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    Intel NUC Giveaway

    'ey girl your nuc lookin fine
  2. I have no idea why i started watching your videos, it was probably an old product review. but ive been subscribed since. I really enjoy The Wan show, normally i can't watch it live but the next morning I'm patiently waiting for the video to hit my youtube feed. Keep up the great work!
  3. Thanks for the reply's so far. With an adaptor or possible usb break out box (no idea if this even exist) would there be a noticable amount of latency in my games/movies? from the looks so far im going to be SOL, i might end up keeping my current system (will post in original post) and just upgrade my graphic cards to keep up with current gen games.
  4. So I plan on upgrading my rig within the next ~2 years. But i realize I have a potential issue. I'm currently using a Xonar ST sound card that runs in a PCI slot but I've noticed that all new high end mobo's are exclusively Pci express, is there a possible workaround so i dont have to get a new sound card? First time posting if this is in the wrong thread please direct me to the correct one. Current System Cpu- AMD 1090T OC 4.2GHZ Memory- 8gb x2 2133 downclocked to 1866 GPU- Radeon 6905 in crossfire Mobo- Asus ROG Crosshair IV Sound Card- Asus Xonar ST Storage-500gb WD black (Need raid or SSD I know)