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  1. Ruo94

    Reinstalling Windows with StoreMI

    Will that cause my other tiered drive to be formatted as well?
  2. My OS started acting up for a while, and I cant find any solution that works. Re-installing my OS seems to be the best idea. However, I'm using StoreMI and Im not sure what will happen during reinstallationg. Using the "Reset this PC" option, it says that StoreMI (with a lot of other program) will be uninstalled. I tired to revert back my tier drives but it keeps giving me errors too.
  3. Ruo94

    windows 10 boot manager problem

    I did the installation from my old windows, instead of booting from my usb. (I think thats the error right there) My old os is still intact. I can still boot into it
  4. Ruo94

    windows 10 boot manager problem

    I installed windows 10 on a new ssd from my computer, and decided to use that new 1 as the boot drive. however, the boot manager is still detect as old ssd on my bios. booting from my new ssd gives me the blue error screen. is there a way to change the boot manager to my new drive without re installing? thanks!
  5. Ruo94

    Is my CPU throttling?

    It's running around ~50C on the EVGA program, and +10C (~60) on Ryzen Master. When it "jumps", it goes to around 55-58.
  6. I'm doing some heavy CPU work on Photoscan and I noticed that my CPU usage jumps down a bit every now and then. The temperature would go up and suddenly go down. It kinda looks like thermal throttling but I'm not sure as I never experienced this before with my old rig. I'm kinda testing the limit of this build at the moment so I wanna know how much I can push my new build. I'm running a Ryzen 7 2700 at 4.0Ghz at 1.35v
  7. Ruo94

    Off topic chit chat

    that feeling when you are waiting for that LAST COMPONENT to arrive so you can start your build
  8. badly drawn straw hat boi by toei nice
  9. Ruo94

    Alibaba Made $1 Billion in 85 Seconds

    We may not have a girlfriend. BUT NOTHING WILL STOP US FROM WASTING OUR MONEY!
  10. you can get away with a 4th gen i5 without problem lol http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3769508/rtx-2080-bottleneck-8700k.html to answer your question, no it wont bottleneck, and an the i7-8700k would do and to add to what @Shimejii is saying, your build is WAAAAAAYYYY to overkill for just "gaming" do some research, spend your money wisely. especially with all the bad buzz about the 2080ti
  11. Unless you will be streaming or doing other heavy CPU work (video editing, 3d rendering), you really dont need the i9 heck, even i7 is overkill IMO
  12. Ruo94

    Do I need more fan? (Meshify C)

    Ya I thought about that but the EVGA fans have quite high CFM (even at mid speed). I would assume I could use 3 exhaust and still have positive pressure. Another crazy (and maybe stupid) idea is to use the top 2 fan as intake as well lol i always wanted an hovering pc
  13. Ruo94

    This is going to sound stupid...

    I'm stupid lol misread that. was really impressed for a moment. maybe one day we will have 15lb 120mm fans that pushes 10k CFM at 30 dbs maybe
  14. Hi all I'm finalizing my new built now. Just want to know if additional fan would change anything. The case is the Meshify C. I will be using an EVGA CLC 280 in the front as intake, with the EVGA stock fans. The 2 120m fan that came with the case will be exhaust. However, I upgrade to 3 exhaust fan, with 2 140mm on top and 1 in the back. Is it worth it? The only thermal difference will be my GPU, which is a 1060 6gb. I also want to keep the pressure on the positive side, as my apartment is quite dusty.
  15. Ruo94

    This is going to sound stupid...

    120mm will be louder i think? I also found out that thin plastic blades are louder then those more robust 1, and get one that has super high RPM That should do the job. that thing is... 14lb...??? HOW IS IT GONNA SPIN???