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    Anime, Architecture, Badminton, Basketball, Esport, Gaming, Photography
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    Hi :>
    Architecture student thats really all over the place hahahahahaha help me pls
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    Student / CAD Technician


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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700
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    MSI B450 Carbon Pro
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    G.SKILL Trident Z RGB16GB 3200Mhz
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    Gigabyte WindforceOC GTX 1060 6GB
  • Case
    Fractal Design Meshify C Black TG
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    some nvme and some ssd, ya know, the usual :>
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    Seasonic Prime Ultra 550W Platinum+
  • Display(s)
    AOC AG271QG
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    EVGA CLC 280
  • Keyboard
    G.SKILL KM780
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 Proteus Core + MX Master 2S
  • Operating System
    Win 10

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  1. banned for non-HD nose profile pic
  2. Stock android or almost stock android. This is the only feature that was annoying me on my P9 Plus. Even with Nova launcher, a lot of settings/options were not modifiable comparing to Oxygen OS. - I dont mind about the hardware much, as long as it can run View ER and A360 smoothly (which my P9 Plus struggled a bit). - I'd rather not ditch the headphone jack either, but I can do without it. - Storage: 64gb at least. Expandable storage is minor for me. - Decent camera.
  3. I use A360 and view ER quite a lot and its quite laggy on my Huawei P9+ (the phone is 3.5 YO doh). I've only looked at newer models so far, but older phones are definitively within my options. Thanks for hte suggestions! I still remember the days I used to flex my OnePlus 1 on all my friend... if only it lasted longer T.T but ya, I didnt look at older models yet, as I said previously. This seems like a nice option too! thanks!
  4. oh no my phone is dying :< Been looking around and the Zenfone 6 seems like my preferred choice for now. It is unfortunately not out yet in Canada. any suggestions is appreciated! -OS: Stock android or "almost" stock android. Been using the Huawei OS for 3.5 year and I still dont like it -Budget: under 800 CAD -Hardware: 6GB of ram, headphone jack pref. I dont really care that much about the camera, as long as it's not too outdated. Other phones that I've been looking: LG V40: a bit hard to get in Canada, unsure about the OS, but i heard it's closer to stock Nokia 9 Pureview: to much camera (lol). no headphone jack (i can deal with that), and also a bit hard to get in Canada. Motorola One Vision: battery/power consumption seems underwhelming from reviews. But really, I'm open to any suggestions! Thanks in advance!
  5. Assuming you want something that look decent, here are some suggestions: -Arctic F14 or BioniX 140mm: I've read some good things on them. Both are PMW and move quite a bit of air. No RGB doh. -Fractal Design Venturi HF14: I'm using a pair of them, and they are pretty quiet. They are on the expensive side but I got them on sale. again, no RGB, and no PMW (my Mobo can control the power output so that was fine) -Corsair ML140 (non pro): def good pair of fans that can push air into the case. Altho, they are "better suited" for radiators. no RGB -Deepcool CF140: RGB, decent fans, PWM. probably the cheapest RGB fans thats actually good imo You can always get the trustworthy Noctuas.
  6. As a fellow meshify C user, I fully support your superior choice of case.
  7. H500i is basically the H500 with a smart configuration. If you wanna keep the 2 stock fans, id say keep them as top and rear exhaust, and get some 140mm for front intake wanna maximize the air flow, id say change the top exhaust to a 140mm too. like what @goto10 said, this case is more on the feature side. But its airflow/temperature is def on the better side comparing to many other TG cases.
  8. Razer Phone on sale on Amazon and Razer website 459.99 CAD or 399.99 USD on Razer website 554.01 CAD (amazon pls) or 399.99 USD on Amazon Could be a good upgrade for ppl looking for a mid tier phone. no headphone jack doh
  9. Ya true, I forgot about that part. Every1 screwed up their B450 mobo except for MSI apparently. But if its not extreme OCing, it wouldnt be that bad is it? I'm just thinking on the practical / economical side, so OP doesnt change their mobo for very little applicable upgrade.
  10. 1. Yes 2. Ram comparability is always a factor. your ram will always run on the lowest speed / clock if your rams are not the same 3. Yes, but you should get the 16gb DIMM instead of a single 8GB stick for reasons above 4. Im using the MSI B450 Carbon Pro and its very good so far :>. but your mobo seems fine. no need to change it EDIT: @Ladicius Is this the video?
  11. What would happen if there were 2 different keyboard driver installed on the same system? I recently bought the G.skill km780. However, my old Levetron Mech 5 has a detachable numberpad that I want to use as a macro pad, since its program/driver allows fully programmable macros UPDATE: so right after posting this i kinda just went on and started using the "2" keyboards and no problem found. Currently, my MECH5 numpad is serving as a pretty good macro pad for all the programs im using without interfering with my KM780 numpad.
  12. Will that cause my other tiered drive to be formatted as well?
  13. My OS started acting up for a while, and I cant find any solution that works. Re-installing my OS seems to be the best idea. However, I'm using StoreMI and Im not sure what will happen during reinstallationg. Using the "Reset this PC" option, it says that StoreMI (with a lot of other program) will be uninstalled. I tired to revert back my tier drives but it keeps giving me errors too.
  14. I did the installation from my old windows, instead of booting from my usb. (I think thats the error right there) My old os is still intact. I can still boot into it
  15. I installed windows 10 on a new ssd from my computer, and decided to use that new 1 as the boot drive. however, the boot manager is still detect as old ssd on my bios. booting from my new ssd gives me the blue error screen. is there a way to change the boot manager to my new drive without re installing? thanks!