything else. The cooler sticks out too much, the color of the powersupply is too agressive. But i do need some fans Thanks antec and linus for the constant giveaways.
  2. Atomicjango

    The ending of Inception*SPOILER ALERT*

    I like to believe that the ending was not a dream. I forgot the reason why i think that because its been a while since i saw the movie and researched but i remember that I concluded it wasnt one.
  3. Atomicjango

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    And do the harlem SHAKE!
  4. Atomicjango

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    XD Its like you dont even know me
  5. Atomicjango

    Livestream - Bro Session

    Hello Livestream viewers! How was your day?
  6. Atomicjango

    Need Help Choosing A Good Gaming Laptop

    Go for an asus laptop. ill post some good laptops if you'd like
  7. Yes they do, and they install the operating system also. If u like that system go for it. I prefer to assemble my own systems.
  8. Atomicjango

    120 hz glossy monitors

    Why would you want a glossy monitor? Its usually a negative thing about a monitor. usually showing that its a cheap class of monitor
  9. Atomicjango

    What exactly is bios?

    Bios Is basically a Operating system for your Motherboard. It controls setting for basic hardware functions like storage devices or fan control. And bios flashback is just a tool that allows u to get an updated bios for your motherboard to get more features or correct some bugs. Which can fix things like ram settings, updated list of supported cpus, and fix instability issues when overclocking.
  10. Atomicjango

    Refurbed agility 4?

    Depends on the application. do nightly backups if its a C: drive But id personally not get it.
  11. Atomicjango

    ~500gb Ssd Buy Tips

    Dont worry about the TLC flash in SAmsungs drive there are tested to last longer than a couple of years. As far as Firmware bugs if there ever is an issue for ur drives you will see it usually in the first month and usually u can rma it within that time. As far as the speeds go if you already had a ssd experience you wont notice any read/raw speed difference so id suggest to go for the Biggest drive you can get for a cheap price. Both Samsung and Crucial are great choices. and If you really want insane speeds for your pc then go for a raid 0 setup of 256gb ssds. BUT this is what I would do, get 1 Crucial M500 480gb and when you need more storage or speed get a second one for a raid 0 config in the future.
  12. Atomicjango

    New computer build

    Try to get the same sticks of ram or a quad channel ram set. Also id suggest a 27 inch monitor. Ps. do you really need all those quiet fans? id spend the extra money somewhere else
  13. Hello so I managed to get a list of parts for you that i think is a better set. But i know that you have set it to £700 GBP but mine came out to 771gbp http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/UvlF I personally think this is a better price to performance in parts. Improvements you can do with this build: You can Always get a cooler and overclock. Get a better monitor or a bigger monitor with built in speakers. Replace that 7850 with a nvidia card so u can utilize cuda Please get a better keyboard and mouse set because the ones u choose are crap. Change out the motherboard for one you prefer or a cheaper board Get a 120gb ssd. Id personally try to expand the budget a bit more with at least another 200gbp but thats just me :p