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  1. ChineseChef

    Chinese headmaster fired over secret coin mining at school

    " but he reportedly dismissed it as being caused by air conditioners and heating devices. " I mean, he is technically not wrong with this statement.
  2. ChineseChef

    YouTube is now messing with the Super Chat feature of live streams

    I'm curious about the legality of taking the money under false pretenses. I can completely see denying the donation for "insert any reason here". But I don't understand how it can be legal to take someone's money, then say you gave it to their intended recipient, but then give the money to someone else. I mean, if I use Paypal to send someone money for cheese, and Paypal thinks cheese is bad for you, so it gives the money to "charity", that can't be legal. Can it? How can a business be allowed to essentially lie to a paying "customer"??
  3. I feel like nothing will change even if large fines are levied, until a major company or country gets ruined due to back security practices. And I don't mean they lose some money, I mean like some company that everyone knows gets completely hacked and has to shut down, billions lost, stock value dropping to 0 over night. No one will care until they see a mega company fail over night cause of getting hacked, or having every single financial detail put online for the world to see, or just all their IP stolen and given away to the world. Its gonna have to be a giant too or no one will care. It will have to be so public, and so bad that no one can ignore it. Or like a country gets its power grid shut down or something. There is just no point for companies to care about cyber security at the moment, the damages are never enough to matter, just the cost of business.
  4. ChineseChef

    Website for 3D printed guns to go back online

    Not really, they have clay and ceramic and plastic bullets. You can make some impressively accurate non magnetic guns and ammo. That said, it is a silly argument in the first place. On the high end assassinations, the "pros" will be using expensive gear, that is planted ahead of time, or just very well planned out. But these are rare and really a non-issue. And there is likely nothing you can do about this one, so its more of a red herring. On the low end, it is probably cheaper and easier to just buy a stolen or low quality regular gun. Gangs aren't gonna be getting 3d printers to make stealth guns because why would they need them when they can just steal or buy cheap guns? And for the lone wolf actors, they will just plan accordingly to the situation they intend to go to/create. And most of these people will be willing to die for their goal (at least when they are planning and start the attack). And making home made guns is currently legal, and regardless of legality making a gun at home is virtually impossible to detect. Between google and youtube, you can gain all the knowledge you need to make any gun you want. Just need some basic machine shop tools.
  5. ChineseChef

    Microsoft might move jobs abroad due to US immigration policies

    While I agree the education system in the US needs some major fixing, the lack of skilled workers within the US is not the issue. The issue is the companies don't want to pay higher wages, and at the moment they don't have to. They can bring in a bunch of H1-B visa workers, pay them way less, and make them work in unacceptable conditions by just threatening to send them home if they complain. This brings down everyone else's wages, same as what happened to the construction industry. They use cheap foreign labor to lower average wages, then the cycle keeps happening and keeps wages down and conditions poor. These companies are making record profits every year, yet somehow can't afford to pay people enough? Its just our insane shareholder greed, demanding ever increasing profits beyond the point of sustainability.
  6. ChineseChef

    Coinbase turning over customer Data to IRS

    That $500 is total income, not crypto income. So if you have a regular job, you have to add the crypto amount to your total. Unless the tax code specifically states otherwise, which would surprise me. But that is how the US tax code works with "if you make less than" kind of stuff. It isn't about the individual things, but total income.
  7. To me this problem will be solved by how the courts play out with regards to lawsuits, and how public opinion plays out with regards to purchases. If owners win more lawsuits than pedestrians, cars will favor owners. If parents refuse to buy cars that will kill their kids instead of some random stranger, cars will favor occupants. More importantly, if the car has time to figure out how is more "valuable" as a human being, something has already gone 100% wrong. The car should never be driving faster than it can handle. It should always be 100% focused on simply stopping the vehicle as safely as possible, irrespective of what it is trying not to hit!!! If the car makes ANY decisions, the maker will be liable for those decisions. This is where the the makers will choose based on who wins the most lawsuits and how the laws are written.
  8. There is also a 3rd. The "I would buy it, but there is no legal way to buy it in my area"
  9. ChineseChef

    CCleaner debacle was actually corporate espionage?

