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    Ryzen 7 2700X
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    Asus X470 Prime Pro
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    16GB Corsair Vengence 3000mhz
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  1. Thanks for all the help and I must say that's the ksot epic outro I've ever read!
  2. Anyone else also wary about the Intel management engine? It runs Minix on the chip.... This all being said I don't have much bias in the intel/AMD race, I'm pretty platform agnostic but I've had Intel for sooooo long.
  3. TBH, that's why I'm still up in the air. That and the fact that the 8700 costs nearly 100$ more.
  4. Ok, that's about what I was looking at. I'm still debating a bit but I'll either go for that or a Ryzen 7 build. Still up in the air for me. The 8700 definitely has the edge on performance but.... well I'm gonna do some thinking! Thanks for the help!
  5. Sadly, I'm nowhere near a microcenter as I'm in NC, that being said, I didn't know that there was such a price difference between the 8700 and the 8700k. Do you have any value motherboard suggestions? Also is it worthwhile to get ram above 2800mhz at this point?
  6. Well that's neat. Any insights on the motherboard and ram choice on my first post? I went incredibly conservative and chose from brands I have lots of experience with. (I currently have an asus z97-ws motherboard which is total overkill and an overpriced corsair ddr3 kit).
  7. You're really helping my logic around ryzen not being the best ipc but being a good platform investment! What are you running personally?
  8. Very true, thanks for the addition. I pulled 4.5 out of my 4690k but coffee lake is pushed to the limit already.
  9. The future is multicore scaling, I know that one for sure from inside the dev field
  10. I also thought about getting an 8700k cause it has both the cores and the IPC, but it also means that not only are Intel mobos more expensive, but the 8700 is also a pretty penny more!
  11. Note for everyone here: I'm a software developer so Ryzen is attracting me with the promise of it's future as tasks become highly scalable to extra cores. Gaming is about 60% of this pc's use (which should really make anyone question why I'm upgrading at all and we're just not going to think about that). Also: I'm actually not concerned about recouping all the cost. I'm willing to put up to 550$ on the table for this.
  12. My logic is basically this: It'll cost me at least 150$ for a 4790k given that I sell my i5, and even then I'm just paying for hyperthreading and it's harder to sell a mobo than a movie/CPU/stock cooler/ram combo. I'm willing to shell out about 550$ for an upgrade, I'm just u sure whether to go for ryzen 7 or the 8600k, both of which for in the budget but Intel motherboards are incredibly expensive! Also note: I game on this computer but I also do Computer Science projects including systems work, os work, and app development on this, granted these aren't very demanding projects tbh. It's also a professional workstation and I'm not sure whether to go Intel or AMD. The future is multithreading, but Intel has higher IPC.
  13. That was my logic as well, I already have a Corsair h60!
  14. Ok, that makes sense for sure, any ram recommendations? I know at launch ryzen was pretty particular about ram! Also: is it wise to go for ryzen 7 vs the 8600k? I've not been fully in the PC circles as of late (thanks to college).