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  1. Boosted_i6

    Samsung 850 evo 500GB $150 [US] [Amazon]

    i think it's been posted a lot lately but they just dropped another $15. I've been waiting for them to hit $150 so i thought I'd post it just in case anyone else was waiting for the next price drop.
  2. http://amzn.to/1M6DzBY Down to the $0.30 per GB
  3. Boosted_i6

    WiFi from house to work shop

    As Thermite said I seem to be fine at the bridge. I mainly wondering whether I'll run into problems no matter what i use as an access point. Or whether my access point is possibly defective
  4. Boosted_i6

    WiFi from house to work shop

    Sorry i misunderstood. I don't think a simple directional antenna would make much of a difference. I could be wrong though
  5. Boosted_i6

    WiFi from house to work shop

    We actually have some nano station m2's just for this. I would prefer to avoid them if possible. I tried a crude mock up and wasn't impressed. They are harder to set up and i don't like the idea of sending a signal 10 miles. They are my second choice if this doesn't work and i can find someone to properly set them up.
  6. Boosted_i6

    WiFi from house to work shop

    Hi everyone. I recently set out on trying to get a stable internet connection in our workshop. Its roughly 100 ft from the house and router. The shop has full metal siding so its always been a complete dead zone for WiFi and 4g. There is however a window facing the house that gets a decent WiFi signal (50%, ~40mbps). I've ruled out running a wired connection for now. It would obviously require drilling holes in walls which I want to avoid. It would have to be trenched through hard packed gravel and over an 800 amp electric service line. As much as I love a good wired connection, this is just too much. So I've started out the simplest i could with what i have lying around. Right now i have a Wireless bridge mounted in the window of the shop. This then runs to a wireless router configured as an access point. It seems to work great at first glance. I can get 20 Mbps internet up and down. This falls short of the 48 and 20 we get in the house, but 20 is plenty. The problem with the setup I'm using now is that i don't seem to be getting a stable connection. When running a speed test i get small moments when the test just freezes then continues at full speed again. I didn't notice this when i was plugged directly into the bridge. So I'm wondering where to look for improvement. Am I pushing any limits going through the bridge then the access point? should I scrap what i have in the shop and just get a single repeater? Or is there something else I'm overlooking?
  7. Boosted_i6

    First blood badge?

    It's the weekend so it might take longer. Also did you enter your forum username on the donation?
  8. Boosted_i6

    Computer completely crashes when playing games

    Did you format before installing windows 8 or did you just upgrade?
  9. Boosted_i6

    PC constantly power cycling

    It could be a faulty power button. Its unlikely but something to check.
  10. Boosted_i6

    How do you find new music?

    Spotify radio
  11. Boosted_i6

    Oh craigslist...

    Dell and a premium case.....something is wrong here
  12. The last game I really got into on console was borderlands.... Which I replayed on PC a few months later Forza is the only reason I get the 360 out now
  13. Boosted_i6

    Old School Runescape

    It was a fun game to play with friends when I was younger, plus being free was a huge advantage at the time
  14. Boosted_i6

    what game did you play the most in your life?

    Civ 5 for single player Cod 4 for multiplayer
  15. Boosted_i6


    Two intel 520 SSDs in raid 0 for the OS A single WD 500 GB Blue drive for games and mass storage A 2TB WD external drive for backups