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  1. Anyone here with experience with this case? I am considering it to replace my old torn to pieces, 600T - but I might want to make a few changes to it first. So can anyone tell me if the motherboard tray in the PC-08 in held in place with revits or just screws? I dont want to take out rivets in a case like that, but screws I could do.. thanks in advance
  2. I dont really have a lot of good photos for this, but I just though it might give someone else some ideas. Keep in mind that this probably good render your fans unusable. I bought some noctua fans last summer becuase I wanted the best performance without the sound, I didnt really mind the colors, but later I didnt like that they where so easy to see through the top of the 600T. So i decided i wanted to dye them. I just didnt want to take them apart because they are sealed so dust cant efter the motor. So I decided to try and just dye them without takaing them apart, and here are the results. I ofcourse let them dry before using them. Packed them in a towel and put them on the radiator for 48 hours. I used black Rit powder dye, one bag of it in total. :) And then the result:
  3. Winther

    September 12, 2014 - The WAN Show Document

    @Slick Why did you say section instead of second in this episode?! you said "Megabytes per section" and similar, more than just a couple of times..
  4. Found the channel when working on which parts I wanted to use for a new build a few years ago..
  5. Winther

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    I like the buttons on the back and the very cleen look and front and the sides!
  6. Winther

    Windows surface 2 or surface pro 2

    I dont see much point in the Surface "RT" becuase I for one would still want/need an x86 based laptop, so I would go for the Pro version so I can install more than just Apps on it. and as someone else says, it not much different than the android counterpart, except for office programs, but the appstore is probably not as good as android..
  7. Winther


    I have a gaming computer with a Samsung 840 250gig SSD for windows/programs and a few games and a Corsair 120gig Force 3 drive for games. I also have a server with another 120gig Force 3 ssd and then I have 1 x WD Black 500GB drive, 2 x 3TB WD Red drives, 2 x 2TB WD Black Enterprise drives and 1 x 1TB WD Black drive. The reason for my setup: I didnt want any harddrives in my gaming rig beucase they are too big and I want to make it as beutiful and silent as possible, and I really like the speed of SSDs! My server is running a SSD for OS, becuase its fast and then obviusly mechanical harddrives for storage because they are big and I have built up my drive "pool" for some years now, never had a WD die or any problems with them, which is why I only ever buy WD when it comes to mechanical drives.
  8. Hello guys! I dont know much about photo equipment, but I would really like a Canon 550D, if I can scrape enough money together for one. My question is just what lenses should I go for, both when talking close-up photos of my rig and nice pictures of the nature and at parties and such? Any one have a link to a site which is noob friendly, I know there are alot of different lenses and other equipment with this hobby..
  9. Winther


    I got a pair of HD600, they are over double your budget from new I think, but I got mine used and they are really nice, the sounds is amazing! Maybe take a look at what you can find used, with a little luck you could find HD600's..
  10. Winther

    Why so much HATE on Razer Products

    I wont buy razer products, partly because I have had two mice break and a mousepad that kinda broke, the build quality was not good in my opnion. And partly because a few of my friends hates razer, also because of bad experiences with their products! Though I know there are or atleast have been alot of Razer haters on the net, but as Linus says, companies which sells alot of products will also have the most "bad publicity" and most the most RMAs (not in percentages, but in total amount), and I think Razer is one of the biggest pheriphiral suppliers in the world, atleast for the gamin community..
  11. Hey guys! I have been looking around to for pictures or videos of the ax750 PSU being taken apart, I have some modding ideas, but I dont want to start taking mine apart if my ideas would never work anyways. So if anyone knows of a video with the disassembling of the AX750 (or probably any corsair AX series PSU) I would be very happy! thanks in advance
  12. I would think it would be wiser to fill the loop AFTER you do the wiring..! :P The build looks good though, the chrome tubing is soo much better! ;) But why the big holes in the midplate? Are you going to remove the Phobya sticker on the rad? would look more clean without
  13. Thank you! Ohh, that is nice! I think it would be too expensive for me to do that, it really has to fit in well if you stick with the copper color.. Your actually right about that! Didnt really think of like that. But maybe the frosted film will make in a little less visible, which would be good imo.
  14. Looks good sofar! I will be doing the same in a few weeks I think, but with chromed cobber though. I am a little worried that the bender I have is too big for the small pieces I have to do from the motherboard to the cpu and vice versa, but I will see, maybe I have to get a smaller bender. The midplate is really nice, too bad that the individual LEDs are so visible on the pictures.. :/
  15. Winther

    project Vespula Vulgaris

    Very nice! love to see a different color, looking forward to the PSU shroud..! ;)
  16. Winther

    Phantom 820, 4770k, Duel 780's Fully Watercooled

    Nice pc and specs! Though I have never been a fan of the Phantom cases. Planing any modding? (sorry if you have mentioned it somewhere..)
  17. This is pretty much all about your own personal prefference. What personally I prefer custom sleeved cables. You should look up Pexon here on the forum, from what I know he can pretty much sleeve anything..! Here is his website: http://www.pexonpcs.co.uk/
  18. I would imagine that, that case ships with BitFenix's own fans, and from what I know they are just fine. He should just undervolt them or something, get a fan controller, BitFenix some that I have heard good things about!
  19. What hardware are you running, what fans and what about intakes and exhaust fans, what is the layout like?
  20. Thank you! Any place where I can read up on all the settings and different concepts that I should know about when using a DSLR?
  21. You want POSSITIVE pressure inside the case. If you dont have enything in the buttom of the case, then fans there is just a waste, if you have it full of harddrives then just fil up one side of the basement! You just want more fans blowing in than out. So I would say three fans in from the frant and 2 out of the top, depending on the system inside though. If its a really big system you might want to use all the fans spots. I might acutally go for intakes at the top and back and exhaust in the front. Or just go with intakes in the front and back and exhaust in the top. depends on your specific layout.
  22. Winther

    Can I Run Fanless?

    When idling I dont see why that might not be possible, but under load i very much doubt it! might stand a better chance is they where external though. But a better solution is to get an automated fan controllor like the Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 or the mCube Tbalancer like Slick and Linus uses, they turn off the fans when they are needed.
  23. Winther

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    Personally I really dont like Reds, they are way to light for me, I make alot of typos while my fingers are just resting, but blacks on the other hand is actually my second favorite after blues (atleast from the four main switches)
  24. Winther

    Don't forget this when building a pc

    The first time I build a computer I was also afraid that my GPU was dead, then after half an hour i figured out that the GPU needed more power than just from the motherboard.. duh also forgetting to flip the switch ON, on the back of the PSU, that has gotten me to the edge on numerous occasions.. :/
  25. Winther

    Design R4 Water Cooling Design Idea

    Well from what I can tell on anandtech, the 770 is atleast 10% better in all, but two of the tests. In those two it only surpasses it by a margin of error. And there is no mention of overclocking here, besides GPU boost 2.0 pretty much takes care of that without any effort. And would a bigger bus side actually be needed, more does not always equal better in the real world. And I did say that it was my personal opinion; I do find the AMD software confusing, I know others might not, but this recomendation is based on my opinion, as is yours in some way or another, also on facts as for both of us. I mostly recomend the 770 because I think it performs better, I have recomended AMD cards quite some times too, when I think they perform better than the Nvidia counterpart. I would agree though, but the 4gb version of the 770 might not be that much better when considering price to performance, but I trust that the topic owner doesnt just take anyones word, everyone should do their research before just buying something because of one recomendation!