    Even then, I doubt it will go away. Some people are only happy when they have more than others, regardless of how much they have.
  10. MS has been very much in the Willy Wonka method of stopping pirating. Lots of "no, don't, stop", but no action. They know it is better for them to let people pirate the software, since that will make the software more common place, making people more used to it, thus more likely to buy it, thus businesses will buy it so they don't have to train their people as much. MS just has to put in enough effort so they can protect their product rights in the legal world.
  11. This also might be malicious compliance on the part of the ISPs. Doing what they are told so they don't get in trouble, but knowing full well it's like locking a door that has no walls around it.
  12. While I agree with the sentiment, I don't think stopping it is feasible. Advancing military power and ability "has" to be done by individual countries, otherwise they will "fall behind". Essentially, if 1 country is willing to build Nukes, everyone who can has to also build them. Or you are at the whims of the 1 country that has Nukes. And Nukes are hard, killer robots are super easy. So every major military across the globe is going to have to develop killer robots to fight off other countries killer robots. Because if even one of "your" enemies is building them, and has any intention of using them against you. Your options are fight back or total submission to whatever they demand at any time.
  13. ChineseChef

    The Vive gets a $200 price drop

    Um, I think you misunderstand what isolate and social mean. How is wearing a headset that literally blocks your vision, combined with headphones that block the outside world not considered isolating? How is playing with someone in virtual space more social than interacting with people in the same room as you? How does local multiplayer gaming work when we all need headsets? Will LAN parties become a bunch of people standing/sitting with headsets, not looking at each other? Are we all going to become those kids that sit next to each other not actually talking, but just texting each other? So you are telling me I can't play PUBG while I watch my kid play on the floor in the same room as me? It takes half a glance to look over and see that my kid is ok, but if I have a headset on I have to completely remove it and then put it back on. Which would be impractical to do every other minute. But I can easily glance to my side every other minute. Yes people get distracted and focused on gaming, but its super easy to react when all I'm wearing is headphones. I think VR will be nothing more than fancy flight/racing/space sim gear until they can solve some rather major hurdles. All the "cutting edge" and "must have" games so far have been nothing more than tech demos. And the tech is "meh" to big with. Yes, it is way way way better than anything we have had so far. But it is quite disappointing compared to what we could have with existing tech right now. And I don't see sufficiently compelling VR experiences being created for a long time. All the good stuff in VR is mostly just sims, which have been waiting for seated VR headsets for a long time now. And these work great for that, but you mentioned PUBG. How do I play PUBG in VR for 4-8 hours comfortably, and still be competitive with the other players? Do I have to physically run and jump and duck? Am I seated while my character runs, does that make me sick? What about other games, can I play LOL? How about WOW? What about COD? Would all of these games even be fun in VR? VR is not going away and I'm not trying to shit on the thing you like, but I don't see a lot of money going into it after another year or two from game companies. It will become a business and arcade attraction. There will still be games and such, but until the tech is super easy to use and works for most people, I can't see it being more than a gimmick.
  14. ChineseChef

