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  1. Yes, because the second PCIe x1 slot is disabled. Took me a long time to figure this out then I read this .
  2. That's so not true. But thanks for the input.
  3. Then I'll have to deal with wires and an extra box to have around..I prefer the XONAR.
  4. It's the most recent XONAR stx 2. So I should put the wifi adaptor and XONAR in two separate PCI x1 slots and then put the gtx 980 into the 16x slot.. That way the gtx 980 will run at 8x?
  5. Correction, the Asus XONAR sound card is installed on the 16x PCI lane not the 8x
  6. Hi I have the 2600k i7 processor with the pz68 pro gen 3 motherboard. I just ordered the gtx 980 and after watching line's latest video, I became more confused. I currently have installed the following on my motherboard: WiFi adaptor PCI X1 ASUS XONAR PCI X8 So, will my gtx 980 work? And if so at what bandwidth? Ps. Can someone be very knowledgeable on the subject reply please , no guesses or assumptions! Thanks
  7. I ordered the PG278Q, simply because IPS is more of a TV than a monitor, the only scenario where you would use it as a monitor is probably if you are a professional digital artist or alike. The 34UM95 is amazing beautiful, but can't support higher than 60hz refresh rates. The TN panel is a premium high end TN, and viewing angles when considering a single monitor setup are just stupid. Get the PG278Q, has much much more to offer, 3D and G-Sync. So it is future proof.
  8. Alot of people ask that question, the answer is so simple.. What do you do with a monitor?.. You're welcome.
  9. Having tried both products I woud always always always go with corsair. Razer seems to win when it comes to design and sales but when you compare build quality, technology and durability, anything else is better. It is like Apple with their amazing design vs HTC / Samsung.
  10. Good point, but I need a monitor. I guess I can push the order a few weeks, I am certainly not in a hurry. Thanks
  11. Because I am waiting for the GTX line release/launch and I don't have a monitor. Getting anything other than this monitor would be a waste of money for me in the long term. No point in investing in an older technology to satisfy my needs for only a few months. I hope that makes sense.
  12. Yes, I understand that, but if the signal is coming from a DVI or HDMI then it is possible to use a DVI/HDMI to DP ACTIVE converter. Thanks
  13. Thanks, that actually helps. So I would be able to run 1080 120hz using a signal converter box? (DVI graphics card to DP monitor).