    The Vive gets a $200 price drop

    While the price drop is great, I still think VR as it is is just a gimmick. Consoles took off due to local multiplayer and ease of use. PC gaming is about options for the user (hardware/game types). VR isolates the player, requires large amounts of space, isn't something you can play while sitting after a long day, while listening/watching other people in your house (think kids). Until they can solve the space requirements (not even sure how you would), and the isolation issues, price isn't even really the problem. It could be $100 all in for max performance, and it would be nothing more than a fancy Wii in most peoples home that they use when someone comes over to show off, or on rare occasions. Until you can play (game of choice) for 4-12 hours in a row, and be competitive, its nothing more than a tech demo. It will be just another piece of fancy gear that rich people get for their simulator setups. Nifty controllers so you can click on things in game aren't going to cut it. It is going to need full tactile response and complete use of your hands. You need to be able to run and jump and not be confined to the space of a small rug. I pray we get the stuff of dreams, and I completely understand that we have to crawl before we can run. But this is going to be an uphill battle for a long while. Once it hits the tipping point though, VR/AR/whatever it is, will become the biggest thing in media consumption out there.
  15. Wow, an actual good idea from congress about the IoT. I'm not sure what to say.
  16. Sort of. More by forcing people to acknowledge the problem. At the moment nothing will change because no one will admit there is a problem. The public doesn't care, the politicians don't care, the companies don't care. Everyone either has something to gain, "nothing to lose", or they understand but don't have any power to do anything about it. If we name and shame everyone, like EVERYONE everyone, then people will wake up to the potential issues this will have in the future. Right now it is mostly just embarrassing. But if we can get the protections in place now, we can prevent the really bad stuff from happening in the future. Where companies won't hire you because you bought from a competitor, or voted the wrong way, or your insurance is higher because you talked about doing high risk activities at some point.
  17. Really we need some mega group to legally acquire as much of this kind of data as possible. And just start sending people letters at home with a full record of everything they did online. Send it to politicians, local leaders. Start a website that just lists everyone by name with everything they do/have done. Make it as public as possible. That way people actually take it serious. Start sending people emails with the their records, call them on the phone and ask them about something they did, make it as in your face as they can. Start calling law makers spouses, asking what they think about their partner visiting porn sites, and the type of porn. Make billboards stating that congress person X likes these types of porn. Then we might finally get some change in the way things are done. Though more likely they will just make it illegal to talk about our dear leaders that way.
  18. This is probably why they are doing it. The PR sounds good, but it doesn't actually have any teeth.
  19. I won't be surprised if they try. Australia thinks the laws of math don't count within their borders.
  20. So how will this work when governments start demanding things be decrypted? We are seeing it more and more, eventually sanity will win out (like that will ever happen), or the governments of the world will finally just outlaw encryption they can't access.
  21. ChineseChef

    Viking Technology ships 50TB SSD for the datacenter

    Haven't there already been 60, 80, and 100 TB SSD drives sold in the enterprise space? Is there something special about this one compared to those?
  22. ChineseChef

    CNN Employee Info Leak ! (Payback time !)

    Agreed. Plus from what this guy wrote in the past, he doesn't sound like someone who would just volunteer an apology.
  23. ChineseChef

    CNN Employee Info Leak ! (Payback time !)

    He Tweeted out the 4chan rumor that the person was only 15. Which is incorrect, and it fanned the flames of hate for CNN. Personally, I don't understand what CNN thought would happen. Trump was massively helped by internet hate and trolling. CNN went after someone for making a funny meme gif. They went after internet trolls. They stuck their dick in a hornets nest, now they are mad they are getting stung? I understand the employees often don't have much say, and are usually just collateral damage. But when will these companies learn you can't beat these people. This guy was afraid of his info getting out. But what about the next person? What about if it really was a kid? What if the next person is proud of what they did? This whole thing blew up way bigger than the original. Now making CNN memes is the new fad. If they had just ignored it, it would have come and gone and barely anyone would remember it now. How do these people and organizations still not understand how the internet works? How unruly people get more riled up when you tell them they can't/shouldn't do something? I just don't understand how this keeps happening over and over and over and over. I would say maybe they wanted the publicity, but the problem is they are the only ones that really lose out here. They aren't getting much effective sympathy for all the renewed hate/vigor.
  24. ChineseChef

    Toshiba produces the world's first 4-bit QLC NAND Flash Memory

    This kind of tech may be good for larger "bulk" storage. Great for low write high read stuff. Assuming it does the lower price for more storage that the MLC and TLC did compared to their predecessors.
  25. I think this is the biggest thing that people aren't seeing with a lot of these cases. The more we allow companies and governments in the west to suppress and censor the internet, the more other countries we "disagree" with will do it. And the more they will be able to justify it. And even if they don't feel they can justify a moral argument, they just have to find a way of claiming they are protecting business interests, or copyrights. They will simply frame their oppression in whatever ways we do, and then we can't really say anything about it. And even worse, if the US successfully orders Google/MS/any big data company to give them data from other countries, you know China and Russia and any other big markets are simply going to demand the same. And they are going to demand more, and they are going to want it immediately. China especially has shown it is more than willing to just straight block companies that don't comply with their demands, they will also just seize hardware then reverse engineer or outright steal software/IP. And I doubt Russia would have any issue with doing the same. We can make all kinds of claims, but the US isn't yet willing to openly take a companies assets, steal all their IP, and ban them from the country simply because they wouldn't hand over foreign data. Other countries are more than willing. And companies like Facebook and MS and Google have shown they are more than willing to bend over for these oppressive governments.